Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Another week that seems to go by super fast! I guess it was a day shorter than normal because transfers were last week. My companion and I are getting along and there are great things happening in the Natomas 1st Ward. 

We met with a family who has been trying to get there son more involved with God. We gave the kid a Book of Mormon and a Bible and told him to read it and pray to know if God is there and if the things that you read are true. Well...next time we stopped by that house the whole family sat down in our lesson and we ended up giving Book of Mormons to every family member. The family expressed their interest in being baptized "Christian." We explained the importance of the Restoration and how they have found the true church! No baptismal dates yet for the family!

The bishop asked our new Ward Mission Leader and us to put together a Ward Mission Plan.  My companion and I made one up ourselves in companionship study and we presented it to the Ward Council and they all loved it! We will make a final draft and send it to all the the Auxiliaries. It was not easy putting a Ward Mission Plan.

We had the chance to set a Zone Vision for the Zone. A Zone Vision is like a motto/slogan that the Zone can remember to evaluate themselves and help them stay on purpose. Good ole Elder Nelson came up with ‘Diligent Determined Disciples Diminish Darkness’! It goes along with #lighttheworld too! Everyone was like "i second that" and setting the Zone Vision took like 3 minutes! Usually it takes about 30 minutes! Im thankful for all the Rap i listened to before my mission because it helped me think of that Zone Vision and make if flow!

Elder Ravsten had a New Leadership Meeting on Thursday because this is his first time being a District Leader, so i was with the Zone Leaders for about two hours. It was raining super hard outside so it was actually a blessing being able to be in the car with them and use their miles for my appointments with investigators. It was a good two hours for me!

After we picked up Elder Ravsten we had a member come out with us for a couple more lessons.  He stayed out with us for three hours! It was so cool! We avoided the rain again and our investigators actually were involved in our lessons because it wasn't just the missionaries talking. He dropped us off at our dinner appointment  where the member wanted to go out with us to see investigators as well. Our members came in clutch that day! Our investigators were happy it wasn't just the missionaries. 

On Friday on our way to District meeting there was a huge car crash! One car was flipped upside down, another car completely destroyed and the last car on fire! Well traffic was horrible and we were late to getting to District Meeting. Lucky for me, my companion is the District Leader so we technically didn't get in trouble for being late. Elder Howland had to go to the doctors so we picked up Elder Haywood and we had a tripanionship for a little bit! We stayed in Foothills area for about three hours and it was not very productive. I feel bad for the missionaries there. They don't have very many people to teach! We ate dinner at a members home that is full of four little girls. It was a long and crazy night at the house but the food was good! 

We had our Ward Christmas Party on Saturday and a sister was in charge. She is an event planner and she made the gym in the church look so good. The whole gym looked like the town of Bethlehem and members of the ward reenacted the Nativity. It was super cool and spiritual. Right after the party the whole ward came over to John's baptism! John's baptism was amazing and i was able to do the actual ordinance which was in front of the whole ward...my district leader(or companion)....the Zone Leaders.....Elder Henderson came for the baptism so my Trainer....the Assistant to the President came because they were on exchanges with Elder Henderson and his companion....oh and President and Sister Jardine. The whole line of authority was there! So no pressure right??? Well i didn't mess up! After the ordinance John and I went back to change and he was pumped! He said he felt so good and was so happy! It was an awesome experience for him be able to glow and enjoy his big day! No Sacramento basketball players came because they had a game!

On Sunday i had the chance to confirm John a member of the church and give him the Holy Ghost! Confirmations have become my favorite thing to do on a mission! The spirit is so strong and every time i finish i have no idea what i said. All i know is that i feel good and that the spirit was doing the real talking.

Love Elder Nelson

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