Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving in the field!

We had another destroy our body workout on Monday! We ran two miles on the track at ARC in the morning. We played three hours of basketball! Playing basketball is the best way for me to clear my mind and just forget about everything else! I'm so happy we can play it every week!

Also on Mondays our new thing is we go the old peoples home and teach a lesson for Family Home Evening. There are actually a lot of nonmembers that show up so it is super beneficial. The only problem is that they are not really energetic to make the lessons fun and they usually fall asleep on us. 

We had a chance to organize our apartment and also our area book! Our apartment has been able to stay super clean this transfer. The inspectors had nothing bad to say about how we are treating the apartment. We also were able to delete some people and found some people that hopefully could become potential investigators. It is nice to be able to know everyone in your whole area book. 

We did exchanges again this week and I finally was got to leave my area and go into North Highlands ward with Elder Field. It was nice to get a change of scenery just for a day! We were able to meet some super cool people and passed out 5 Book of Mormons in the 24 hours. The lessons that we were able to teach were bomb. Teaching good lessons like that really helped boost my confidence and helps reassure me that I know what I'm talking about. Elder Field and I had so much fun during the exchange. We laughed for probably 80% of it. After our companionship study in the morning we kneeled down to say the prayer and ended up just laughing. No one could say the prayer. We weren't even laughing at anything specific, just laughing for no reason. Literal tears of laughter for no reason!

We went to a Family who has an 18-year-old who leaving for his mission on November 30th. We helped him learn the lessons and had him do some role play teaching with us. He did a pretty good job teaching. He is serving in the Philippines and will learn some crazy language that I don't know how to spell. 

Harry is an 83-year-old man who loves to take the missionaries out to eat. We went to lunch/dinner with him to the Black Bear Diner and told us to literally get anything on the menu that we wanted. He told us that Spaghetti and Pizza has to get boring so he was nice enough to let us order anything. My companion and I were talking about what we should get and just small talking really and Harry told us to order our own food and not tell the other missionary what to get! He is funny! After we ate our first plates of food he told us we weren't full (¿¿like he could knew??) and made us order a second plate! We felt like we were going pop! After the second plate, we told him we were so full we couldn't walk to the car butttttt noooooo, he ordered a whole pie for just us! We ate the pie and crawled to the car! Talk about the worst food coma ever! Oh, did I forget to tell you this was the night before Thanksgiving! Just wait I get fatter! 

¡Thanksgiving day!  I skipped out on breakfast because I was still full from the night before! We ate at the first home at 12 and they made a ton of food! The turkey we super good and they had some good desserts. I still am not a fan of desserts really so my companion ate most of mine! I was definitely put back into my food coma from the night before. After we ate there, we went over the 2nd Family at 2pm. They had more food than the first house! They had some bomb rolls and mashed tatters. They also had dessert that us missionaries are required to eat so we shoved the dessert down the best we could. Literally I felt like I was die I felt so full. By the time we finished our food there, it was time to go the Bishops house for Dinner! Well hey guess what they made a ton of food because Elders are teenage boys who can eat food like a bottomless pit so they made smoked ribs, turkey, and tri-tip. I love the smell and taste of those meats but when I walked in the house I was not enjoying it! Just the smell of it made me more full than before. I ended eating probably more at the Bishops house than any other house because the ribs were so good. We had one more dinner to go to at 7 and we had to call and tell them in advance and say that we have already been fed three times that day and that we couldn't eat any more food. They were actually ok with that because they were throwing a huge party at the church and there wasn't much food left! Perfect! This party had a lot of non-members there so that means we were allowed to join in the activities! Awww yeah best believe that one of the activities was basketball! I was so fat to actually run around so I just shot 3s! We got to talk to some amazing people and about coming to church as well. When we got back to the apartment we fell on the floor and just let our food comas take over!

We actually decided to walk around from appointment to appointment to help burn some fat off of us! We spent like three hours walking around Del Paso Heights talking to people! It is a lot easier to serve people when you walk! It was cool! Even though my legs were sore and I didn't want to walk we had positive contacts with people. We also went to the Mall because it’s in our zone and did proselyting there. It was super beneficial because everyone was there for Black Friday Shopping and we were able to talk to a million people! It was such a bomb day I loved it! 

I finished the New Testament and started D&C now! It’s so cool to learn about all of this. I love learning about the gospel!

We have some super awesome people we are teaching and I am excited to see what will happen in this following month. We have been working hard and God is starting to really bless us for our efforts! I'm really hoping for some good things! I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with the Fam! Having the Holiday season without family has made me miss family more than ever on my mission but I'm doing fine.

Transfers are on Dec. 10 so my companion might change.

The man the myth the legend 
Elder Nelly🏀

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