Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 3- Last days and MTC and traveling to CA

Well last day in the Mtc we had to be awake by 3:50 in the morning and so we all decided to just stay up and not sleep. We opened a bottle of Sparkling Cider that Rowlands mom sent us. It was actually super funny because we were all laughing to hard to even drink it. After we drank it Rowland slammed the bottle on the ground making it exploded everywhere and we were all dying laughing because glass went everywhere. No one got hurt but it was still hilarious. We decided to vacuum up the glass pieces at like 1:00 in the morning and probable woke up everyone who was on our residence level. 1:30 hit and we were exhausted so we took a nap until 3:50 came around. 

When 3:50 came around we jumped on the bus and headed to the airport or so I thought.  We actually took the bus to the train station. We sat on that train for 30 minutes until we reached another destination where we walked to the NEXT train to take that 2nd train took like 15 minutes before we were at the airport.  When all 45 missionaries arrived at the airport together we looked like the Mormon mafia or something because there was so many of us and everyone was staring. "JUST SMILE AND WAVE BOYS SMILE AND WAVE"

We were able to make it on the plane ok and the flight was super short only like 1 hour long. We landed in Sacramento and were greeted by President Jardine and his wife. They carpooled us to the Mission office and we stayed there for like 3 hours waiting for our missionary trainers to finish transfers and come pick us up. Once the trainers arrived we got our bikes and got our areas. My trainer is Elder Henderson from Utah and we are serving in the Natomas 1st ward.   He got his privilege of driving taken away so I drive us everywhere. We haven’t even used our bikes yet because our area is huuuge.

We went the temple to take some pictures with the new missionaries and President. After that me and my companion went out and taught 4 people within like the first hour out in the field. I was freaking out like what the crap is happening. Once we got to the last lesson at the member’s home I was able to open up a bit and talk in the lesson and tried my best to contribute. The family is inactive but have a little boy that wants to be baptized. We go to their house to help make sure he understands everything about baptism. His mom turned over to her son who is getting baptized soon (his name is Miles) and the mom said "look at Elder Nelson, he is your twin but 10 years older, you will look just like him when you serve your mission" I thought it was hilarious. Miles is an awesome, funny, little kid and is kinda like me...hyper and a dork but smart.

Because of transfers Pday is today but from now on its every Monday. We played ball and I schooled all the elders here. Elders from other zones want to play me.  Our apartment has 2 Elder companionships in it and so it’s fairly big but super nasty. IM SO GRATEFUL FOR A MOM WHO CLEANED THE HOUSE. I bought my first week worth of groceries and feel like a regular missionary so its going good now. Until next week.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 2- MTC

Well this week went a lot faster and was a lot better. I'm still hungry in class but haven't fought anyone about being hungry so thats good. I have figured out all the ropes of the MTC.  I'm emailing early because we are doing laundry right now and 6:30 is the only time that the washers are really open. I still havent seen anyone here that I know from home but that is okay because i have made so many new friends.

 I met this kid from Lehi Utah who has D1 offers to play basketball and so me and him played one on one like7 times. It was so competitive and so many people were watching we actually got kicked out of the gym. I'm suspended from gym until tomorrow but that okay because I can still play sand volleyball😁 But for the record I won the "series" 4-2! My roommates have become my new best friends and literally we never get to bed on time anymore because we just laugh all night. We also sing so loud in the shower that other elders will yell at us because we are annoying.

Me and my companion get along great. We have connected really good. I'm not sick of being by him 24/7 which is good I don't think i will have any problem getting used to a companion. Quenton L Cook came and spoke to us last Thursday and he had some awesome pointers for missionaries to always do good and not to procrastinate because we are on the Lords Time not ours. 

We also had the brand new 70 member speak in our class alone to just us 11 missionaries. Elder Cordoba i think is his name. Waking up and trying to sleep are easy now. I don't have any problems with that. My two teachers Sister Nielson and Sister Kiel are both 24 year old returned girl missionaries. We have Sister Nielson in the morning and Sister Kiel who teaches us in the evening class.  

My whole district says that i could leave for the mission field now. They all ask me questions about what i should do for their investigators and i really feel like i understand feeling the needs for investigators and how to teach according to their needs. The teacher always has me role play with her as her being the investigator and me being a missionary and she says that the questions i ask are just amazing at that the investigator almost learns the lessons through me asking questions. 

Miss everyone and hope everyone is doing well. 

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 1- MTC

Elder Steel is my companion. The MTC is great. The first 3 days were so hard I seriously was dying.The days were soooooo long. Everyone at the MTC said to make it to Sunday and the days will go faster and the lessons will just get easier. We have real investigators at the MTC and we actually are required to teach them. Teaching is super easy and getting to know the people is fun. Probably since yesterday was the day that I realized that Im really in the MTC. 

I love being here and have really grown faster in these 6 days then ever before.   M. Russell Ballard came and gave a talk on Sunday as well that was super good.  I almost got in trouble for taking a picture of him. I still haven't  figured out how to send pictures. I haven't used technology for a week and now I feel like I'm and 80 year old.  

I have received the mail you sent and I love getting them. I have gotten more mail than anyone else in the district and they are all jealous. I watched the Come Unto Christ Video by Bednar like the sister missionaries said and it was super good. He basically yelled at the missionaries and told them the mission isn't for you so you need stop thinking about yourself and love the investigators. I am doing super awesome now, I am on a spiritual high.

Miss and Love you guys hopefully home isn't too different

Monday, September 5, 2016

Set Apart

Elder Nelson was set apart tonight, Monday September 5, 2016 by President Steve Henneman.

Called to Serve!

Elder Nelson has been called to serve in the California Sacramento Mission. He reports to the MTC on Wednesday September 7th.  This is where you will find out about his struggles, successes and adventures!