Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Transfer Week Nov 7, 2016

It was transfer week so that means P-Day is on Tuesday! So, no I did not forget to email you peeps! This week has been a crazy one. Oh, I guess first Elder Henderson and I are still together for another transfer so I am happy!

We have so much fun together! We decided that we were going to make a video for every lesson we can teach and I’ll make sure to send those home! Our videos are bomb! But I’m being humble when I say bomb.....anyway....the mission is still awesome. I have zero complaints! The mission has been such a blessing in my life and I want to thank everyone who has been in my life and played a part in helping me to get here! Especially my mom and grandpa!

We found a hilarious looking tree (like street art) at a park and it is hilarious what we did with it! I will send the pic attached to this email. One thing that has blown my mind out here on the mission is how crazy some people are! Not in a bad way. Just people have such different backgrounds and different ways of looking at things. That amazing part is that everyone has the same view on religion though! Everyone that I have met wants "this and that in their church they go to, and this specific ordinance because Christ did it this way in the Bible".  It’s awesome to tell people that, that is how our church is run and that Christ truly is the one who runs the church through his Prophets.

We had a member go out with us named Seth! He is a recent convert and this dude is an animal! He and I talked about cars and his vision of opening up his own Composite car detailing/designing shop and I loved it! I think Elder Henderson thought I was the biggest nerd ever but hey I don't care! 

We had one day that felt like it was just service project after service project! Well first I should tell you that I can’t complain because our zone leaders invited us to pray for service opportunities and BOY were our prayers ANSWERED!

We first helped the zone leaders move out a part member family load up their truck who was moving to like San Fran or something like that. It took like 2 hours so it wasn't bad at all. We then went to the Farm we go to about every two weeks to lift the 160 hay bales that weigh about 120 pounds each. That took about 2 hours as well! I don't know if I had shared that service with you yet.  After that we went to a single mothers’ house to help her put some desk/tables together for her kids. While I was putting together one of desks I thought I heard some scratching sounds! And Awww yeahhh the Pest Control work paid off! Good ole Elder Nelson found that they had a little mice problem and was able to place some traps! I was actually super pumped to be able to climb up in the attic and look around.

Then we had a new family move in from Utah so we helped them unload their truck! Service opportunities were coming at us like crazy! Prayers were answered just next time we will have to be more careful with what we ask for. 

We planned another Blitz and picked up the other Elders from their areas. When we were heading west on the freeway traffic was horrible on the freeway and they had cement barriers up for the road construction. There was no way to get off the freeway because of the construction and traffic was so bad that we sat on the freeway for 2 and half hours. This whole story just gets worse! We all had to use the bathroom. We eventually found a port-a-potty on the side of the freeway and used that. All 6 Elders were crammed into a tiny Corolla car. When we came to a stop on the freeway we got out and asked some cars what was happening and I guess there was a car crash. Slowly but surely we were being pushed out of our mission boundaries because construction wouldn't let us and the police controlling traffic wouldn't let us turn around. We called our Mission President and told him what was happening and how we are being pushed out of our mission!

Well ends up our Mission President was just like 4 cars in front of us because he was driving missionaries to the airport so they could go home. We actually got approval to leave the mission and just turn around whenever we could! That blitz was the worst blitz I have ever done! 

We will have our first baptism this Saturday and I'm super excited! Levi is a 9 year old kid who loves airplanes and is excited to get baptized! I’m not doing the actually baptizing, his grandpa will. But it is a convert baptism so we will be going! Planning for a baptism is kind of crazy and hard to set up! We are still lacking a Ward Mission Leader and so we have to do a lot of extra work. Remember when I was home and I would say "I have to do everything".  Well, God prepared me pretty good!

Elder Henderson wants me to learn and so he has me do more to help me figure out the ropes. He still helps when I need it and doesn't make me literally do everything!

We had a chance to help out at the Care Free Center that we have a lot of members staying in! That same Care home where we got yelled at for "proselyting" a couple of weeks ago. We helped this 92-year-old couple put up a pretty fancy bed! It’s one of the cool beds that raises and lowers to help you sleep better! The whole time we were putting up the bed they bragged about how healthy they were for being 92 years old! It was honestly the funniest thing I have heard old people talk about!

That’s about it!

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