Monday, December 26, 2016

We went mini golfing last week! And let me tell you that it was the most competitive game of mini golf I have ever played. We had 8 missionaries all competing for that number one top mini golfer "trophy"! Of course, Elder Nelly killed it! I got first not to rub it in! I’m humble I promise. P-Day is seriously a “busy” day!  P-Days are becoming a struggle. 

We had the chance to go to the Temple!  It was a great experience to be able to go to the Temple. I loved it every second of it. I sat next to President Jardine for it too. After we did a temple session we ate lunch with the Elk Grove, El Dorado, and Sacramento Stakes. I was able to see Elder Rowland and he is doing great! He loves his mission and it was fun to be able to catch up with each other. I met Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson is the kid who played on Madison High School and made that last second tip in shot to beat Borah. I’ll send a picture of us. 

We ate dinner with the Zone Leaders at the restaurant that they chose.... they chose Chicken & Waffles. It was super good actually just a funky sounding restaurant. All of the music that Chick & Waffles played was music that I knew or could remember and so I was jammin out so hard. It was a blast! I miss listening to music but my mission has been way better! 

We made blankets for people in wheel chairs for a service project. We made about 50 in four hours. The blankets were small enough to fit on their laps and not get stuck on the wheels or the ground. They had little pockets as well in the blankets so when it was in there lap they could hold things. We dropped them off to the Care Free center and people loved them. 

We ate dinner with family from our ward. This member gets different cuts of meat for free from his father-in-law. He made us the biggest ribeye steak I have ever eaten in my life. It was heaven! I got sooo fat that night! Then the dad went out with us after dinner and we stopped by our recent converts house, Levi, and had a lesson on Christmas and had a short testimony meeting! It was one of the strongest and shortest spirits I have ever felt! It was super cool to be able to experience that. 

One day this week we had 50 potential investigators planned in! We saw so many people and had so many different conversations that my head hurt and I was exhausted afterwards. Talking to people is weirdly tiring. After 5 hours of talking to people I just need a short break. One of the Elders bike axle broke in the middle of the day so we had to drive all the way to North Highlands and pick him up to take them to a bike shop. Huge detour and used a lot of miles!

We also had the chance to go to the Mission Home and pick up presents! President Jardine had a "short" program for us before we were allowed to get the presents. It actually wasn't short it was more like an hour and a half long! All the missionaries were becoming impatient- it was hilarious! President was stalling on purpose! Trying to fit the presents in the car almost didn't work! It was a tight fit. Our tiny Corollas can't hold a lot of boxes. 

We watched Pete's Dragon on Christmas Eve! It was a pretty good movie but I feel like there have been better movies that have come out recently. Finding Dory was better than Pete's Dragon! We had popcorn and President made sure the lights stayed on in the High Council room because we have sister missionaries in our zone! It is a funky rule but makes sense! Tristan is all setup for his baptism on Thursday! He will be interviewed at 5pm tonight! 

Christmas Day was awesome! I got way more presents than I thought I was gonna get! Thanks for everyone who sent me a gift they were all awesome! Church was combined with the Natomas 2nd Ward! It was packed! It was an hour long sacrament meeting/singing performance! I really enjoyed it, it was spiritual for sure! Of course, I got to Skype with my family! The biggest surprise about the whole Skype was Cooper voice has dropped a little bit since I talked to him last! It was kind of freaky! I was grateful for the technology I have to be able to Skype my family and see them all cry ;) 

Another wonderful week! Missionary work is kicking my butt but I'm learning a ton!

Love Elder Nelson

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