Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 1- MTC

Elder Steel is my companion. The MTC is great. The first 3 days were so hard I seriously was dying.The days were soooooo long. Everyone at the MTC said to make it to Sunday and the days will go faster and the lessons will just get easier. We have real investigators at the MTC and we actually are required to teach them. Teaching is super easy and getting to know the people is fun. Probably since yesterday was the day that I realized that Im really in the MTC. 

I love being here and have really grown faster in these 6 days then ever before.   M. Russell Ballard came and gave a talk on Sunday as well that was super good.  I almost got in trouble for taking a picture of him. I still haven't  figured out how to send pictures. I haven't used technology for a week and now I feel like I'm and 80 year old.  

I have received the mail you sent and I love getting them. I have gotten more mail than anyone else in the district and they are all jealous. I watched the Come Unto Christ Video by Bednar like the sister missionaries said and it was super good. He basically yelled at the missionaries and told them the mission isn't for you so you need stop thinking about yourself and love the investigators. I am doing super awesome now, I am on a spiritual high.

Miss and Love you guys hopefully home isn't too different

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