Monday, October 10, 2016

Miracles, gun shots and tacos!

This week I can see that missionaries truly are watched over and protected by God! Every morning my companion and I wake up and workout outside because it’s nice and cool!  We are out there working out at 6:30am and nothing happens.  We come inside and it seems like just as we close our door it triggers mayhem outside. Every day this week we would finish our workout and the next moment police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances would be blaring their sirens!  There was one morning we just finished our companionship study prayers and three super loud gun shots went off followed by sirens ten minutes later. 

This week has been another week in basically what  I call “home”! I love Sacramento and more and more spiritual events are happening. This week  I was able to do my first exchanges, which is being with a different companion for 24 hours. I was with an Elder who has been out on his mission for 14. I learned a lot in those 24 hours! I had the opportunity to have a checkup appointment with my Mission President to see how I'm doing as a new missionary.

The Mission President is such an inspired amazing man! His knowledge is just incredible. I told him that I'm doing awesome and he won’t have to worry about me getting in trouble or being homesick (no offense family and friends at home). We meet with tons of people. We almost got in a huge argument with some lady because that day we were helping a handicapped member move some stuff around in his house. This member lives in a gated community and when we were headed out of the gated area this lady approached us and basically just yelled at us because we can’t "legally" be in there proselyting.  Eventually she started this whole commotion (which i think was her plan) and some super awesome lady named Sheryl came up and saved us. Sheryl was yelling at the other lady telling her she was the devil because she was yelling at us and stopping Gods work. Sheryl helped us leave the gated area and told the crazy lady to leave us alone. Sheryl saved and is now our new investigator. 

I got to do service at a barn house stacking about 100 hay bales into a shed. I have never seen a farm with palm trees in it! It took like two hours with six Elders. It was the workout of a life time, I felt so sore after lifting those giant hay bales. My guess is each one weighed like 120 pounds. I have officially gained my first five pounds on my mission and I hope its muscle because I'm not going to get fat. Working out on the mission is better than at home. My companion continues to challenge me in lifting, running, jumping and basketball competitions just to help working out be fun. But I have learned that waking up to lift is way better than working out at any other time.  I can almost dunk and it is awesome! Don't worry my spiritual muscles have probably grown like 70000 pounds too! 

A lesson I have learned while on my mission is that if you serve other missionaries areas and do team ups and help them with investigators then our area will prosper. My companion and I have had zero time to be in our area because we are always helping these other companionships in our district. This week we probably spent four hours in our area which is not long for a whole week but we found 8 new investigators in our area. It’s a miracle seriously its soo awesome to see the Lords hand in our area. We were able to eat at one of the taco stands and met some crazy funny people there. One guy we were able to talk to we shared how the gospel brings happiness and invited him to church. His response was "the only happiness I find is in these tacos”.

Sunday was sooo good and needed.  I feel like Sunday is just the perfect day to get refocused and get new motivation. I was able to face two fears on Sunday. The first one was a seafood dinner. Which I know I shouldn't complain about free food and I'm grateful that I was able to get dinner. But I was able to mix the fish with the cheesy macaroni and downed it like a champ.   I was able to eat enough to where they didn't tell me to get more.

The second fear which is a legit fear and don't make fun of me for this. So the back story is we met this referral we had and Doc (the referral)  was a great guy with a good understanding of the bible. He asked us some questions and made himself sound interested so he invited us into his house. As soon as we sat down Doc told us he was a Jehovah's Witness. It was like a nightmare because I have heard so many stories about how smart they are. We talked about some crazy deep doctrine and for a 12 day old in field missionary, I was able to blow his mind. My companion and I talked about some insane history and Bible verses that honestly I didn't know I knew. He was hitting us with weird questions and all he was trying to do was prove that our religion was wrong.   We talked to this guy for like three hours and almost was late to dinner. We have another scheduled time to meet with him because we feel like we were able to help him feel like the Book of Mormon is true and really from the Americas. 

Please keep sending more letter I love getting them. Feel free to send my address out to get more letters they make me feel more connected with the real world. I promise it’s not distracting.

Love Elder Nelson

(no pictures this week)

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