Monday, June 18, 2018


Dear Everybody,

This week was busy busy. Transfers are officially out. I will be serving in the Laguna Creek 1st Ward and Laguna Creek 4th Ward in the Sacramento Stake. Elder Ricedorff will be my new companion and replace Elder Ravsten who goes home on Wednesday morning. Wednesday will be the last day I see Elder Ravsten until my homecoming talk. 

This last week was making sure everything was ready to go for tomorrow (Tuesday Transfer Day). We met with President Hymas and talked about every missionary and companionship. We moved people around on the transfer board and helped figure out who needs to go to what apartment. We also had to make sure that the missionaries moving into our Mission Oak ward will know what is going on with the friends we are working with and the families we are working with. We spent a lot of time updating our Area Book and reporting information so they know how to best help these individuals! 

We had many families from the Mission Oak Ward say that Elder Ravsten and I were some of the greatest missionaries that they have seen. They loved our unity and the fun we bring but also the spirit we bring. It was a great experience to hear that multiple times from so many families. You kind of hope and pray you are helping the ward and moving the work forward and I think we were able to help in amazing ways. I think we did well here in Mission Oak.

Josie and Glesppie. They are a couple we have been working with for a long time. Josie is a member and Glesppie is not a member but he really wants to be baptized. The only thing holding them back is the fact they are not married. Glesppie and Josie officially got married this last week!! Boom he can get baptized! I am hoping with both Elder Ravsten and I leaving that won’t hold him back from getting baptized. 

I will have a busy upcoming transfer. This transfer is one that we have been looking forward to for a long time in the mission. Thank you for everyone who sent me a handwritten letter. I appreciate it.

Elder Nelson

Monday, June 11, 2018

Take HIS Challenge at the end of his letter

Dear Everybody,

This week was insane again! I am convinced that the rest of my mission will be being exhausting and my “To Do List” will never end! I enjoy it all though! Lucky for me this is preparing me for life. Always tired and always have things to do! 

We had two exchanges this week! I enjoyed working with each of the Elders.  We are all just different personality types. For both of those exchanges we played the word game. One companion would choose a word and the other would have to use it in a contact. Then once the companion uses that word he decides the next word for the other missionary. So, on and so forth. We did these multiple times and one word just got too easy. Some of the words were like Elephant, Hydraulics, and fatling. One word was too easy so we moved on to two words. We came up with words like Snow tires, Uncle Partner, Dynamite flowers, and cherry pickers. We used all of those words while talking to people. It is really fun and super hard not to bust out laughing when the words are said. 

We started the transfer board early this transfer. We sat down with President and Sister Hymas and gave them info on every missionary, companionship and area. It is always so fun being involved in this process. We will finalize the transfer board either Tuesday or Wednesday. I have a very good idea about 90% sure where I will go this next transfer. I have no idea who my companion is though. President needs 2 new Assistants this upcoming transfer. This is Elder Yorgason and Ravsten’s last full week. They both fly home on the 20th. I am excited for the future but upset I won’t be able to experiences these new challenges and mission combining with Elder Ravsten. We would be a good team but his time is close to over. 

Elder Ravsten and I wanted to leave Mission Oak ward with a bang that would help the ward to remember us. We planned a Nerf War! Missionaries vs. Primary! It was awesome. We had the gym all setup with tables and chairs and cardboard boxes and then had a giant war. It was like 40 kids vs 6 missionaries. We got destroyed! No kids got hurt and all the kids really enjoyed it! We got all kinds of members and nonmembers there- it was amazing. I think the parents loved that they could get a 2-hour break from their kids because summer time is already driving them crazy. It was a blast! 

My challenge for everyone this week! Write me a handwritten letter and send it to
8267 Deseret Ave. Fair Oaks, CA 95628 
Just title it Elder Nelson and I will get it!

I love you all and hope life is treating you well!
Elder Nelly Nelson

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Weekly update

Dear Everybody,

This week was crazy quick again. When P-Day is on Tuesday it makes the next upcoming P-Day come quick. It feels like not a whole lot happened this last week.

We had both Zone Conferences this week. It is really weird giving the same training twice. Anyways, we trained the whole mission in those two days! The first one was at Vintage Park. That beautiful building that my family used to go to when we lived in Sac Town. The second Zone Conference was at the Mission Office at the Deseret Building. I asked President and sister Hymas at the beginning of the second conference if it is normal to be this tired. They both replied no and said how exhausted they were from the first conference as well. I don't know why but I guess the social aspect and energy you get from training in Zone Conference really drains you. I always say this but I was extra tired this week. It made it hard to get things done. We all felt like the messages we were trying to get across from to the missionaries worked. 

The Highlight of the week was watching an investigator I found and taught get baptized this weekend. Philip Eyrich! My man! We taught him the first three lessons and he moved into Elder Forte and Yorgasons area. They finished the lessons with him and he got baptized. I was happy to attend. Philip is a great man and a scholar in the Bible. He will do great things for the church and contribute in amazing ways. That ended my 8-month streak of no baptisms and now it is game time to get these amazing individuals in the font! I’m ready to baptize! 

Other than that, it was a normal week. I am having fun and Elder Ravsten and I are still homies! Another upcoming week full of exchanges! We never get to slow down!

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day

Dear Everybody,

First, I wanted to say good job to my mom for remembering that yesterday was a holiday which meant today was P-Day! 

This week was busy...SURPRISE! We had two exchanges through the week. One with the Sacramento Zone Leaders. I was with an Elder from New York. He was previously in the Mission Oak Ward before I got there. He enjoyed being back in a ward he knew. The second exchange was with the East Sacramento Zone Leaders. I was with an Elder from Florida. We had a blast and I haven't laughed super hard in a long time until I was with him. Some highlights of the week were being President’s first source for solving some “barriers” that missionaries were having. We had some special assignments that we got from him that consisted on proselyting with some other Elders and helping them along the way. It can be a scary feeling knowing that the team-up or meeting we are having with these missionaries could help them stay on their mission or make them decide to go home. There is definitely some pressure that can be felt. After the end of each of the meetings or team-ups, I always felt a lot closer with the individual and a lot more love from them. The spirit is strong when the situation is stay and work or go home. 

The Memorial weekend brought a lot of new friends for us to teach. A lot of people were out of town but on the flip side a lot of people were home relaxing. We did crash some parties and yes people did yell at us. I believe you are not a missionary if you haven't crashed at least one party. Elder Ravsten and I have come up with a plan to get closer to the ward specifically the kids and youth. We organized a day when summer comes around to do a Nerf War...Missionaries vs. Primary. We are inviting the kids to bring friends and then we will set up cardboard boxes through the outdoor pavilion and shoot each-other. It could be a recipe for disaster or the best missionary memory ever in the ward! 

This upcoming week is two days of Zone Conferences. Elder Ravsten and I will train the entire mission by the two days are over. We are talking about urgency and we think it is a really great training. I will send a picture home because it really opened my eyes and helped me to want to be more Urgent and prioritize my work.

It is officially summer and it is getting hot here in SacTown. I am excited to be back in warm/hot weather. It like it more than the cold. We will be encouraging missionaries to bike and walk more. Also, to stay hydrated because we don't want heat exhaustion or dehydration happening. Elder Ravsten will most likely have his departing interview this week and in the first Zone Conference will have his Departing Testimony. Not a whole lot of things for Elder Ravsten to have left before it is time for that plane ride haha! We have decided we are bros for life. Who would have known a Country boy would be a City boy’s Homie...but he is. 

Just a heads up. We are going to Coloma again with a different group of missionaries next week so my email will come in later than usual.

Sincerely reppin BP Ward,
Elder Nelson 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Proselyting time!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was great. This week gave us a lot of proselyting time. President Hymas at the beginning of the week wanted us to encourage all of the missionaries in the whole mission to find new investigators. We made quite the push. We average about 150 a week and this week we found 280! It was great! We are hoping for some great success from all these new people learning about the Gospel. I think we only had two meetings to go to all week. One was District Meeting which we have every Thursday Morning and the other meeting we were making plans for upcoming Zone Conferences. I’m excited to train in front of the whole Mission in over two days. I’m a little nervous but it will be good for me! I think with all the time to be outside working and actually running around talking to people has made me tired. The sun has been draining energy out of me but I keep on pressing on! I haven't been this tired in a long time. I am thinking about taking a nap today since it is our day off but who knows. 

President Hymas and I had interviews this week. Usually interviews are 10 minutes for each missionary but ours we 25! We talked about some future companions who could be assistants and we talked about the future area that I will be moving to at the end of the transfer. It was cool to give some recommendations but at the end of the day it is what God wants. He has a little bit better understanding of how future transfers with the Modesto missionaries will go and that brought some happiness to me! I still think about that first week of July because it is only 6 weeks away! 

I have been working on finishing my mission strong. Soon I will only have two transfers left and I have been setting goals to help me finish with my best effort. It has been a push to keep Elder Ravsten finishing strong but he is great and working hard. This week we will have two exchanges. Exchanges always make the week fly by!  Some highlights from the week! We were down in Elk Grove running chores and we were close to the Latapus house and we stopped in and said hello! They are great, I enjoy hanging out with them! I got to see the Bertagninis and some old friends from the YSA ward! It’s a great time to be a missionary. 

This email doesn’t have a lot of juicy details I am sorry!
Elder Nelson

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Busy busy week and Mother's day call

We just got back from another Coloma Trip with missionaries that go home soon. I got to see all my good friends in the mission today! That means this email will be short this week sorry.

Every day this week we saw President Hymas. We had actual transfer day moving everyone’s stuff around. We had to prepare some upcoming meetings. We also had MLC this week and Elder Ravsten and I trained at it. We talked a lot about setting expectations with our missionaries. Some highlights of the week. I am alive. My first transfer is over as an assistant and I have never done something in my life that is so tiring and so busy. We are always on the go and most of our days we are out the door at 8am and home by 10pm! Welcome to normal life, right?

We had the privilege of going to the temple again! I always learn so much and this time especially, I learned more than ever before. We have a really cool event coming up. School is out on June 5th here in California and we setup a “Summer day” with the missionaries and our primary. June 11th our P-Day we will have a Nerf war of missionaries’ vs all the primary kids. It is going to be crazy! Elder Ravsten has 5 more weeks left and we are focusing on finishing hard. 

The best highlight of course this week was Mother’s Day. I always enjoy talking to my momma!  Yes, I bawled my eyes out when I talked to her. I am a momma’s boy and I own it! I am grateful for my Birth Giver! 

Hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Nelson

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

You guessed it..another busy week!

Dear Family,

This week was a bunch of meetings. We got to work the transfer board with President Hymas this week. The Transfer board has every Zone (stake) and every ward and then every missionary in each ward on the board. We talked about each missionary and companionship and it took about 2 hours. It was like a game of Chess. Tons of fun to know what was going on in the mission and fun to see missionaries’ reactions when things move. Elder Ravsten and I will stay in East Sac..that means next transfer is going to be absolutely nuts for me.

I will get a new Assistant companion to train, 3 new Zones added to the 4 we already cover, and shotgun a new ward down south most likely in Lodi Stake. My guess is President wants us in Lodi. We will have to do 7 exchanges in the new ward with all the Zone Leaders not knowing a single person. There is just a lot on the plate right now!
It makes me happy to know that God and President have that trust in me but at the same time it is nerve racking. My future in the mission has a lot of work to do and I cannot do anything to make that work decrease until the mission combines in July. Game on people! Also, this week we planned for upcoming MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and we planned organized this upcoming transfer week. Tuesday(tomorrow) we will spend all day working at the mission office moving missionaries from car to car packing luggage and getting them to their new areas. Tuesday afternoon we will go to the temple and be with the missionaries that are going home on Wednesday. Tuesday night we will eat at Presidents house with all the missionaries going home and then we will do one last departing testimony meeting. Busy day tomorrow. Thursday there is a meeting for the missionaries that go home this transfer aka Elder Ravsten.
Elder Forte and I will take care of the companions of the missionaries while President has the last transfer missionaries. It is crazy busy to be honest! Friday is MLC and usually is an all-day meeting. Friday night we meet with President and talk about MLC and review. This upcoming week is basically planned! I love being a missionary but we are so busy I can’t even stop and eat a Jamba Juice! haha! I am still happy though!

Something that was pretty cool this week was moving cars around for transfers. Elder Ravsten and I each got to drive separate cars to change some cars out in the mission. It is just really weird to not have a companion in the car when driving. 

Church on Sunday was off the chain! This man stood up and bore his testimony. The first testimony of the meeting. He stood up and talked about how he has recreated the Ark of the Covenant and how he has had crazy visions and revelations since. He told us that he knows of evil things that are going to happen and how he is now a warning voice for everyone in the chapel. He slowly started getting louder and louder until he was yelling over the pulpit. He said we were all horrible member of the church and how we need to step it up. No false doctrine was preached though that was the weird thing. Everything was true and accurate just a little much. Our bishop stood up and tried to sit him down twice and it didn’t help. Moms starting talking their kids out in the hallways. One family even sat outside in the parking lot until sacrament meeting was over and they knew that is was safe to go inside. It was a dark and scary feeling in that chapel. The man’s face was dark...I have never seen something so close " to the devil possessing a man or the man was filled with an evil spirit" as the scriptures would describe these people. Every priesthood holder was ready to be bouncer and get this man off the stage. It was a great journal entry. 

This week was President Hymas birthday and we got to eat dinner with him and hang out at his house with his family. It was great and I really enjoyed being at his house. Sister Hymas picked up authentic Argentine food because that is where President went for his mission. We tried to recreate his mission for him in one night. I have never seen President Hymas so laid back with his family. He is actually super funny and roasts his kids really’s awesome!

I am a happy missionary who only has 3 transfers left. I am doing all I can to finish strong and have success my last 18 weeks in the mission. 

With Love
Elder Nelson