Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This week was crazy I feel like all the days are just blending together now! I have no idea what day it is during the week or what time it is or anything! Sometimes i forget I'm in California! Seeing, talking, helping, and addressing people's concerns out here has become such a habit i lose track of everything! I love the mission and what it has to offer me and I'm grateful that i have a chance to serve it back! We have been able to help out the rest of our district more than usual this week! Since transfers have got two new Elders in our district and they are struggling.  But its ok because both of us are able to help them find people and teach and help them street contact people! We will help them grow the most we can! 

This week i woke up one morning and just felt exhausted and unmotivated! I felt like just curling into a ball and just napping all day! I remembered that when times get hard i just need to put on a 'fake' happy attitude and just do all the little things throughout the day and the Lord will bless me! I was doing my morning personal studies when i came across John 15:12 which says "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you." Right after personal study i decided that for companionship study we should sing "Im Trying to Be Like Jesus." And the spirit i felt from that totally gave me the inspiration to go throughout the rest of the day it was awesome! I may have cried or i might not have! My companion didn't see it so there are no witnesses!

I had the most amazing, awesome, wonderful, completely breath taking experience with a super cool young member family we ate dinner with!  THEY TOOK US OUT TO CHEVYS!!!!! We at the Chevys on Garden Highway and ate outside next to the Sacramento River! It was beautiful! For those of you who don't know what Chevy's is, it is the Nelson Family's Favorite place to eat in California! We go there every time we visit California. I felt so fat that night! I was in heaven! The general manager also was a member and paid for our entire meal which was such a blessing!!! 

We had a day this week (Friday nights because no one is ever home) where everything we had planned seemed to fall through! No one was home or no one would answer their doors.  We were biking around the beautiful ghetto area of Del Paso Heights when we saw one of our members and stopped to talk to her! We asked her if she knew anyone in the area who would be willing to hear a message about Jesus Christ. She referred to us one of her neighbors! This neighbor invited us in and we taught the Restoration and have her a Book of Mormon and she came to church! We reported back go to the member about what happened and asked again if she knew anyone else! She referred us to the other neighbor. We taught the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon but they didn't come to church! We spent about three hours between these two house sharing the gospel! This member had the "magic touch" so we asked for more people and she told us she would let us know if she knew anyone else! A bad day quickly turned into a good day! It was awesome! 

We had the chance to attend a Stake Priesthood Meeting that President Jardine asked us to attend because he was giving a talk. He talked about the importance of Hastening the Work the opportunities that come from online proselyting! He asked my companion and me to sit on the stand with him! We shared one experience each about what we have been able to do to spread the gospel while being online! It wasn't scary to talk in front of the whole stake it was more scary to have President Jardine right behind me! Cool, Calm and Confident has become my new line out here on the mission! Its Elder Nelly's new motto! It has helped me so much! 

We taught every lesson at church on Sunday it was crazy! We taught Gospel Principles which is normal because we don't have an active ward mission leader.  And we also taught the Elders Quorum! The Elder's Quorum lesson was bomb we taught using Oreos about Member Missionaries. We gave everyone a Oreo and asked everyone what their favorite Oreo was and why it was their favorite?  Why they were excited when they heard we had Oreos? Why they haven't eaten the Oreo? Was the Oreo good enough to recommend to a friend? What has been stopping them from helping their friends find out how great the Oreos are? The analogy is that the Oreo is the gospel! The gospel is the anchor of our life and tastes so good or brings us happiness! As we eat Oreos or strengthen our testimony it makes us full or spiritually full! If something has such a great and wonderful part of our lives we should tell other people to eat the Oreo or about the gospel! Helping other people partake of the Oreo or to come to church or read the Book of Mormon it will help people become full or spiritually full! It was a super awesome analogy!

Oh, i guess i forgot to share that i HAD MY FIRST CONVERT BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!!! Sorry i had to save the best for last! It was a part member family who had an unbaptized 9 year old son. We have been able to teach him so many great lessons! His grandfather baptized him and confirmed him! It was the first convert baptism in the Natomas 1st Ward for five years! It was such a spiritual up lift and gave me some new motivation to work harder! The impact that the baptism has had on the family has been huge! The father wants to become more active and has asked us to help remind him to get to church! I didn't baptize him, or confirm for the first time, but the first baptism experience was indescribable! So happy to be able to make an impact on the Ward!

The mission work is great because the work is true! 

Elder Nelson😎

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