Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween and a CLOWN Chasing!!

I have officially made it have half way through my training! I don't feel like the new missionary out here anymore! My Companion says that I have been doing amazing and that I'm basically just the average missionary now. It’s pretty cool that he said that! Trust me I don't plan to just be an average missionary out here.  I will continue to work hard and to help the people here in SacTown!  Transfers are Tuesday and that means I could potentially leave this area or stay here!  Hopefully nothing too crazy happens. Well I better get started with the stories because that's all you peeps want to hear.

First off, we were biking home after using Facebook to online proselyte one night and we hear some footsteps in full sprint behind us. I casually looked back and it was a clown about 50 feet away from us with a chainsaw revving the chainsaw and yelling at us. Lucky for us he couldn't keep up with us because we were on bikes! Del Paso Heights is a scary area with lots of weird people. 

Biking in the rain is the craziest thing ever! Our whole bodies are literally soaked and we try to approach people and share the gospel and they look at us like we are the weirdest smiling aliens on the planet. Hardly anyone can take us seriously when we go up to doors dripping in rain! Besides Wednesday though, the rain only happen to come pouring down when we were inside in lessons with investigators. It was a super awesome blessing to see the rain stop while we were biking that day and then start raining as we approached the next door. 

My companion and I still wake up at 5:30am to go and workout with other Elders in our district. My body has officially adjusted and getting up in the mornings isn't hard at all!  Working out in the mornings are becoming more fun and now that I'm not tired I feel like I'm actually getting a good workout in! I’m not feeling tired through the days either I'm fully energetic and bouncing off walls like the average Elder Nelson! Running from house to house and just talking with everyone is so fun and it’s so cool to see/hear about people's lives and how they want to change or come closer to Christ. The spirit really can fill someone up with energy and happiness it is truly amazing to be able to feel it! 

I was able to go on another exchange with Elders from the North Highlands ward! I was with an Elder who is from England! His accent is awesome and I love trying go talk in my English accent with him. He says the funniest things that only people from England would say! I love it! I learned a lot from him! I learned how to tie the gospel into anything that anyone says and it is sooo cool to see it work in action!

Our Zone Leaders have arranged for our zone to go to the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services place to do service every week now.  My companion and I work in an area where they sort food and see if food is expired or if the package is damaged. They play music only in that area of the complex and it’s so fun to be able to dance and work! My zone leaders actually approved the music they play too so it's not a SIN DON'T WORRY!!! But we dance hard there and actually work up a pretty good sweat going!! I just focus on making the best out of everything that I do and having a positive attitude about it and SMILE and it makes everything so fun! Words can’t describe it!

We had our Ward Halloween Party and we had a ton of miracles happen! We had a couple of less active families we have been working on forever to get to come to church and some investigators as well to come out and give the church a shot. The Less active families came to the party and church and we had like 6 investigators, some that we haven't seen in a long time, ask for rides or what time the party is because they wanted to come! It was so cool to see the Lord work on those people! 

We also had a chance to perform in front of the ward the Thriller Dance! Umm, talk about Elder Nelson killing it up there! I probably was Michael Jackson the 2nd! And by that I mean the not talent Michael Jackson the 2nd because that dance is so hard! The ward loved it!!!.......but we haven't been able to get a video from a member yet sooo i cant send it home yet, sorry.

I finished the Book of Mormon again that's twice since I left home and I have learned so much and have such a crazy understanding now of the gospel! I feel like I knew a lot about the gospel just I didn't know how to tie everything to together.  I am staring to read the New Testament and actually just about half way through! My scriptures seem to have turned into a coloring book! Oops!!! Scriptures are just that amazing and so full of amazing writings! 

We did a Zone Blitz in different Elders areas and it was crazy mayhem. So a blitz is when every Elder or Sister missionary come to one area and try to see as many people as possible! We had 10 missionaries (8 Elders and 2 Sisters) in The North Highlands ward, the Foothills ward, and then our ward! We probably saw 150 people in the 6 hours we were out! We cleaned up our area books and got like 15 new investigators because of it! We are going to be more busy than usual. The Lord has blessed us with so much and it’s because we help other missionaries! I have learned that helping other Elders area only helps our area more because the blessing we receive are way better than what we could ever do for service! 

Well no one should be worried about me out here because I'm just smiling and having a blast through this mission so far! I wouldn't change it for the world! Hopefully Idaho isn't too different without me! I feel like you guys can actually have normal fun times because I'm not there to ruin it with hyperness!  

Love Elder Nelson

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