Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 13- Another crazy week!

Last Monday the AP's finally came up to North Sac to play ball with us.  They were good at basketball and they said they have gone around the mission and beat every companionship. Until they played Elder Nelly of course. We schooled them! After we beat them they were so mad they just packed their stuff and left. Umm sorry? My companion was amped out of his mind and laughed when they left. I think they might hate us but hey it was just a game of basketball! 

Every Monday night we have FHE at a care home with members and a few nonmembers. We shared the new Christmas Initiative video and by the end of it they were all asleep. It is only two minutes long- we were like -what? I think if the video was any longer though me and my companion would have fell asleep because we were exhausted. 

We did two exchanges this week and that made the week fly by. It’s crazy to think it is December and I left in September! Anyways I was with an Elder from Holiday Utah in the Foothills Ward. This Elder is crazy. He said some things to people that I literally thought we were going to have to fight someone to get home. For example, we were riding our bikes down the road and some guy yelled at us and the Elder turned his bike around and asked him why he was talking like that.  He ended up following us for about 30 minutes. Luckily nothing happened.

This same Elder and I went to an investigators house that they have been going to for a while. Well half way through the Plan of Salvation lesson I found out that this investigator was a member! Are you kidding me?  I was so confused. We probably got nothing done in that area but I learned an important lesson. We, as missionaries, are out fishing but our fishing lines were not in the water and because the lines weren't in the water we could not catch any fish. The activities throughout the day need to be meaningful and positive. 

We had two days this week, Wednesday and Friday, were we did service at the Food Bank that our Zone Leaders signed the zone up for. The shifts we did were three house long. I literally thought I was becoming a piece of canned food! The best part of sorting cans was there was music being played so I could dance while I sorted food! Sorting cans got old fast but we organized half a ton of food. That is what the manager told us after Friday. I'm glad that I could help out those that are less fortunate.

On Friday night, we went to a single mother and her four kids house to help them with service. We put their Christmas lights and afterwards we tried to share a quick message but we literally were attacked by the kids. We were the playground for the kids. They jumped on our backs, threw things at us, and almost stole out iPads and ties. It was straight mayhem. The kids climbing on us was so against the Handbook rules because we aren't supposed to be playing with or carry kids but we didn't have a choice. Even the mom couldn't keep them off of us! Missionary work is so fun! I literally love being a missionary!

On Thursday, we did service all day! December 1st was the start of the #lighttheworld and we have something planned for each day to help serve those around us. I met this kid named Angelo Thursday night out at dinner with a member. Angelo was a 12-year-old kid who was selling candy bars as a job to help him stay off the streets and away from drugs. He was a super nice kid and he was freezing. He didn't have a sweatshirt and he had shorts on. I invited him into Chipotle with our member so he didn't have to freeze outside. We got our food and Angelo just sat at the table trying to get warm. I asked him if he was hungry and he said he was starving because he doesn't get food until his boss comes to pick him up after he sells his candy bars. 

I gave him a $20 bill and told him to go get whatever he wanted on the menu. While he was in line I ran out to the car and grabbed my sweatshirt and gave it to him! I felt so bad for the kid. I got many compliments from people at Chipotle for helping. I wasn't seeking praises but I'm glad I could be an example to them. After dinner, my companion and I sat in our car and I just started bawling because we felt so bad. I’m so grateful for light I was able to share with Angelo and with those people who were watching me spend money on this random kid. I actually bore my testimony on Sunday about this experience and just how much love God has for each one of us. 

The other exchange I went on was with an Elder from Texas. I feel like I complain a lot about the missionaries I exchanges with but holy smokes this Elder was off his rocker. He walked into our room in our apartment and literally emptied his whole bag right in front of the door and just left it on the floor. The entire exchange he was mad at me that I write letters/emails to family and friends because as missionaries "we are supposed to leave all personal affairs." He told me I was not being a representative of Jesus Christ because I would dance and sing when I cooked my food and would joke around during the day. He said Jesus Christ would not "sing and dance like a fool while cooking food" Talk about ruining the fun. I just let him say what he wants and was so good to be patient and not talk back or say anything negative to him. It was a long 24 hours but I survived and was happy to say I didn't cause any contention. I was proud of myself! I learned an important lesson and that lesson was that not everyone sees eye to eye or is enjoyable to be around but every missionary is here on a mission for the same reason. I’m sad that he said he hasn't enjoyed his mission but it is because he refuses to have fun because he thinks it is not how missionaries should act. 

We found out the Zone Leaders were teaching an investigator in our area and we stole him back. This investigator is sooo cool though. You won’t believe me when I say what he does but I'm telling you anyways. His name is John and he is a barber. He is a barber for some of the player for the Sacramento Kings. He cuts Willie Callen-Stein, Ben Macklemore, and Darren Collision hair. John told us that for his baptism that he was going to invite the Kings players to his service. If the Sacramento Kings players come to the baptism I'm going to freak out like no other. December still has some super awesome events that are going to happen. We will have three baptisms maybe four if we continue to work hard! I’m sooo pumped!!!!

Our investigator John came to church and fast and testimony meeting was 100% for him. We had a very quiet member, walk up to the podium and said that he hates talking about religion and the fact he was bearing his testimony was a miracle. He was super prompted by the spirit to share his conversion story which his story just happened to match John's life perfectly. John was glued to the testimony and I know for a fact that he felt the spirit. I’m excited for John and what his baptism will bring him. 

Transfer calls are Saturday and Transfers are Monday so next P-Day will be on Tuesday! I will officially be done with my training and so Elder Henderson and I think we are going to be split up! I am excited to get a new companion it will help me learn and grow. Just praying it’s no one that is absolutely crazy. 

I am doing #lighttheworld and for my light the world service: 
December 1st: I gave Angelo the coat and the money for food, put up Christmas lights
December 2nd: sent letters home to my parents
December 3rd: helped open the eyes to people about how the gospel blesses families
December 4th: went to church and bore my testimony
December 5th: I don't donate blood or else I would pass out so I gave up on that one! 😉

Elder Nelson

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