Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another week 10-17-16

My two week training meeting with the AP's and President Jardine was awesome. They taught us how to really use our area book and apply it to our everyday studies. That’s something I have already done with my trainer everyday so it was a good review for me. 

We have a couple of Polynesian members we are trying to get back to church. Ofa is hilarious and a super athletic guy for his massive size.  He loves football and invited us over for a Barbecue and to also watch general conference with him. The barbecue was sooo good and they fed us until we were so fat. I couldn't even get up on my bike, I was sooo stuffed. For conference we watched the Sunday morning session just the first three talks and they fit the family perfectly. President Monson's on the Plan of Salvation, President Nelsons on the importance of finding joy in our life, and someone from the 70 about the importance of sacrament meeting. It hit the family so hard they came back to church on Sunday and it was awesome!

This last week we have had a lot of time to ride the bikes around and to be able to meet some new people. This last week was also the scariest week of the whole mission!! We had almost every person on every corner we turned that told us to watch out for the clowns. Apparently these clowns are terrorizing people and out to find the missionaries specifically. We go the Stake center every night to go on Facebook and online proselyte. Every night it is so scary to ride our bikes the three miles to get to the church in the dark and every time we are constantly looking behind our backs. There have been rumors about the clowns riding four wheelers outside of the gates of the church waiting for us too. I guess a couple of schools have closed down around this area because of clowns.

We got up super early on Thursday to be able to go with another companionship to work out with them and to study with them. We got up at 5:30 and got started working out at 6:15. The Foothill elders (the companionship we were with to help) had a member who had a squat rack and some weights so we really hit the gym hard that morning. My legs were literally dead and trying to ride a bike was horrible. We had district meeting as well.  I’m happy we didn't see any clowns on Thursday because my legs were so tired I would have not been able to ride my bike fast enough to get away. Rumor is that President Jardine is going to keep us inside for the night of Halloween because of the clown threats. 

We had the annual inspection by our apartment manager on Friday. It was one female lady going around doing inspections and she just opened our door and walked in our apartment because she has the keys to open it. So a rule for missionaries is that we can’t be in a house with someone of the opposite sex without another priesthood holder.   Well all of us missionaries were casually studying until we saw her walk in and we just ran out of the apartment as fast as we could!! The lady was so confused on why there was such a rush. It was hilarious!! After the inspection she tried to show us two small things that needed to be changed and tried to show us in the apartment but we all refused to walk back in the door. She was so confused why we had such strange rules. No wonder people think Mormons are crazy.   The two things we had to fix are 1. A bunk bed was blocking a window so it was a fire hazard in case fire man had to come in through that window. We spent like two hours taking down the bunk beds to move it into a new room. And 2. Was to "increase the airflow of the apartment" A.K.A we smell like teenage boys all living together in a small apartment. She was so nice about it but I was dying laughing. 

I had another chance to go on exchanges and dang let me tell you i haven't been this mad at someone in awhile.   The whole exchange the Elder was trying to show his "dominance" over me since I was new. Well since all of you know me....I don't like to be bossed around and when it comes to "competitions" to see who is better...I PLAY TO WIN! First of all we have the thingy in our car that tells the Office how our driving is and the Elder kept undoing my seatbelt on the freeway so I got two "citations"   Lucky for me the AP Elder was in our apartment also on exchanges. I told him what was going on and we had a little council meeting! My citations were cleared thankfully. It was awesome, let me tell ya!   I haven't had a problem with him since😊😊😊 no one pushes Elder Nelson around! sorry not sorry😊 

I was so happy once exchanges were over!!!

I was able to go to a couple of baptisms in our district which was a crazy experience. One person who was getting baptized was an older lady. She was in a wheelchair and it was kinda cool to see how they baptize people in wheelchairs.

The senior couple missionaries took my companion and I out to dinner at BJ's and it was a good dinner. Apparently it was Homecoming night that night so there was a lot of high schoolers there for dinner. Well us as missionaries fit in nicely but many people looked so confused when the older couples were there dressed up. We got a lot of weird looks.

Sunday we went to sacrament meeting and none of our investigators showed up again which sucked but oh well. We met in ward council with all the important people and talked about the 160 inactive people in our ward. It’s awesome for us missionaries because the leaders find the people they want us to see and we see them. I feel like we have the easy part of that exchange. We went to a house of a youth in our ward and he opened his mission call! It was awesome to see his family go crazy when he got called to the Philippines because they have Philippine background.

I also had a training course/assessment I was supposed to fill out on the computer last week so my trainer and I got in trouble for not doing that which was so dumb. It’s ok though.  I took the test and I was in the green zone. They have different "zones" to classify how someone is feeling: green is happy, yellow is anxious, orange is mad/upset, red is ready to start backing your bags. My companion and I joke around all the time we are in the red zone and it’s the best inside joke ever!! 

The APs say that I’m emotionally doing better than the other new missionaries.  I feel bad they are having a hard time. Hopefully the next two weeks or so ill be sending you pictures on my first baptism😎

Elder Nelson

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