Monday, September 10, 2018

This is it...the last P-day, last email. Signing out!

Holy Last P-Day,

This mission experience has been the best thing that I think I have accomplished in my life. It has been crazy to think the last two years I have been in Sacramento. This place really feels like home now more than ever. At the beginning of my mission I had never read the Book of Mormon and had a simple and weak testimony. After two years of being immersed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ I have created a solid foundation that I could build my testimony on for my life. I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained on my mission and hope to continue to learn more when I get home. I know that knowledge is nothing unless the knowledge is applied. I hope to continue to live a Christ centered life. I am happy to be able to see everyone again in 2 days. Wednesday can’t come fast enough! My next chapters of life will be some of the biggest and most important. I am ready for the new challenges, new faces, new memories and new covenants to make. I will see you all soon! 

Elder Nelson

Friday, September 7, 2018

It's just about over!

Dear Family and Friends,

Its official- it is over! We did the Transfer Board yesterday and my name is officially not in an area and I am off the map...well until next Wednesday, fine! This last week was a crazy push to finish strong. We worked hard every day this last week and we got things done! We had some of our best lessons this last week. We want our area to have some momentum going into next transfer even if I am not here. Since it was Labor Day this last week, it was a great day to catch people home.  We made a scavenger hunt for the whole mission. Some of the things we put in the Scavenger hunt was 1- contact someone on the phone, 2- share 1 Nephi 2:15 in a contact, 3- get a free hot dog, 4- high five 25 people, 5- contact a fat guy with shirt off, 6- use the word "scissors" in a contact, 7-and take a selfie with someone in a contact. Those are about half of the actual ideas that we came up with. It was tons of fun to get that out and see all the missionaries post their miracles and pictures. All day yesterday we worked on the transfer board and my 6 months as an Assistant this was the hardest one. We were at the Board from 10:30am to 4pm. It was great to see the spirit work in the "upper room" of President Hymas home. It is always super hard to sit there at a computer screen and a look at the T.V. with all the missionaries but time flew with this tough of a transfer. For the rest of this week we will be behind a computer to make transfers happen on Saturday and next Tuesday. 

Today I had my departing interview with President Hymas. Ok first of all those interviews are maybe 30 minutes for other missionaries...ours was 1 hour and 20 minutes and it was AWESOME! We covered a ton of good things and honestly it was a lot to process but I wrote it down on some paper and will put it in my journal. I requested a departing interview as well with Sister Hymas and will get that on Friday. She is the best! I have one more P-Day next Monday before I come home. I don’t think I will write so much but I will send a small final email out. Maybe just a testimony email. This is my last week as a missionary and the whole time I will be behind a computer fixing up Transfers. I am excited to make this last week a great one...SEE EVERYONE IN 7 DAYS!!

Elder Nelson 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My last week to proselyte!

Dear Everyone,

This week was packed with meetings. We had three days straight of Zone Conference. We had it Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Zone Conference was fun. We made some videos to teach having our "line in the water" as missionaries. We had a blast but 18 hours of meetings in 3 days is a lot. It made us very tired. Friday morning, we had another meeting for the new missionaries. We call it the 3-week meeting. This meeting you could tell President and Sister Hymas were tired and we were tired too. It still was good and we had fun while we trained but it was exhausting. The next and last training I will give as a missionary will be my last week and like almost my last day. It will be a training for the new trainers’ meeting. Crazy to think about.

This upcoming week will be my last full week to proselyte. We have two exchanges and then my last week will be doing transfers. It really is coming to an end here. I am working hard to finish strong. I am still always having fun. The hardest part has been trying to stay awake. I always feel tired and feel like I can’t catch up on sleep. I am just pushing through because I can sleep when I am home. 
Everything is done on my side for me heading home and really the last thing I have is a departing interview with President Hymas. September 5th will be the interview date. There is a lot of talk in this email about me going home. well I am focused and ready to work hard until the end but this is how my week has been. I have been preparing to get things thrown away or keep them if I want them. I have only 16 days left to serve the Lord full time! I am going to make the most of it. Love you all

Elder Nelson

p.s. Whoever wants and is free to come to the airport please come. I am not restricting anyone from coming. The bigger the group the better right??

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Slowing down....

Dear Everybody,

First and foremost I am sorry this is getting out so late. We literally have been running like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get videos made for Zone Conference. Zone Conference will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday will be a 3 week new missionary meeting. So we have 4 days of straight meetings. Please pray for me because I know prayer works. 

Alright now that I got my excuse for this late email out of the way. Here is an update on my week. First off my iPad updated this week and I know longer have the "Camera" app/option on my iPad. So at this moment I cant send any videos out I am sorry. Technology is to complex now a days for me and I have been out of the loop for so long that I can not figure out how to get my camera back. We had two sets of Exchanges this week. Exchanges always make the week fly by. I have heard from multiple people that I look exhausted in my photos and videos. My answer back to you in that 2 years of hard dedicated service to the Lord really kicks your butt. I am feeling it. This last week was one of my hardest because I just couldn't get the energy that I needed. I have loved and still love being a missionary but I am slowing down. I am sorry this weeks email is short. 

I am doing good and ready for another crazy week as a missionary. See everyone in 3 weeks.
Love Elder Nelson

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

President Dallin H Oaks was here!!

Dear Everybody,

I will skip right to the part of the week that everyone wants to hear about. President Dallin H. Oaks, First Counselor in the First Presidency came to the California Sacramento Mission and the Roseville Mission. It was an incredible experience. Since the Meeting of both missions was held in the boundaries of the Sacramento Mission at the Mormon Center next to the Sacramento Temple, we were in charge of putting an agenda or a program together for President Oaks. That means someone had to be Conducting the meeting with President Oaks. That was me! I don’t want to seem like I am bragging but I got to sit on the stand with President Oaks. It was amazing. I wasn’t nervous the whole time being up there until I had to stand up and realized that I couldn't see President Oaks because he was behind me. I didn’t get just an individual picture with just him but I got to shake his hand and took a giant mission picture with him. He is hilarious and it is way better seeing General Authorities in person than on TV during General Conference. His spirit was real and we can see a lot of love in his face. It was a great last transfer Mission Conference.

This last week we set a goal to find a new friend to teach every day this whole transfer. That comes out to be about 40 new friends to start teaching. We found 14 new people to teach this week. We worked super hard making sure we were out of the Office and on the streets proselyting. This message of Jesus Christ's Restored Church is too good to be lazy about. We had a ton of fun being able to work and put ourselves out there. I am still praying for another miracle baptism to end the mission. Two baptisms my last transfer would be awesome. 

We had a day where I was homeless and bouncing around companionships for a full day. I have never done anything like that on my whole mission. The reason why we did this was so we could do team-ups with all the new missionaries and do exchanges with most of the Zone Leaders. Elder Ricedorff and Thompson stayed and did Exchanges in the Garfield Ward while Thursday night I stayed in the Diamond Springs ward. I did the morning workout and studies with these Elders and then we worked all morning in El Dorado. It was beautiful up there because all the smoke from the fires is in the valley not in the hills.

After that team-up they helped carpool me to meet up with 2 more Elders. I worked in the Brighton Ward on the East side with these Elders for the afternoon. I ate dinner with them and after dinner met with 2 more Elders who serve in the Brighton Ward on the West side. We worked all night in their area, which is mostly Oak Park (for those who don’t know Oak Park it is a rough neighborhood with gang members). It was a blast seeing some crazy stuff. I did three team-ups throughout the whole day and man was it tiring but super fun. We got a lot done this week. 

Some other random Highlights are not getting a flat tire this week when we picked up baptismal records. I got to see some good friends at the mission conference. Elder Schwenson and Sister Wilding. I will send a picture of us. I have some pictures of our car travels and some pictures of us out in the world working. Overall it was a good week. I am happy missionary who has some mixed feelings about coming home so soon. 

Elder Nelson

Monday, August 13, 2018

Tripaionship! 3 AP's working...

Dear Everybody,

This week was a busy one! First, we had a New Leadership Meeting, we had a Mission Leadership Council, and had to plan all of our exchanges. It was a lot of time on the computer and a lot of time in the Mission Office. We probably averaged about 1 hour of proselyting each day. It has been hard to get out and get missionary work done with just one tripanionship of Assistants. It makes our lives twice as busy. It is a good way for us to learn how to balance priorities and still focus on what is important. I have some fun stories to share from this week’s shenanigans.

We were driving down to Stockton this weekend to get a baptismal record. Elder Thompson was driving the mission Sienna minivan because it had more gas than our Tacoma. Also, because the Sienna doesn’t have a tiwi so we can drive faster on the freeway. Elder Thompson drilled a curb outside of the Stockton Stake Center. Luckily the tire didn't explode but it did leave a giant ball of air on the side wall of the tire. On the freeway on our way back from Stockton though, the tire exploded. It was crazy and it made for some good memories. We are safe and the car didn't flip. That is the third flat tire I have gotten on my mission. It was great. 

Biggest miracle of the week! Elder Nelson got to go to a baptism of someone that I taught. I had the privilege to baptize him and it was a great experience. He was crying after the service was over and it was very touching moment with him. He will do great things in the church. 

Do any of you remember Philip Eyrich that I found and then taught. He got baptized about 5 months ago with Elder Forte and Yorgason. He was baptized in the Garfield Ward and that is the new ward that I am serving in now. The ward is on the older side but it seems like a good ward to end my mission on. I get to sit by Philip now every Sunday and go to class with him. We had a blast together. 

As my mission starts to come to an end it is getting bitter sweet. I want to finish strong and need to use my experience on my mission to train my companions and other missionaries. At the same time, I am doing My Plan which requires me to set goals for myself after my mission and makes me think about home more than I want to. I just finished the Marriage and Dating section. I am having a blast. Covering 11 Stakes/Zones of missionaries, 180 missionaries makes time fly. Hands down this last week was the fasted week on my mission. I don’t want to think about how fast this transfer is going to go. Until next week my friends.

Elder Nelson

Monday, July 30, 2018

The last transfer of my mission!!!

Dear Everybody,

This week was Transfers, and only working on Transfers. Once we worked on Transfer we had to keep working on Transfers because working on Transfers takes forever. I hope you get the idea. We literally lived in the Mission Office this week. We moved missionaries around on the Transfer Board with President Hymas. We got all the new Leaders called and organized the missionaries who would be training new missionaries. We worked on Transfer Instructions and the Transfer train Line up. It literally is a never-ending process.
We planned for the upcoming Mission Leadership Council. Throughout this week there was a couple of meetings to train missionaries. Elder Thompson and Ricedorff took care of those meetings and Elder Forte and I lived in the Mission Office and worked together for once.
Anyway, that was most of my week. It was working in the Mission Office and working on organizing 180 missionaries. This is the biggest transfer in the last 4 years of the mission. It is great to be a part of it and we will see how it goes tomorrow. Tomorrow is the official blend of all 180 missionaries. It will be crazy! I need to have all my stuff packed up tonight so I can move to my new home tomorrow morning. 
Here is the crazy Awesome news. We have our Calendars synced with President Hymas calendar because we are his little shadows walking around. We saw that August 11th there was a Mission Conference. Now everything on the Mission Calendar, we know about and we prepare for so when we saw "Mission Conference" in the next few weeks we panicked. We called President and he said, “sorry Elder I know about it and I can’t tell you who is coming." Well low and behold, I know who it is but I can’t tell. I am excited!!!
We went to the Temple this week for the Departing missionaries. I still love the temple! that place is out of this world get it….I am dumb I know. 
I got a lot of good pictures with some good people since I am leaving some of my favorite wards.

Bye Bye 
Elder Nelson