Monday, December 26, 2016

We went mini golfing last week! And let me tell you that it was the most competitive game of mini golf I have ever played. We had 8 missionaries all competing for that number one top mini golfer "trophy"! Of course, Elder Nelly killed it! I got first not to rub it in! I’m humble I promise. P-Day is seriously a “busy” day!  P-Days are becoming a struggle. 

We had the chance to go to the Temple!  It was a great experience to be able to go to the Temple. I loved it every second of it. I sat next to President Jardine for it too. After we did a temple session we ate lunch with the Elk Grove, El Dorado, and Sacramento Stakes. I was able to see Elder Rowland and he is doing great! He loves his mission and it was fun to be able to catch up with each other. I met Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson is the kid who played on Madison High School and made that last second tip in shot to beat Borah. I’ll send a picture of us. 

We ate dinner with the Zone Leaders at the restaurant that they chose.... they chose Chicken & Waffles. It was super good actually just a funky sounding restaurant. All of the music that Chick & Waffles played was music that I knew or could remember and so I was jammin out so hard. It was a blast! I miss listening to music but my mission has been way better! 

We made blankets for people in wheel chairs for a service project. We made about 50 in four hours. The blankets were small enough to fit on their laps and not get stuck on the wheels or the ground. They had little pockets as well in the blankets so when it was in there lap they could hold things. We dropped them off to the Care Free center and people loved them. 

We ate dinner with family from our ward. This member gets different cuts of meat for free from his father-in-law. He made us the biggest ribeye steak I have ever eaten in my life. It was heaven! I got sooo fat that night! Then the dad went out with us after dinner and we stopped by our recent converts house, Levi, and had a lesson on Christmas and had a short testimony meeting! It was one of the strongest and shortest spirits I have ever felt! It was super cool to be able to experience that. 

One day this week we had 50 potential investigators planned in! We saw so many people and had so many different conversations that my head hurt and I was exhausted afterwards. Talking to people is weirdly tiring. After 5 hours of talking to people I just need a short break. One of the Elders bike axle broke in the middle of the day so we had to drive all the way to North Highlands and pick him up to take them to a bike shop. Huge detour and used a lot of miles!

We also had the chance to go to the Mission Home and pick up presents! President Jardine had a "short" program for us before we were allowed to get the presents. It actually wasn't short it was more like an hour and a half long! All the missionaries were becoming impatient- it was hilarious! President was stalling on purpose! Trying to fit the presents in the car almost didn't work! It was a tight fit. Our tiny Corollas can't hold a lot of boxes. 

We watched Pete's Dragon on Christmas Eve! It was a pretty good movie but I feel like there have been better movies that have come out recently. Finding Dory was better than Pete's Dragon! We had popcorn and President made sure the lights stayed on in the High Council room because we have sister missionaries in our zone! It is a funky rule but makes sense! Tristan is all setup for his baptism on Thursday! He will be interviewed at 5pm tonight! 

Christmas Day was awesome! I got way more presents than I thought I was gonna get! Thanks for everyone who sent me a gift they were all awesome! Church was combined with the Natomas 2nd Ward! It was packed! It was an hour long sacrament meeting/singing performance! I really enjoyed it, it was spiritual for sure! Of course, I got to Skype with my family! The biggest surprise about the whole Skype was Cooper voice has dropped a little bit since I talked to him last! It was kind of freaky! I was grateful for the technology I have to be able to Skype my family and see them all cry ;) 

Another wonderful week! Missionary work is kicking my butt but I'm learning a ton!

Love Elder Nelson

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Another week that seems to go by super fast! I guess it was a day shorter than normal because transfers were last week. My companion and I are getting along and there are great things happening in the Natomas 1st Ward. 

We met with a family who has been trying to get there son more involved with God. We gave the kid a Book of Mormon and a Bible and told him to read it and pray to know if God is there and if the things that you read are true. time we stopped by that house the whole family sat down in our lesson and we ended up giving Book of Mormons to every family member. The family expressed their interest in being baptized "Christian." We explained the importance of the Restoration and how they have found the true church! No baptismal dates yet for the family!

The bishop asked our new Ward Mission Leader and us to put together a Ward Mission Plan.  My companion and I made one up ourselves in companionship study and we presented it to the Ward Council and they all loved it! We will make a final draft and send it to all the the Auxiliaries. It was not easy putting a Ward Mission Plan.

We had the chance to set a Zone Vision for the Zone. A Zone Vision is like a motto/slogan that the Zone can remember to evaluate themselves and help them stay on purpose. Good ole Elder Nelson came up with ‘Diligent Determined Disciples Diminish Darkness’! It goes along with #lighttheworld too! Everyone was like "i second that" and setting the Zone Vision took like 3 minutes! Usually it takes about 30 minutes! Im thankful for all the Rap i listened to before my mission because it helped me think of that Zone Vision and make if flow!

Elder Ravsten had a New Leadership Meeting on Thursday because this is his first time being a District Leader, so i was with the Zone Leaders for about two hours. It was raining super hard outside so it was actually a blessing being able to be in the car with them and use their miles for my appointments with investigators. It was a good two hours for me!

After we picked up Elder Ravsten we had a member come out with us for a couple more lessons.  He stayed out with us for three hours! It was so cool! We avoided the rain again and our investigators actually were involved in our lessons because it wasn't just the missionaries talking. He dropped us off at our dinner appointment  where the member wanted to go out with us to see investigators as well. Our members came in clutch that day! Our investigators were happy it wasn't just the missionaries. 

On Friday on our way to District meeting there was a huge car crash! One car was flipped upside down, another car completely destroyed and the last car on fire! Well traffic was horrible and we were late to getting to District Meeting. Lucky for me, my companion is the District Leader so we technically didn't get in trouble for being late. Elder Howland had to go to the doctors so we picked up Elder Haywood and we had a tripanionship for a little bit! We stayed in Foothills area for about three hours and it was not very productive. I feel bad for the missionaries there. They don't have very many people to teach! We ate dinner at a members home that is full of four little girls. It was a long and crazy night at the house but the food was good! 

We had our Ward Christmas Party on Saturday and a sister was in charge. She is an event planner and she made the gym in the church look so good. The whole gym looked like the town of Bethlehem and members of the ward reenacted the Nativity. It was super cool and spiritual. Right after the party the whole ward came over to John's baptism! John's baptism was amazing and i was able to do the actual ordinance which was in front of the whole district leader(or companion)....the Zone Leaders.....Elder Henderson came for the baptism so my Trainer....the Assistant to the President came because they were on exchanges with Elder Henderson and his companion....oh and President and Sister Jardine. The whole line of authority was there! So no pressure right??? Well i didn't mess up! After the ordinance John and I went back to change and he was pumped! He said he felt so good and was so happy! It was an awesome experience for him be able to glow and enjoy his big day! No Sacramento basketball players came because they had a game!

On Sunday i had the chance to confirm John a member of the church and give him the Holy Ghost! Confirmations have become my favorite thing to do on a mission! The spirit is so strong and every time i finish i have no idea what i said. All i know is that i feel good and that the spirit was doing the real talking.

Love Elder Nelson

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Transfer week!!

This week was crazy! Last Monday the 5th Elder Henderson and I wanted to spend as much time playing basketball and having fun together as possible because transfers were coming up and we didn't know who was leaving. We only got to mess around for like 2 hours. The rest of the time we were running errands or doing chores. 

Elder Jenkins went home on Thursday and so he actually made us all lunch before he left! It helped us have some fun together before Elder Jenkins left. He was losing his mind the day before he went home! I hope that doesn’t happen to me when I go home!  He gave me a tie that says "Dab on 'em and Stay Complete" I have this habit of dabbing now - its off the chain! 

We were at a recent converts house and the recent converts mom was telling us about how hard it was to have her husband being inactive in the church.  She got in her face and told us that if we ever left our families that she would kill us. She said that it's been the hardest thing she's ever had to go through in her life. I made a promise to myself that I would never leave the church, that I would always be a worthy priesthood holder for my family, and my wife deserves a loving father/husband.

A family took us out to Chevys and of course I pigged out and loved all the food. That place just gets better and better every time we go. You guys are missing out, sucks that you have to be in Idaho where it is snowing. That day we also setup Kekoas baptism! 

We had Elder Esotton with us for the weekend because Elder Jenkins went home.  Trying to run around and two wards is mayhem. It was fun to be able to see some of the zone leaders investigators.  while we're outside of the bishops’ house Santa Claus came by on the fire truck and I flipped out! I ran up to the fire truck I took a video. I was bummed I didn't sit on his lap. It's been a good week. 

Kekoas baptism was awesome! The whole time he expressed how happy he was and how he was excited to be able to follow Jesus Christ. The service was awesome the spirit was very strong and many people said that it was the best baptism they ever went to. After the baptism on Sunday, I was able to confirm Kekoa a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. It was the most spiritual experience I've had on my mission! And it was sick! That gave me new determination as a missionary to do my best.

Transfer calls finally came in and Elder Henderson got transferred to East Sac. I am staying in Natomas 1st area. I am the senior companion.

My new companion is Elder Ravsten. He is from Farmingville, Texas he came from Hurley ward. So far so good. We went out together for the first time yesterday and we met a referral and we invited her to be baptized on the first lesson and she excepted her date of January 14. It was sick! Baptisms are flowing like crazy now.

We have a baptism next Saturday and we have a baptism on the 29th. I'm excited to be able to be a part of the missionary work in this area. We have been working really hard to get our members out. It's because of the members coming out with us that we have been successful. 

Love you and miss you 
Elder Nelly🏀

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 13- Another crazy week!

Last Monday the AP's finally came up to North Sac to play ball with us.  They were good at basketball and they said they have gone around the mission and beat every companionship. Until they played Elder Nelly of course. We schooled them! After we beat them they were so mad they just packed their stuff and left. Umm sorry? My companion was amped out of his mind and laughed when they left. I think they might hate us but hey it was just a game of basketball! 

Every Monday night we have FHE at a care home with members and a few nonmembers. We shared the new Christmas Initiative video and by the end of it they were all asleep. It is only two minutes long- we were like -what? I think if the video was any longer though me and my companion would have fell asleep because we were exhausted. 

We did two exchanges this week and that made the week fly by. It’s crazy to think it is December and I left in September! Anyways I was with an Elder from Holiday Utah in the Foothills Ward. This Elder is crazy. He said some things to people that I literally thought we were going to have to fight someone to get home. For example, we were riding our bikes down the road and some guy yelled at us and the Elder turned his bike around and asked him why he was talking like that.  He ended up following us for about 30 minutes. Luckily nothing happened.

This same Elder and I went to an investigators house that they have been going to for a while. Well half way through the Plan of Salvation lesson I found out that this investigator was a member! Are you kidding me?  I was so confused. We probably got nothing done in that area but I learned an important lesson. We, as missionaries, are out fishing but our fishing lines were not in the water and because the lines weren't in the water we could not catch any fish. The activities throughout the day need to be meaningful and positive. 

We had two days this week, Wednesday and Friday, were we did service at the Food Bank that our Zone Leaders signed the zone up for. The shifts we did were three house long. I literally thought I was becoming a piece of canned food! The best part of sorting cans was there was music being played so I could dance while I sorted food! Sorting cans got old fast but we organized half a ton of food. That is what the manager told us after Friday. I'm glad that I could help out those that are less fortunate.

On Friday night, we went to a single mother and her four kids house to help them with service. We put their Christmas lights and afterwards we tried to share a quick message but we literally were attacked by the kids. We were the playground for the kids. They jumped on our backs, threw things at us, and almost stole out iPads and ties. It was straight mayhem. The kids climbing on us was so against the Handbook rules because we aren't supposed to be playing with or carry kids but we didn't have a choice. Even the mom couldn't keep them off of us! Missionary work is so fun! I literally love being a missionary!

On Thursday, we did service all day! December 1st was the start of the #lighttheworld and we have something planned for each day to help serve those around us. I met this kid named Angelo Thursday night out at dinner with a member. Angelo was a 12-year-old kid who was selling candy bars as a job to help him stay off the streets and away from drugs. He was a super nice kid and he was freezing. He didn't have a sweatshirt and he had shorts on. I invited him into Chipotle with our member so he didn't have to freeze outside. We got our food and Angelo just sat at the table trying to get warm. I asked him if he was hungry and he said he was starving because he doesn't get food until his boss comes to pick him up after he sells his candy bars. 

I gave him a $20 bill and told him to go get whatever he wanted on the menu. While he was in line I ran out to the car and grabbed my sweatshirt and gave it to him! I felt so bad for the kid. I got many compliments from people at Chipotle for helping. I wasn't seeking praises but I'm glad I could be an example to them. After dinner, my companion and I sat in our car and I just started bawling because we felt so bad. I’m so grateful for light I was able to share with Angelo and with those people who were watching me spend money on this random kid. I actually bore my testimony on Sunday about this experience and just how much love God has for each one of us. 

The other exchange I went on was with an Elder from Texas. I feel like I complain a lot about the missionaries I exchanges with but holy smokes this Elder was off his rocker. He walked into our room in our apartment and literally emptied his whole bag right in front of the door and just left it on the floor. The entire exchange he was mad at me that I write letters/emails to family and friends because as missionaries "we are supposed to leave all personal affairs." He told me I was not being a representative of Jesus Christ because I would dance and sing when I cooked my food and would joke around during the day. He said Jesus Christ would not "sing and dance like a fool while cooking food" Talk about ruining the fun. I just let him say what he wants and was so good to be patient and not talk back or say anything negative to him. It was a long 24 hours but I survived and was happy to say I didn't cause any contention. I was proud of myself! I learned an important lesson and that lesson was that not everyone sees eye to eye or is enjoyable to be around but every missionary is here on a mission for the same reason. I’m sad that he said he hasn't enjoyed his mission but it is because he refuses to have fun because he thinks it is not how missionaries should act. 

We found out the Zone Leaders were teaching an investigator in our area and we stole him back. This investigator is sooo cool though. You won’t believe me when I say what he does but I'm telling you anyways. His name is John and he is a barber. He is a barber for some of the player for the Sacramento Kings. He cuts Willie Callen-Stein, Ben Macklemore, and Darren Collision hair. John told us that for his baptism that he was going to invite the Kings players to his service. If the Sacramento Kings players come to the baptism I'm going to freak out like no other. December still has some super awesome events that are going to happen. We will have three baptisms maybe four if we continue to work hard! I’m sooo pumped!!!!

Our investigator John came to church and fast and testimony meeting was 100% for him. We had a very quiet member, walk up to the podium and said that he hates talking about religion and the fact he was bearing his testimony was a miracle. He was super prompted by the spirit to share his conversion story which his story just happened to match John's life perfectly. John was glued to the testimony and I know for a fact that he felt the spirit. I’m excited for John and what his baptism will bring him. 

Transfer calls are Saturday and Transfers are Monday so next P-Day will be on Tuesday! I will officially be done with my training and so Elder Henderson and I think we are going to be split up! I am excited to get a new companion it will help me learn and grow. Just praying it’s no one that is absolutely crazy. 

I am doing #lighttheworld and for my light the world service: 
December 1st: I gave Angelo the coat and the money for food, put up Christmas lights
December 2nd: sent letters home to my parents
December 3rd: helped open the eyes to people about how the gospel blesses families
December 4th: went to church and bore my testimony
December 5th: I don't donate blood or else I would pass out so I gave up on that one! 😉

Elder Nelson

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving in the field!

We had another destroy our body workout on Monday! We ran two miles on the track at ARC in the morning. We played three hours of basketball! Playing basketball is the best way for me to clear my mind and just forget about everything else! I'm so happy we can play it every week!

Also on Mondays our new thing is we go the old peoples home and teach a lesson for Family Home Evening. There are actually a lot of nonmembers that show up so it is super beneficial. The only problem is that they are not really energetic to make the lessons fun and they usually fall asleep on us. 

We had a chance to organize our apartment and also our area book! Our apartment has been able to stay super clean this transfer. The inspectors had nothing bad to say about how we are treating the apartment. We also were able to delete some people and found some people that hopefully could become potential investigators. It is nice to be able to know everyone in your whole area book. 

We did exchanges again this week and I finally was got to leave my area and go into North Highlands ward with Elder Field. It was nice to get a change of scenery just for a day! We were able to meet some super cool people and passed out 5 Book of Mormons in the 24 hours. The lessons that we were able to teach were bomb. Teaching good lessons like that really helped boost my confidence and helps reassure me that I know what I'm talking about. Elder Field and I had so much fun during the exchange. We laughed for probably 80% of it. After our companionship study in the morning we kneeled down to say the prayer and ended up just laughing. No one could say the prayer. We weren't even laughing at anything specific, just laughing for no reason. Literal tears of laughter for no reason!

We went to a Family who has an 18-year-old who leaving for his mission on November 30th. We helped him learn the lessons and had him do some role play teaching with us. He did a pretty good job teaching. He is serving in the Philippines and will learn some crazy language that I don't know how to spell. 

Harry is an 83-year-old man who loves to take the missionaries out to eat. We went to lunch/dinner with him to the Black Bear Diner and told us to literally get anything on the menu that we wanted. He told us that Spaghetti and Pizza has to get boring so he was nice enough to let us order anything. My companion and I were talking about what we should get and just small talking really and Harry told us to order our own food and not tell the other missionary what to get! He is funny! After we ate our first plates of food he told us we weren't full (¿¿like he could knew??) and made us order a second plate! We felt like we were going pop! After the second plate, we told him we were so full we couldn't walk to the car butttttt noooooo, he ordered a whole pie for just us! We ate the pie and crawled to the car! Talk about the worst food coma ever! Oh, did I forget to tell you this was the night before Thanksgiving! Just wait I get fatter! 

¡Thanksgiving day!  I skipped out on breakfast because I was still full from the night before! We ate at the first home at 12 and they made a ton of food! The turkey we super good and they had some good desserts. I still am not a fan of desserts really so my companion ate most of mine! I was definitely put back into my food coma from the night before. After we ate there, we went over the 2nd Family at 2pm. They had more food than the first house! They had some bomb rolls and mashed tatters. They also had dessert that us missionaries are required to eat so we shoved the dessert down the best we could. Literally I felt like I was die I felt so full. By the time we finished our food there, it was time to go the Bishops house for Dinner! Well hey guess what they made a ton of food because Elders are teenage boys who can eat food like a bottomless pit so they made smoked ribs, turkey, and tri-tip. I love the smell and taste of those meats but when I walked in the house I was not enjoying it! Just the smell of it made me more full than before. I ended eating probably more at the Bishops house than any other house because the ribs were so good. We had one more dinner to go to at 7 and we had to call and tell them in advance and say that we have already been fed three times that day and that we couldn't eat any more food. They were actually ok with that because they were throwing a huge party at the church and there wasn't much food left! Perfect! This party had a lot of non-members there so that means we were allowed to join in the activities! Awww yeah best believe that one of the activities was basketball! I was so fat to actually run around so I just shot 3s! We got to talk to some amazing people and about coming to church as well. When we got back to the apartment we fell on the floor and just let our food comas take over!

We actually decided to walk around from appointment to appointment to help burn some fat off of us! We spent like three hours walking around Del Paso Heights talking to people! It is a lot easier to serve people when you walk! It was cool! Even though my legs were sore and I didn't want to walk we had positive contacts with people. We also went to the Mall because it’s in our zone and did proselyting there. It was super beneficial because everyone was there for Black Friday Shopping and we were able to talk to a million people! It was such a bomb day I loved it! 

I finished the New Testament and started D&C now! It’s so cool to learn about all of this. I love learning about the gospel!

We have some super awesome people we are teaching and I am excited to see what will happen in this following month. We have been working hard and God is starting to really bless us for our efforts! I'm really hoping for some good things! I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with the Fam! Having the Holiday season without family has made me miss family more than ever on my mission but I'm doing fine.

Transfers are on Dec. 10 so my companion might change.

The man the myth the legend 
Elder Nelly🏀

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First bike crash!

Last P-Day we went to the mall with our whole zone. I bet everyone was wondering what was happening because it was like a Mormon Missionary invasion! We always go to this store that has massage chairs that you can try for free! It was such a blessing to be able to get a full body massage! I had to go to Bath&Body Works to get some cologne and lotion because I ran out. I had no idea what to get but lucky for me I had some chicas come over and help me out. They helped me pick some bomb stuff! Of course, I wasn't flirting! I remember what President Henneman said! I just needed some female advice, that’s all! I smell wonderful just in case you were wondering!

We played four hours of basketball with some college players at the church! Four hours was too long and I felt so out of shape. It was fun to actually play with some better competition! We got back to the apartment and crashed so hard, we were so tired! 

This week I had a day that was the worst day on the mission! It wasn't even that bad it just was a long hard day. Satan was testing me! I was super tired and Elder Henderson and I were riding our bikes together, like always. We were laughing and talking about something.  All I remember is looking at him and then crashing into two garbage cans!!! Everything was in slow motion after that and I did a flip in the air while my bike flew the other direction landing under the garbage cans! That was a great way to wake me up and start the day! I didn't have one scratch. I landed on my feet and my bike was easy to fix. The bike just had crooked handle bars!

One thing I learned this week. I will have to be able to endure for some parts of my mission. There will be time where I will just have to truck through! I’m happy I learned it early! 

We have had some crazy awesome lessons with some people! We went to two nine year olds houses who we have been teaching and we taught with Oreos. The Oreos were like US going through the Plan of Salvation! The cream is our spirits in the Pre-Earth Life, we came to Earth to get our bodies or half of the cookie. Then we die and our cream and half the cookie are separated. When we get resurrected our bodies and spirits come back together but this time we have both cookies and cream, having a perfect body or the whole cookie. This gave the kids a lot of sugar sooooooo to get rid of the sugar we made dance videos with them after the lessons and they are hilarious!

We will be having more baptisms but probably not until after Christmas time! We have two people on date for the 31 of December! It is kinda far away but it is God timing for them! This area since working here has had a lot of hit and misses! Some days we will see no one and other days we will see everyone and not have enough time to teach everything in a lesson! It is such a blessing to be busy all the time because this mission would be harder if I had nothing to do! 

We were able to take a 17 year old out with us from our Ward. It was his first time out and he was so nervous.  We were super nice to him and explained the game plan for every house and every lesson! We taught a couple Restoration lessons and just asked him to bear his testimony on the Book of Mormon! When we took him home, he told us he was nervous for no reason and that mission work is easy! We told him to keep that attitude when he gets in the mission field because it’s not easy work at all!

We had dinner at our Bishops house and his family is hilarious! Laughing is contagious and I think everyone at the dinner table was crying! That was a fun night to be able to bond with that family. We had the chance to have the Bishop come out with us to a couple of less active members house! Oh my goodness let me tell ya the Bishop coming out with us makes everyone so nice to us and they even let us inside their homes! Mind Blowing! People were totally wanting to come back to church. It was awesome to have him come with us we have an amazing Bishop in this ward! 

I officially have put on 10 pounds on my mission! From what I can tell I am not getting fat. So, I hope this is a good sign that its muscle and not chub. I’m hoping I can stay consistent with working out so I don't get fat! 

I saw a Rex Moore Truck and took a picture of it! We caught a couple of mice at that Hay Service we always do and fed them to the cat on the farm there! That was funny to see that happen! Rumor is that the Office is going to start holding packages and letters until Christmas so we will have a lot of "presents" to open on Christmas Day! So, if I don't get your letters or packages and respond back that’s why!
 I’m still having too much fun out here to be calling it work! I hope it always is like this for the next two years because it makes time fly! It’s crazy to think today is already Monday! We have 6 meals planned out for Thanksgiving...I’m going to be soo fat!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This week was crazy I feel like all the days are just blending together now! I have no idea what day it is during the week or what time it is or anything! Sometimes i forget I'm in California! Seeing, talking, helping, and addressing people's concerns out here has become such a habit i lose track of everything! I love the mission and what it has to offer me and I'm grateful that i have a chance to serve it back! We have been able to help out the rest of our district more than usual this week! Since transfers have got two new Elders in our district and they are struggling.  But its ok because both of us are able to help them find people and teach and help them street contact people! We will help them grow the most we can! 

This week i woke up one morning and just felt exhausted and unmotivated! I felt like just curling into a ball and just napping all day! I remembered that when times get hard i just need to put on a 'fake' happy attitude and just do all the little things throughout the day and the Lord will bless me! I was doing my morning personal studies when i came across John 15:12 which says "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you." Right after personal study i decided that for companionship study we should sing "Im Trying to Be Like Jesus." And the spirit i felt from that totally gave me the inspiration to go throughout the rest of the day it was awesome! I may have cried or i might not have! My companion didn't see it so there are no witnesses!

I had the most amazing, awesome, wonderful, completely breath taking experience with a super cool young member family we ate dinner with!  THEY TOOK US OUT TO CHEVYS!!!!! We at the Chevys on Garden Highway and ate outside next to the Sacramento River! It was beautiful! For those of you who don't know what Chevy's is, it is the Nelson Family's Favorite place to eat in California! We go there every time we visit California. I felt so fat that night! I was in heaven! The general manager also was a member and paid for our entire meal which was such a blessing!!! 

We had a day this week (Friday nights because no one is ever home) where everything we had planned seemed to fall through! No one was home or no one would answer their doors.  We were biking around the beautiful ghetto area of Del Paso Heights when we saw one of our members and stopped to talk to her! We asked her if she knew anyone in the area who would be willing to hear a message about Jesus Christ. She referred to us one of her neighbors! This neighbor invited us in and we taught the Restoration and have her a Book of Mormon and she came to church! We reported back go to the member about what happened and asked again if she knew anyone else! She referred us to the other neighbor. We taught the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon but they didn't come to church! We spent about three hours between these two house sharing the gospel! This member had the "magic touch" so we asked for more people and she told us she would let us know if she knew anyone else! A bad day quickly turned into a good day! It was awesome! 

We had the chance to attend a Stake Priesthood Meeting that President Jardine asked us to attend because he was giving a talk. He talked about the importance of Hastening the Work the opportunities that come from online proselyting! He asked my companion and me to sit on the stand with him! We shared one experience each about what we have been able to do to spread the gospel while being online! It wasn't scary to talk in front of the whole stake it was more scary to have President Jardine right behind me! Cool, Calm and Confident has become my new line out here on the mission! Its Elder Nelly's new motto! It has helped me so much! 

We taught every lesson at church on Sunday it was crazy! We taught Gospel Principles which is normal because we don't have an active ward mission leader.  And we also taught the Elders Quorum! The Elder's Quorum lesson was bomb we taught using Oreos about Member Missionaries. We gave everyone a Oreo and asked everyone what their favorite Oreo was and why it was their favorite?  Why they were excited when they heard we had Oreos? Why they haven't eaten the Oreo? Was the Oreo good enough to recommend to a friend? What has been stopping them from helping their friends find out how great the Oreos are? The analogy is that the Oreo is the gospel! The gospel is the anchor of our life and tastes so good or brings us happiness! As we eat Oreos or strengthen our testimony it makes us full or spiritually full! If something has such a great and wonderful part of our lives we should tell other people to eat the Oreo or about the gospel! Helping other people partake of the Oreo or to come to church or read the Book of Mormon it will help people become full or spiritually full! It was a super awesome analogy!

Oh, i guess i forgot to share that i HAD MY FIRST CONVERT BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!!! Sorry i had to save the best for last! It was a part member family who had an unbaptized 9 year old son. We have been able to teach him so many great lessons! His grandfather baptized him and confirmed him! It was the first convert baptism in the Natomas 1st Ward for five years! It was such a spiritual up lift and gave me some new motivation to work harder! The impact that the baptism has had on the family has been huge! The father wants to become more active and has asked us to help remind him to get to church! I didn't baptize him, or confirm for the first time, but the first baptism experience was indescribable! So happy to be able to make an impact on the Ward!

The mission work is great because the work is true! 

Elder Nelson😎

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Transfer Week Nov 7, 2016

It was transfer week so that means P-Day is on Tuesday! So, no I did not forget to email you peeps! This week has been a crazy one. Oh, I guess first Elder Henderson and I are still together for another transfer so I am happy!

We have so much fun together! We decided that we were going to make a video for every lesson we can teach and I’ll make sure to send those home! Our videos are bomb! But I’m being humble when I say bomb.....anyway....the mission is still awesome. I have zero complaints! The mission has been such a blessing in my life and I want to thank everyone who has been in my life and played a part in helping me to get here! Especially my mom and grandpa!

We found a hilarious looking tree (like street art) at a park and it is hilarious what we did with it! I will send the pic attached to this email. One thing that has blown my mind out here on the mission is how crazy some people are! Not in a bad way. Just people have such different backgrounds and different ways of looking at things. That amazing part is that everyone has the same view on religion though! Everyone that I have met wants "this and that in their church they go to, and this specific ordinance because Christ did it this way in the Bible".  It’s awesome to tell people that, that is how our church is run and that Christ truly is the one who runs the church through his Prophets.

We had a member go out with us named Seth! He is a recent convert and this dude is an animal! He and I talked about cars and his vision of opening up his own Composite car detailing/designing shop and I loved it! I think Elder Henderson thought I was the biggest nerd ever but hey I don't care! 

We had one day that felt like it was just service project after service project! Well first I should tell you that I can’t complain because our zone leaders invited us to pray for service opportunities and BOY were our prayers ANSWERED!

We first helped the zone leaders move out a part member family load up their truck who was moving to like San Fran or something like that. It took like 2 hours so it wasn't bad at all. We then went to the Farm we go to about every two weeks to lift the 160 hay bales that weigh about 120 pounds each. That took about 2 hours as well! I don't know if I had shared that service with you yet.  After that we went to a single mothers’ house to help her put some desk/tables together for her kids. While I was putting together one of desks I thought I heard some scratching sounds! And Awww yeahhh the Pest Control work paid off! Good ole Elder Nelson found that they had a little mice problem and was able to place some traps! I was actually super pumped to be able to climb up in the attic and look around.

Then we had a new family move in from Utah so we helped them unload their truck! Service opportunities were coming at us like crazy! Prayers were answered just next time we will have to be more careful with what we ask for. 

We planned another Blitz and picked up the other Elders from their areas. When we were heading west on the freeway traffic was horrible on the freeway and they had cement barriers up for the road construction. There was no way to get off the freeway because of the construction and traffic was so bad that we sat on the freeway for 2 and half hours. This whole story just gets worse! We all had to use the bathroom. We eventually found a port-a-potty on the side of the freeway and used that. All 6 Elders were crammed into a tiny Corolla car. When we came to a stop on the freeway we got out and asked some cars what was happening and I guess there was a car crash. Slowly but surely we were being pushed out of our mission boundaries because construction wouldn't let us and the police controlling traffic wouldn't let us turn around. We called our Mission President and told him what was happening and how we are being pushed out of our mission!

Well ends up our Mission President was just like 4 cars in front of us because he was driving missionaries to the airport so they could go home. We actually got approval to leave the mission and just turn around whenever we could! That blitz was the worst blitz I have ever done! 

We will have our first baptism this Saturday and I'm super excited! Levi is a 9 year old kid who loves airplanes and is excited to get baptized! I’m not doing the actually baptizing, his grandpa will. But it is a convert baptism so we will be going! Planning for a baptism is kind of crazy and hard to set up! We are still lacking a Ward Mission Leader and so we have to do a lot of extra work. Remember when I was home and I would say "I have to do everything".  Well, God prepared me pretty good!

Elder Henderson wants me to learn and so he has me do more to help me figure out the ropes. He still helps when I need it and doesn't make me literally do everything!

We had a chance to help out at the Care Free Center that we have a lot of members staying in! That same Care home where we got yelled at for "proselyting" a couple of weeks ago. We helped this 92-year-old couple put up a pretty fancy bed! It’s one of the cool beds that raises and lowers to help you sleep better! The whole time we were putting up the bed they bragged about how healthy they were for being 92 years old! It was honestly the funniest thing I have heard old people talk about!

That’s about it!