Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First bike crash!

Last P-Day we went to the mall with our whole zone. I bet everyone was wondering what was happening because it was like a Mormon Missionary invasion! We always go to this store that has massage chairs that you can try for free! It was such a blessing to be able to get a full body massage! I had to go to Bath&Body Works to get some cologne and lotion because I ran out. I had no idea what to get but lucky for me I had some chicas come over and help me out. They helped me pick some bomb stuff! Of course, I wasn't flirting! I remember what President Henneman said! I just needed some female advice, that’s all! I smell wonderful just in case you were wondering!

We played four hours of basketball with some college players at the church! Four hours was too long and I felt so out of shape. It was fun to actually play with some better competition! We got back to the apartment and crashed so hard, we were so tired! 

This week I had a day that was the worst day on the mission! It wasn't even that bad it just was a long hard day. Satan was testing me! I was super tired and Elder Henderson and I were riding our bikes together, like always. We were laughing and talking about something.  All I remember is looking at him and then crashing into two garbage cans!!! Everything was in slow motion after that and I did a flip in the air while my bike flew the other direction landing under the garbage cans! That was a great way to wake me up and start the day! I didn't have one scratch. I landed on my feet and my bike was easy to fix. The bike just had crooked handle bars!

One thing I learned this week. I will have to be able to endure for some parts of my mission. There will be time where I will just have to truck through! I’m happy I learned it early! 

We have had some crazy awesome lessons with some people! We went to two nine year olds houses who we have been teaching and we taught with Oreos. The Oreos were like US going through the Plan of Salvation! The cream is our spirits in the Pre-Earth Life, we came to Earth to get our bodies or half of the cookie. Then we die and our cream and half the cookie are separated. When we get resurrected our bodies and spirits come back together but this time we have both cookies and cream, having a perfect body or the whole cookie. This gave the kids a lot of sugar sooooooo to get rid of the sugar we made dance videos with them after the lessons and they are hilarious!

We will be having more baptisms but probably not until after Christmas time! We have two people on date for the 31 of December! It is kinda far away but it is God timing for them! This area since working here has had a lot of hit and misses! Some days we will see no one and other days we will see everyone and not have enough time to teach everything in a lesson! It is such a blessing to be busy all the time because this mission would be harder if I had nothing to do! 

We were able to take a 17 year old out with us from our Ward. It was his first time out and he was so nervous.  We were super nice to him and explained the game plan for every house and every lesson! We taught a couple Restoration lessons and just asked him to bear his testimony on the Book of Mormon! When we took him home, he told us he was nervous for no reason and that mission work is easy! We told him to keep that attitude when he gets in the mission field because it’s not easy work at all!

We had dinner at our Bishops house and his family is hilarious! Laughing is contagious and I think everyone at the dinner table was crying! That was a fun night to be able to bond with that family. We had the chance to have the Bishop come out with us to a couple of less active members house! Oh my goodness let me tell ya the Bishop coming out with us makes everyone so nice to us and they even let us inside their homes! Mind Blowing! People were totally wanting to come back to church. It was awesome to have him come with us we have an amazing Bishop in this ward! 

I officially have put on 10 pounds on my mission! From what I can tell I am not getting fat. So, I hope this is a good sign that its muscle and not chub. I’m hoping I can stay consistent with working out so I don't get fat! 

I saw a Rex Moore Truck and took a picture of it! We caught a couple of mice at that Hay Service we always do and fed them to the cat on the farm there! That was funny to see that happen! Rumor is that the Office is going to start holding packages and letters until Christmas so we will have a lot of "presents" to open on Christmas Day! So, if I don't get your letters or packages and respond back that’s why!
 I’m still having too much fun out here to be calling it work! I hope it always is like this for the next two years because it makes time fly! It’s crazy to think today is already Monday! We have 6 meals planned out for Thanksgiving...I’m going to be soo fat!

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