Tuesday, October 4, 2016

We ate at a members home on Wednesday and they are super cool and super nice. But my worst most horrible, nightmare, dumb, scary, terrible, frightening, fear ever happened while I was eating.  Almost at the same time at the dinner table the dad and the mom pulled out what I think was their diabetes shots, I don't care what it was honestly, but they put their shots ready and the mom aggressively put the shot in her arm and continued with the conversation like nothing happened!! Then the dad aggressively put the shot in his leg and continued like nothing happened.  At the dinner table they did that. HOW DO YOU CASUALLY DO THAT??? I wanted to pass out so bad at the dinner table I seriously felt like I was white as a ghost. 

Other than that....The days are just getting better! I have just been tired throughout the days and I have been trying to sleep more often. My First miracle on my mission was with the spirit and I was thinking I needed to turn on a road and it was the completely wrong road but I swear I saw the GPS telling me to turn.  Well by the time we were able to turn around and find the house we were going to it just so happened that we meet Scott our investigator in his driveway right as he pulled up. We taught him the restoration and the lesson was so good he took everything in like a sponge. Also it was an answer to my prayers because I have been asking to be able to start from Stage 1 with an investigator instead of meeting with old investigators being in the middle of the lessons and not understanding anything what they know. 

Coming into my mission I thought that this was going to be horrible and hard and that I would get homesick and want to go home.  Really everyone back at home gave me false expectations. Everyone lied to me!!! J  I love it out here I'm literally pumped with spiritual motivation even though my body is so tired it doesn't want to move. Every day I get back to the apartment and just look back on the day and can see how blessed the day was or how perfect somethings worked out.

We helped one of our investigators with service project which was sorting 25+ bags of mixed up cans and bottles at the recycle station. Helping her out was really awesome and the spirit after is amazing.

Sunday we were headed to dinner and we stopped by some old man because it looked like he was having a hard time walking. It turns out this guy got in a fight with his wife at a care home and threw a fit and left the care home and walked  3 miles to this park. He had 4 fracture vertebrae, a jacked up knee that could pop out of place and a pace maker.  He also was recently diagnosed with pneumonia. Anyways we walked and talked with him for like 45 minutes trying to walk him back to the care home. About 6 or 7 times he stopped walking and it looked like he was going to fall over dead, it was scary.  He went to the Christian Assembly church and we had a fun time bible bashing and talking. After those 45 minutes his wife come driving up in a car with a care person yelling at him to get in the car.   They were so happy we were able to keep this man alive. We arrived late but we ate the Kingston family and it turns out that he was Brock's YSA bishop while Brock was there. He thought it was super awesome I was able to catch him up with what Brock was doing and where he was living. They were a cool family all about sports and it was fun to finally really connect with a family. 

Oh and also like 20 minutes ago we were washing our car because it's Pday and my companion opened the door in the car wash! Hahah!
Watch the Mormon missionary version of hello by Adele. I thought it was hilarious and so accurate. 

Elder Nelson


  1. Awesome.. Thanks for sharing. We love you Elder Nelson.

  2. Awesome.. Thanks for sharing. We love you Elder Nelson.

  3. Wow! Cant express the feeling of the spirit reading this. I am so proud of him. And i cqnt wait to share this with my boys, to get them excited for their missions!