Monday, October 24, 2016

Almost a month in the field...already!

Well another P-Day to write some good ole emails! So last P-Day we messed around to much playing basketball and hanging out with other companionships and didn't do any laundry, didn't shop, and didn’t do anything around the apartment to clean up! Classic Teenager move, I know. So today we managed to do all of the chores around the apartment and shopped before we played ball or even talk to the other Elders. 

This week we got up at 5am three times to go and workout at the American River College track with other Elders in our district. We always have 100m and mile races its actually super fun to go to the college. Let me just say that this week was brutal, I have never been so tired and so sore in my life. It feels just as bad as tryout week during basketball. I have been sore everyday of the mission so far and my companion thinks it's hilarious. Between Air Alert workout and biking everywhere I walk like a duck!

We had the chance to go on exchanges with week with the Zone Leaders and boy they were out to get us. After, my companion and I were able to talk about the exchanges and then we noticed what they did to us. First off they check our planners and threw off our plans and said that "this and that" would be better. It felt like they were trying to prove a point that we don't use our time wisely??    Both Zone Leaders gave my companion and I a lesson on being humble. They told us that we came off as we were better than every other companionship.  My companion is a genius and very knowledgeable in the gospel. So I can understand how we can try to prove people wrong but they said we need not seem cocky. My companion and I were dumbfounded! We try our best to serve all the other Elders to help them not to tear them down, we get up at 5am in the morning to try to help them workout and study with them, and we have been focused on baptism in the other areas more than our own.   We live with these Zone Leaders!  I love them but.....

The area as a whole has had little to no help and it makes it hard for us to be able to get investigators to church. There isn't a lot of fellowship but we are working on that.  I have learned a lot from this ward and learned how to work super hard in our area and how to make Ward Plans. My companion/trainer says that I am picking up everything super fast. He keeps joking that I'm am doing good enough to maybe run my own area with a new companion. No Thanks!!!   Training is the first three months of the mission. I have learned so much out here and I feel like my knowledge of the gospel is expanding so fast! I knew more about the gospel than I thought! I love it out here.

We have a ton of chances to serve and help people during the holiday season. We can pick up the millions of leaves that fall here and teach people at the same time. We have been doing our best to find new ways to find new investigators. We have the Halloween Ward Party later this week and we will have a lot of investigators there! I’m so excited for the opportunities we have during this time of year! 

My companion and I are super close and we have become best friends!  We are going to enter into the Thriller dance competition during the Ward Halloween Party. Umm. BEST BELIEVE IMMA BOUT TO KILL IT😎😎😎 

This up coming week (Wednesday) will officially 1 month out in the field. It’s crazy to think about how fast this has gone. Sorry I still don’t miss home! Except for Mom and Grandpa! I love you all but I’m having a blast out here in the mission! The hardest adjustment so far on the mission is trying to endure the 14 hour days! The work is great and fun, teaching is easy, and talking with leaders in the mission has gotten more comfortable! Just being tired throughout the days is getting hard to adjust to. 

Thanks for the handwritten letters. I hope everyone is having a good time in Idaho. Enjoy the rain and snow,  I’ll be relaxing in like 60 degree weather!

-Elder Nelson 

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