Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Another GREAT week!

Dear Family,

This week was great. Elder Forte is such a go getter missionary. We work really well together. We actually got a lot of work done this week with new investigators and getting people to church. We had two investigators come to church, Mia and Derrick. They are a dating couple but aren’t married so they fit the YSA group. 

We went on two exchanges this week. The first with Waterman Ward Elders. The Elder I went with expressed concern with contacting people so for our exchange we hit the pavement hard and talked to literally everyone everywhere. It was a fun time to get to know the new District Leader better. The second exchange was with the Florin Elders. I was with a very hard-working missionary. We talked a lot about how he could be a good example and give good insight to the younger missionaries. I am excited to baptize this transfer. I am ready for someone to get in the font this transfer.

I did have the chance to go to Christian Hogge's Homecoming Open House. There was a lot of familiar faces around. I knew a lot of people. Christian still is in the missionary mindset and loves coming to lessons with us. It is almost like I am in a trio again. He has lots of friends he wants us to start teaching so we are really looking forward to working with him.

It is exciting we have a new First Presidency in the church. It has been a great topic to talk to people about on the streets. One day this week we were on full bikes and I loved it. We talked to so many people and got a lot of Book of Mormons passed out. If only YSA boundaries were smaller I would bike all the time. It is just easier to talk to people and more chances to get the gospel out there.

We had interviews with our Mission President and his Wife this week. President and Sister Hymas are the best. They are just down to Earth and great people. I did get a blessing from President Hymas I figured it was time to get my mind straight and a little bit back on track. I haven’t got one in 16 months. The mission had Mission Leadership Council this week. They talked about a lot of stuff that I feel was self-explanatory.

I haven’t played any basketball recently. My mind has been so focused on other things that for once in my life I feel basketball isn’t on my mind at least once a day. It is weird...and quite frankly I suck at basketball now anyways that it is more frustrating to play than enjoying it. I made some goals for myself to just finish my mission super strong and just work my hardest every day for the next 8 months. Other than that, I had a great week!

My companion and I get along great. Chinese is a hecka hard language to learn. I am trying but it is nothing like Fijian. Fijian is way easier. I know one Chinese word...and I don’t have a Chinese key board so I can’t type it out for you but I can say "Calm Down" I just yell at everyone to calm down. Oh...also I am starting my "6 months to sexy" 6 months to get back into shape a little early. It will be 8 months to sexy. I am starting to pack more food and buy more food so I can bulk up a little more. I made a workout schedule and ready to not look fat anymore. I am looking for that road to success and ready to look good again. Time to put in work for the Lord and myself as much as I can give to finish strong.

Elder Nelly Nelson

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Another good week!

Dear Family 

This week was a good one! Elder Forte is truly a born and raised Hong Kong person. He is super funny! No accent or anything his mom is from China but his dad is from Arizona. Elder Forte has been out for a transfer longer than I have. I still am the youngest companion. This week was fun though. I’m sorry for my short email last week I will make it up this week. We worked really hard this week. I am excited for the good work we can do this transfer. One of the fun highlights this week was I had a chance to relive my days of Del Campo and bike in the rain. I was with a new missionary who has been out for like 6 days sooo of course we biked and got soaked it was so much fun. There was a baptism in the Elk Grove Ward this week. Gary the man who got baptized brought his family and right after the baptism they all wanted to get in the font too and be baptized. Obviously, there is a little more to it than just jumping into the font but we sent off that family as a referral to Waterman Ward so hopefully they get baptized in Waterman Ward soon. Elder Forte his first couple of days with me he was sick. So, I picked up Elder Forte for transfers and took him right to the hospital and found out he has the flu. Crazy way to start the transfer. We stayed in the first couple of days together and luckily, I don’t feel sick. I have been making sure to have a lot of Vitamin C and washing my hands so I should be healthy. The rest of the week was organizing the new missionaries (we have three new ones in the stake) and catching up Elder Forte on all the work going on in Elk Grove. Oh, I forgot to tell everyone this. Right after I sent my email last Monday President called and tells Elder Gillins he is getting transferred. My boy left me...he got moved to an area closer to the airport so when his Visa comes in he will be able to hop on the plane and leave. He was one upset cookie I felt bad. He was crying. I treated him like a little brother and wanted the best for him but President saw something different. So, it is just Elder Forte and I! It’s fun! This upcoming week we have MLC and lots of exchanges so this next week will fly by! Bye bye!

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

No transfer for me! Still in EG YSA!

These last two weeks have been so long and kind of unproductive. You would think maybe that the work would be busy because everyone is home. Which is true they are home but everyone wants to not be with the missionaries and no investigators want us there. The P-Day before Christmas I bought myself a rubix cube just to help me get my mind off things and relax mentally. I was able to solve it the second day I got it. It is fun to mess around with. I will just skip the everyday missionary life stuff and get to the good stuff. Christmas day we were at Jamie’s house obviously. We went out caroling Christmas night as a whole zone. For New Year’s we got to do nothing. We gave a training on New Year’s Eve. I gave a training on the Perfect Lie. The missionaries loved it. 
Today is a normal P-Day. Transfers came and gone. Elder Gillins and I will stay in Elk Grove in the YSA ward! Elder Berry got transferred! My new companion, I will get tomorrow, is Elder Forte from Hong Kong, China. He is half white and half Chinese so he looks like a white boy but speaks Chinese and good English so no language barrier. I am super looking forward to this upcoming transfer. We still aren’t really teaching anyone. It is kind of sad but we have enough Zone Leader stuff to keep us busy. I cannot think about what happened this week I am sorry. Just know I am happy and still working my hardest to get work done out here. I can’t believe it is 2018! I will see you all by the end of this year!!! I love you and miss you all. We have a basketball group coming to VP building today to play ball sooo I’m pumped! This week couldn’t start off better. 

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

This week was again crazy busy. Life is just going to be like this- I admit it now. It never slows down. I officially am used to doing something every 30 seconds. I never get a break. We had two exchanges this week. The first one was with Florin Ward Elders. I was with Elder Henry and Elder Gillins. It was a fun to be on a little switch up for 24 hours. We did a lot of administrative work since our Elk Grove Family Shirts came in and we had to wrap them. We took all the pictures with the zone today so next week you will see more.
The last exchanges were with the Assistants. I was with the newer Assistant. It was fun. I have never served around him or ever really talked to him but he is nice missionary from Utah! We have an upcoming Christmas Conference this week. It will be tomorrow and we have to come up with our own Christmas Carol.
Next transfer is the beginning of the year (Jan 2nd I think)? Sorry this is short but I am exhausted. We just played basketball so that was good to clear my head.  Life is getting interesting on the mission. We talked to some other Zone Leaders this week and they agree that there is crazy amount of Drama going on through the mission. So, lots of drama and not enough work is what sounds like is going on. That’s the update from the mission. 

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

9 months to go!

Dear Family, 
I think I have said “another busy week” every week I write an email so I will start this email off with...THIS HAS BEEN ANOTHER BUSY WEEK. I am just so grateful for the trust the Lord has with me and all this responsibility. I am learning so much and I am honestly exhausted after every day. We did two exchanges this week. The first was with a good Elder. He really has opened up this transfer and has been a lot happier. We focused on opening our mouths during the exchange. He doesn’t talk much so I gave him the most opportunities to open his mouth.

The second exchange was a similar kind of exchange where I gave the Elder the opportunity to talk to people and lead conversations on the streets.  The Elk Grove Family (Stake) is doing great. We gave everyone laminated #BeTheMessage for their cars and have many other things we want to give our Family before the transfer is over. I’m excited to see the future of this area. Life is good here for me in Elk Grove I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Some highlights this week was last P-Day I played basketball with Moein and Joseph Irving (mom note—these are boys he went to elementary school with). It was sweet! I miss them so much they were great friends and still are great guys. They are all grown up and trying to figure out life just like every other YSA aged person in the world. 
I love you all

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dear Matavuvale, (Family)

This week was busy, busy, busy. We always had something going on this week and I felt like there wasn’t time to even take a break or a deep breath. That’s the joy of missionary work though. I also am grateful that I am busy and grateful the Lord has entrusted me with many tasks to take care of.

First, we did two exchanges this week. The first exchange was with a good missionary with great intentions to share the gospel. He is struggling to get some help from his companion. We focused on being a good example and recognizing that we are always on stage. Now he is a District Leader so I want him to know that his missionaries are always watching.

The next exchange was with Elder Schwenson. This elder is bringing energy to the zone and I love it. He has really been helping me out by getting the zone excited and ready to do missionary work. We got to bond so well. Elder Schwenson actually is from Meridian Idaho, he went to Mountain View High School. We are like homies now. The focus of our exchange was staying dignified. He is a happy and energetic elder who is ready to work for the Lord. The elk grove zone is starting to catch fire and energy is definitely starting to spread. I am happy with how the Spirit has been able to inspire the missionaries here.
We found more investigators this week than last week so another record was broken here in the Elk Grove Zone. Booyah!!

This last week was stressful.  Elder Gillins is doing great. We are trying our best to get him a language study and 12-week study in every day. Some days we are too busy and we miss the opportunity. I am doing all I can to give this trainee the knowledge I have to help him reach his potential. I love serving with him. He has been a blessing.

We had Zone conference and it was great. The spirit definitely told me some things that I can improve on and I am excited to make some changes. My companions and I are the face of the mission now and it’s weird. Zone Conference was all about “Becoming the Message” and the picture that Bro. Twomey took is the poster for the whole mission. It’s pretty cool.

We had a crazy baptism event happen this last weekend. Jose was on date to be baptized on Saturday. The week before he passed his interview and he was ready for the baptism. The Stake President called me Saturday morning, the day of the baptism, and told us some concerns that popped up and it clearly would have stopped Jose from being baptized. I called President Hymas and told him the situation. About 3 phone calls later, President Hymas tells me “Elder Nelson, I want you to have a lesson with Jose and see if he is ready for baptism asap and I want you to be the only one, not your companions.” Scary pressure. Anyways Jose is not in our proselyting area so I called the sisters in that area to set up a lesson with Jose so I can make sure he is ready to be baptized. Jose first available time was 4pm... the baptism was scheduled for pressure, right?

So fast forward to the lesson, there are some details I am leaving out for confidentiality. It was a very powerful lesson and the Spirit was present and I was definitely praying for the guidance of the Holy Ghost and was feeling the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I bet your wondering who I went to this lesson with if I wasn’t supposed to take one of my companions...I took Elder Schwenson and the sisters were there. It was super weird to have Sister present in a lesson anyways. Everyone followed my lead in the lesson so I did most of the pressure, right?? It’s all on me!! At about 4:45pm I asked the necessary questions and found that Jose is ready to be baptized. We called the Vineyard Ward Bishop, WML and President and let him know that the baptism was on!!  Crazy day to add to a week of me literally doing everything.
After the lesson and all that happened this week I literally was not wanting to proselyte that night so I went to Jose baptism and I RELAXED!! 

I am happy this is a new week and that I was able to take the sacrament to start over. This P-Day I am chilling...I even spoiled myself and went shopping to make myself feel better is just needed to feel good and blow some money. I look forward to our MLC this week.   Love Elder Nelson

Monday, November 27, 2017

Training a new Elder

Dear family, 

This week was an exciting one. Elder Berry and I are training Elder Gillins from Las Vegas Nevada. He is Visa waiting for the Philippines. We think we will only have him for 6 weeks (this transfer). I still am super excited to be training. Elder Gillins is a good missionary and he has a good mindset. This first week of the mission for him was a lot of meetings. I felt bad for him. We told him that mission life is not like this and he should look forward to this upcoming week because we will be proselyting hard. Our Elk Grove Zone found the most “new investigators” since President Hymas has been President. He called us and gave us a huge shout out.
I am super proud of the zone for working diligently for the Lord. They found 23 new investigators because of their mindset and attitude in finding. We praised them and encouraged them to find more this week. The Elk Grove zone is the best. I’m excited to have missionaries who bring energy and get excited. Elder Berry is a great. We are looking forward to zone conference this week.
This week was just a lot of planning and preparing for this upcoming transfer. Between our meetings, language study for Elder Gillins (Tagalog), and 12 week training...we proselyted for like 4 hours this week. Now I understand why Zone Leaders don’t train. This upcoming week is busy but we are focusing on finding new investigators because we have no one to teach. YSA work is so fun but so hard.

Elder Nelson