Monday, September 18, 2017

Lots of exchanges!

Dear Family and friends,

This week was packed with exchanges. We did exchanges with Hmong, Marshallese and the Spanish Elders.

During the exchanges two of the elders were on their last exchange, I left them with the commitment to stay worthy of spiritual promptings and to use their time as wisely as possible. These two commitments were recently used but we felt like this would help them finish their mission on a good note.

The last exchange was with an Elder who has been struggling with finding joy in the work. The whole time I tried to help him recognize the joy in finding new investigators, good contacts, and solid lessons. We had a blast together and invited him to study diligence on PMG pg. 121! We will follow up with him on Thursday at District Meetings.

Elder Toki and I missed being with each other for the week but when we were together we got work done! We found 7 new solid investigators. We are hoping to put two of them on date this upcoming week!

The weather here in Sacramento has been amazing! The delta breeze is keeping everything cool to a nice 70-80 all day and its sweet! We drive everywhere with the windows down and man I miss being able to blast’s just blasting MoTab for now! Which is getting old I will be honest...I love the gospel but MoTab is old!

Anyways! I was exhausted this week because I felt like I was doing everything with all the missionaries coming into our area. We had Stake Conference yesterday. It was all about Family History and how we need to be doing this work for our deceased family members. It was good...still the same topic from the whole rest of the year but it was powerful. The second coming must be real close if all the focus in Family History because that will be most of the millennium. This next week Elder Toki and I will have three more exchanges..nothing will be slowing down for us!

I almost forgot to mention we did play Basketball this Thursday with all the college kids. They were super excited to have us come play that they brought even more people! They brought better players but that just made it more fun. According to the member, he says every talks about the cool Elders who we are hoping the messages we share will be more powerful now they trust us and think we are "cool"! So hopefully 20+ new investigators will be listed soon!

Love everyone and miss you!

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

More beat ya- teach ya!!

Hey Family!

This week was off the chain exhausting! We had three baptisms this week in the zone, we had district meetings and I felt like we ran a ton of errands this week! It’s true what President Jardine used to say...our assignment as Zone Leaders we really are just Zone Servants. I love the chance that I have to be in this spot though. I’m glad I can serve all these missionaries!

Elder Toki and I had a blast on Thursday! Thursday was official 1 year mark out on the mission. All I wanted to do to celebrate was play beat-ya-teach-ya! So, all Thursday night we went looking around for people to play! We played two high schoolers in the park, killed them and passed put 2 Book of Mormons. We went to another park played three on three with some older men maybe around mid 30s. Beat them and passed out three Book of Mormons.

We got a text from the Assistants saying we needed to update the people who are firm and on date for baptism...we kind of forgot to do that...we got to the church and saw that our firms list was already up to date so we didn't get in trouble. We did hear someone bouncing a basketball at the Seasons Building so we jumped up and ran to the gym. A member who is in college at Cal state was playing basketball waiting for the 20 friends he invited to show up. We waited maybe 15 minutes and 20+ kids from Cal state showed up to play basketball. We called first game and balled these kids up. Best competition I have had all mission. We won 11-1 and got a return appointment for next Thursday night. We told everyone next time we were going to start with a scripture and a prayer. They agreed so I am pumped for next Thursday. Hopefully we will get 20 new investigators!!!!!

Work around the mission has been crazy, last week we were at an all-time low finding only 64 new investigators. This week the mission doubled it finding 136 new investigators. It was awesome to see the transition. We have been coming up with ideas on how we can make finding easier and find creative ways to get people to listen to the gospel. As a Sacramento Zone, we will start a Finding Friday, where the whole Zone will go do a blitz or team-ups together for most of the day! I’m excited to see what happens with this new idea!

Our Fijian Ward Bishopric will start a fast this week to find new Fijian investigators. All the missionary work in the ward starts through the Bishop's priesthood keys so we are excited he is on board and ready to help us out!

I have been thinking back on this last year of the mission and wondering what things I can do to continually improve. The two things that came to mind was journal writing (writing more than just one page) and obtaining Christlike attributes. Trying my best to be more humble, patient, and kind to people. Luckily the Lord is on my side or that would be impossible for me. We have three exchanges this upcoming week so Elder Toki and I won’t be together for much of the week but I will still make the work fun, I always do! Mission life is treating me well.

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

1 year mark this week!!

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week was packed with meetings! We had Zone Conference with Elder and Sister Martinez of the 70! They focused a lot on obedience and the true teacher in lessons, the Spirit! It was amazing to hear their council and their humor. Both of them were hilarious! I have a story to share about what they said later in the email when we saw them in MLC!

Sadly, I was feeling horrible this week so I was out of commission for one day this week! I was really upset and mad that I had to be sick! I had a horrible headache and my body was just super I took some medicine and hung out with another sick Elder for the day. We were able to setup two blitzes in the sisters’ areas! We found a total of 15 new investigators between the two blitzes so they were very successful!

I love being a Zone Leader and being able to help out our missionaries and see miracles in other areas! It gets me pumped for proselyting. The best part about the week was this month’s MLC (Mission Leadership Council). Elder Toki and I were the first two missionaries to the MLC and right before the meeting we were able to visit with Elder and Sister Martinez. The first thing they said to both of us was not a "hi, I’m Elder Martinez nice to meet you, or hi, how are you Elders?" He said Elders "your ties are wonderful when you get home and get a wife you should match those ties with your wife's dress!  Now take that thought and cast it away, don’t think about that ever again until you are released as a missionary!" Hahaha - man they were funny people! Elder and Sister Martinez were able to attend that meeting with us and it was amazing how much revelation was flowing in the upstairs room of President and Sister Hymas house!

We got some great direction and a little bit of chastisement but that is expected as Leaders in the mission. Something all the Leaders will have to work on is correcting missionaries and making sure missionaries have a testimony of the rules! I guess there have been some problems with that going on in the mission! Elder Toki and I had the chance to eat dinner at the Cantillos home this week as well! It was amazing I love that family and I am sad that Nathan and I couldn't have spent more together through high school!

P-Day today was spent up in Serrano neighborhood in El Dorado Hills at Presidents house playing games and having friendly competitions! It was a blast to get the whole Zone out of Sacramento and into new grounds to enjoy our day off! Sadly, we weren't able to get in their massive pool they have..but we had lunch and had a ping-pong tournament! I did not win but if it was basketball we all know that outcome of that tournament! Anyways Elder Toki and I are still having a blast as companions and the members are now asking us if we knew each other before the mission because we seem like such close brothers. Hey this week is my one-year mark. I officially have served for half of my time! It went crazy fast! The mission is fantastic, now only if we can find someone to baptize!!

Your boy 

Elder Nelson

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Another transfer...

Wazzzup Family!

Transfers were this week, obviously, that’s why I am emailing on Tuesday! Elder Toki and I are staying together!!!! This is his last transfer so this will be the second companion I have that will be going home! Elder Toki will stay strong to end I have faith in him! Elder Henderson is officially home so my "mission family" is literally nonexistent. Just me now! The transfers changed every companionship in our Zone except Elder Toki and I! We are the only original two!

This week was nuts! During transfers, we had a companionship totally mess up what they were supposed to do. They drove half way up to the Mission Office and didn’t have everything they were supposed to take up! Long story short Elder Toki and I had to clear 2 hours of our day to go up to the Mission Office and back it was annoying! But we understand the sacrifices we need to make in order for us to help our missionaries so we repented for having hard hearts!

Elder Toki and I put together a Zone Gathering yesterday! We focused on the spirit and how the spirit is our joy on the mission! We really just tried to pump our missionaries up for this upcoming transfer! It was awesome! Elder Toki made a joke saying that summer was over because last Sunday night it felt super cool and nice.... he jinxed this last week so bad! This last week was hot! 100+ degrees every day! It was funny to see him just be sweating and us burning outside and him say "well summer is over..." We started a Missionary Book of Mormon reading! The whole mission will finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year! I’m excited to see what I can learn from that! 

We have a new trainee in our apartment with us now! Elder Evans from Centerville Utah! We will try our best not to scare him away but let him know missionary work can be fun! I am looking fresh in my new shoes! We played ball with Nathan Cantillo and Grant Bertagnini! They have become our mission homies! They come and proselyte with us during the week. Our Zone had 3 more baptisms this week and so we had the awesome opportunity to attend those! Our investigator pool has died this last week so this upcoming week we are hoping to find a lot more!

This week ahead will be busy with MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and a Zone Conference with Elder Martinez of the 70s is coming! We are excited for the new revelation we will receive and the guidance from our area Seventy! It will be an awesome week!

We had the chance to go to a Fijian wedding this week in Wilton! I jumped out of the car and told Elder Toki "wow there are a lot of white people here for this wedding I probably will know a family or two from when I lived here" right after I said that the Bush Family popped out of their car which was right next to us! It was very cool to see them again! Trevor is huge now!

Elder Nelson
Serving the best Mission right now!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Another baptism and seeing Bishop Hogge!

Dear Fam!

This week was a little slower than normal but another great one! Elder Toki and I are trying our best to get relationships booming with the youth. Ages 15-25 are the most influential times in a humans life! If we can make the gospel a priority in that time then they will be lifelong members. By the age of 30 most humans are on auto-pilot! They brush their teeth without thinking, drive without thinking, and eat without thinking! Involving the church into that auto-pilot system will change people forever! It will keep strong families and will bring great converts to the church! That has been the big focus of the’s hard and our numbers aren't that great but we are hoping the work will just explode!

We had a BAPTISM this week! Elder Pitcher and I found a 19 year old and taught him the first couple of lessons during exchanges. We had to refer him to the YSA missionaries but we were blessed to go to Elk Grove (Vintage Park Building) and witness his baptism! It was awesome and a great spirit was there! I had a blast seeing Bishop Hogge! He is an amazing man! Super humble and it was fun catching up with him! I will send pictures of the baptism!

We have lots of opposition this week! We a giant bolt in our tire and got a flat tire on our 2017 Corolla, on our way to the church (since we noticed the bolt) we also got rear ended.  Literally all in 10 minutes we got a flat tire and rear ended in a brand new car.  It doesnt even have 2000 miles on it! Our zone is kind of losing its fire right now so are we are stressing picking up the work and even working harder!

Missionary work is hard so we are supporting but asking for a lot! We are hoping a lot of miracles will happen this week with everything that happened this week! Thank you all for your support and emails!

Elder Nelson 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Still working hard!

Hey everyone,

The weeks are flying by I don't even know what day is what! This week was great though. We had Zone Conference this week. It was very powerful and all about the Book of Mormon and its role in bringing back Scattered Israel. Elder Toki and I gave a training on Wise Time Management and Key Indicators for Conversion (New Investigators, Investigators who attended Church, Investigators with a Baptismal Date and Baptisms). President Hymas came to our Training and said we did great! It was awesome to hear him say that!

Elder Hoskin and I had a chance to do exchanges! It was a blast! I was his last exchange on his mission-what an honor! This Saturday we had three baptisms in our Zone! It was awesome to see three people make the first step to getting back to their Father in Heaven. We lived at the church building that day but the Spirit was super strong! Elder Toki and I had the chance to eat dinner at the Gums house! It was amazing to see the family again and spend some time eating dinner! Elder Toki understands why I roast everyone now..because everyone in our family roasts each other. To be honest Elder Toki and I will probably be bros for the rest of our lives, we get along too well and it makes time fly by why to fast!

The Fijian Ward is slowly, week by week, getting stronger it is awesome! The members are so funny and the members feed us so well! It is a lot of Fijian Curry and white rice. Luckily the Gums family fed us some bomb ribs and chicken! Some regular super good food! We have been bringing out a lot of 18-year-old proselyting with us. There are two that leave on missions in the next month and a couple others at the end of the year! The Bertagnini Family who lives in Laguna 5th Ward apparently knows our Nelson family. They know dad and David Nelson! I think they say the Clinger Music School?

Anyways I destroyed my shoes playing basketball today sooooo sometime is will have buy new service/basketball shoes! I'm kinda mad because I have to wait until next week because I am emailing now and P-Day ends at 6pm. Life is great! The mission is great! I am having a blast! Our investigators are slowly falling away from being interested so we will be trying to find new ones this upcoming week! We have two more weeks and this transfer is over? How did it go so fast??

Love you family and friends

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Another busy but successful week!

Dear Fam and Friends

This week was now the fastest week on the mission! It’s because we did three exchanges this week! We had a Companionship of elders stay at our apartment all week because their A/C in their apartment blew up! We had six elders in the same apartment for a week straight so you know we got zero sleep!! It was a blast.  Every day we were up at 1am! Tuesday, we had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) where all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders meet with President and the Assistants! It was a cool experience, we have those the first of every month! We talked all about Good, Better, and Best and how the mission wants to focus on just the Best. Specifically making every activity the Best!

That MLC was the last time I will see Elder Henderson before he goes home! I am going to miss him! Tuesday night we went to Chevys! Heck Yeah! We went to the OG one on Laguna! It brought back good memories! After dinner, we went to the Assistants house for exchanges! This is the 4th transfer in a row doing exchanges with them because I was their District Leader last transfer! This time we stayed at the McKay House and we worked in their area (La Sierra Ward)! It was a great exchange nothing to fancy happened but I was able to learn a lot from the Assistants and I am excited to bring that back to the Sacramento Zone!

Elder Toki served in the Del Campo Ward before I served there and so on our way home we stopped by some families we wanted to say hi too! It seems like forever since I served in Del Campo! Thursday was the only day Elder Toki and I were together! We had District Meetings, Leadership Meeting, Weekly Planning and updated the Stake Progress numbers so we had zero proselyting time when we were together but we had one lesson!   The one lesson was super powerful! It was with our new Fijian Investigator Litia! She speaks Fijian and so we had a translator with us! This had to be one of the coolest miracle stories on the mission! We started teaching the Plan of Salvation and as we got about 2 principles in and shared one scripture and the spirit was super strong in the lesson! Once that strong spirit was in Litia, our investigator, who only speaks Fijian 100% understood us and 100% started speaking English to us! It was super cool! There was no need for an interpreter after that! Super cool! She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying about a baptismal date! She also accepted this upcoming Saturday to go on a Temple Tour. Lots of miracles!! 

When we got home that night from Thursday night to Friday night! Elder Anderson and I were together for that! He is from Guam! We biked around and found some interesting people on the streets! We helped a member names Grant with his Eagle Project! Apparently his mom knows like our whole family! So that was super cool! During the Eagle Project, I met David Latapus little sister! We both made the connection that we were in the Vineyard Ward together for a little bit but I didn't realize that it was David’s little sister! We painted the curbs red at Laguna Creek High School! I got paint all over myself, I was such a mess! 

Friday night to Saturday night we had our next exchange this time I was with Elder Chen from New York! This exchange was a super weird one! We started it with a 3-hour mulch service! I swear that mulch is following me around the mission! I just can’t seem to get away from it! Also, a lot of administrative stuff came up in the Zone and Elder Toki and I had to be together to fix some things! In the middle of the exchange Elder Toki and I had to sit at a computer for a couple of an hours to get some number stuff done! It was a giant pause on the exchange and our other missionaries just had to sit around and wait! Finally, Sunday Elder Toki and I were back together! We went to church and fasted! We got numbers done that night and rocked out to Mormon Music on the way home! It felt like a friendship reunion when we got together so we couldn't stop laughing! We sang super loud and it honestly reminded me of home! Late night drives just singing/screaming my guts out!

Monday (today) when I woke up I was dead tired! I couldn't open my eyes! All the hard work from that last week finally caught up to me! I feel sore and exhausted so nothing has changed which means I am happy and still working hard! I love the work!

Ok to answer some questions because I keep on forgetting to answer them! First, I live off South Land Park and Green Haven in the Ashford Apartments! The best part about being a Zone Leader! I get to serve more missionaries and help them stay focus and happy on the mission! Our Zone is straight on fire though! Everyone is getting along and motivated to work! There are 11 people on date so far for the month on August and our Zone has 7 of them!!! We are representing big time! Also as a whole mission we had the lowest numbers this last week but..the Sacramento Zone had the highest numbers for the Zone of the whole year. Funny how that works! The mission is at an all-time low but Sacramento Zone is at an all-time high! I love it! Elder Toki and I are still brothers! We feel like we are best friends and homies not just companions! It makes everything fun and wayyy more enjoyable! He has 2 months left so I am doing my best to keep him busy and focused!

I am doing awesome! Tired like always but happy and ready to work! Miss you all! Oh, also today is my 11-month mark! I am starting to forget about which day is which and when my "anniversaries" are! So yes 11 months but not really keep track anymore like I used to at the beginning of my mission! I have read the Book of Mormon 5 times, New Testament 3 and D&C twice in those 11 months! My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon is Alma chapter 19!   Because Ammon is a beast and great missionary and verse 22 he has so much faith in the Lord and doing the will of the Lord which such exactness that his enemies die right before him! What a gangster he is! I wanna be Ammon! Oh, and I also want to ripped like him too one day! I’m doing awesome!

Love the Idahoan missionary

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Another is good!


This week was great! Another super busy one and literally this was the fastest week on my mission! Elder Toki and I still have a blast! We got a brand new 2017 Corolla, which actually is pretty nice just its 0-60 mph in 9 years! We had a Fijian family super close to the Vintage Park building so of course I had to stop by! It was super weird! I stopped by our house on Chantal and Beitzel Elementary! The church building is the same as I remembered it! It was the best flashback in my life! We were walking around and walked passed the bishops offices to see Grandpa Pollmanns old office and Richard Landry was in his office! We had a good conversation just talking about life and how much life has changed! It was cool to catch up with him! I love serving in Elk Grove! It’s the best! We did a zone service project getting this whole backyard ready for a giant gazebo! Lots of missionaries came back and visited the mission! Some of them came running into our apartment which was kinda annoying! They messed with the whole zone and made everyone unfocused so that was super annoying!

We played “beat ya teach ya” at the park the other day and it was my first time we lost to some street scrubs!! I was mad but I still passed out 2 Book of Mormons though so it wasn't a complete loss! The work here is awesome! President Hymas and his wife spoke in the Fijian Ward and talked about how big missionary work will be in a few years! He promised great things to happen in the Fijian ward! That night we found a new Fijian investigator who wants to be BAPTIZED!! We are excited! Hopefully we can catch some momentum! I can’t remember to much of this week! It really was the fastest of my mission. I am doing well! The Fijian food is actually super good! My Fijian still sucks but I can say words here and there! I say them so much I will probably say them for the rest of my life I love it! Anyways I wish I was Poly but I'm not! So anyways life is good!  

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Elder Toki is a tricky one!


1st full week as a Zone Leader

Bula! E vakacava tiko na veika kece? (hello! how’s it going?!?!) that’s the only Fijian I was able to pick up this week! This was by far the busiest week on the mission! Elder Toki and I had to go to so many meetings! Let me explain! We had a New Leadership Meeting for me, meeting both the new bishops, we had a Food Bank Service, we had to Weekly Plan, we had to setup interview times for the missionaries and President, we had to setup a zone activity, we setup a progress report for the stake in Stake council, and to finish it off we had number for the whole zone! We proselyted maybe 5 hours this week! I just want to work and share the gospel not sit behind a computer!! Anyways I have loved being a Zone Leader I have been humbled even more! I have learned a lot about being an example and setting the bar even higher! Highlights of the week was definitely Sunday and meeting the new wards! We went to Sac 1st at 11am and that is an awesome ward! I will love my time here! Now if you remember the beginning of my mission I mentioned how much I love Polynesian people and culture! Well obviously, the Fijian islands are a part of that Polynesian culture AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! To be honest I can’t understand them when they speak Fijian but I'm picking up a little bit! Most of the people who speak Fijian are Methodist and Hindi! I pass out more Hindi Book of Mormons now than I do English! It’s crazy! We went to the Fijian Ward at 1pm! That Fijian ward is the only Fijian ward outside of Fiji!

Elder Toki and I had the awesome opportunity to bless the sacrament! Elder Toki almost tricked me, making me think that we had to bless it in Fijian but luckily, we did it in English! This week was awesome!

I look forward to being an instrument in the Lords hands and getting some baptisms, this transfer because Sacramento Zone is hot with baptisms right now! I’m praying I can be a worthy vessel to bring souls to Christ!

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Transferred and now a Zone Leader

Hey everyone!

This week was a crazy ride! Elder Kahle officially went home! I think I am just going to skip to the part everyone wants to hear! Ok TRANSFERS! I was transferred to the.... just kidding, first let me tell you about my week! Since Elder Kahle's group of missionaries left, Elder Anderson and I are still in a trio because one of our Zone Leaders left and he still needs a companion. So, it was Elder Anderson and Kenning and I for the whole weekend. We attended the baptismal services for the Zone and that was awesome! It’s been awhile since I have been to a baptismal service. On Sunday, we told our Ward about transfers and they were shocked. I don't know if they cared about what happened with transfers or not.  Anyways highlights of the week! Umm Elder Kahle went home he will be missed, ok honestly, I can’t remember anything that happened this week and I don’t have my journal in front of me to cheat and look! Ok- transfer calls were this Saturday and like usual Monday is the transfer day. So packed and got to the mission home! President Hymas phone call me to went a little like this..."Elder Nelson I want to let you know this call is from the Lord not from me and not from the Assistants, you have been called to be a Zone Leader in the Sacramento Zone, your companion is Elder Toki, you will cover the Fijian Ward (which is Sacramento and Elk Grove Zone) and Sac 1st East!" Booyah! Your missionary is off to Sacramento as a Zone Leader! See you later Carmichael Zone! I’m pumped! Elder Toki is a boss and we are determined to make this transfer amazing as well as have our Zone be on fire. Monday was our first day together and Elder Toki already had a Zone Training planned to get the Zone pumped! So yesterday I gave my first Zone Training and it was all about urgency! I’m excited good things are happening and new trials lay ahead! That’s all I can think about from this week was transfer calls!

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The work continues...


Dear Family and Friends,

For P-Day we did the usual and we hit up Jamie for some haircuts! It was great to see her of course! Nothing super special Monday until night time rolled around. We practiced as a zone our “If You Could Hie to Kolob and Improve The Shining Moment” mash up for our meeting with President Thursday. It was super boring and I'm not good at singing.  I think I will stick with basketball! Of the Assistant to the President, sat me down after the singing and told me some cool things. He talked about my progression as a missionary, he said he felt that I am one of the best missionaries out there even though I've been out for 10 months. To sum up our 25 minute discussion he told me he wanted me to take my "missionary level" to the next level! He said that we both know that I have a sky-high potential to be one of the best missionaries in the mission and he told me the same thing that President Jardine said that I would be in Leadership for the rest of my mission. He didn't want me to plateau. It was pretty cool to see and hear that from him and how he wants me to just explode as a missionary. It got me pumped and rekindled a fire in me to keep working hard and now even harder.

Tuesday and Fourth of July! We ate breakfast at our Ward Breakfast Party and Flag raising! We met an old member of Elder Kahles that took his bike home for him! We are all car now..or all walk..which ever! We got in a giant fight with our Zone Leaders because last month we had 700 miles, which is a perfect amount, and this month we only get 300! We literally just sent Elder Kahles bike we will be walking a lot! Hahaha! So dumb.  We got to watch zero fireworks because we had a Zone Training instead. It was dumb I wanted to celebrate my country's freedoms!

Wednesday was not very productive and not much happened. We were lucky enough to have some bomb recent converts who saved some fireworks for us to we could watch them. We actually got to celebrate the Fifth of July!

Thursday WAS THE BIG DAY WE MET PRESIDENT AND SISTER HYMAS!! They are straight awesome! They are so hyped and so ready to work and so ready to just baptize the whole City of Sacramento! It’s awesome their fire was super contagious. I’m super pumped to be able to work with the new President! President Hymas has to be one of the top most super chill dudes! Very laid back but very straight forward, I feel like we will get along great! We had to pick up a loaner bike for Elder Kahle because we lost so many miles on the car....we still all refuse to bike though! We feel ripped off with having a full car for one month and then the next having to bike so we kinda are boycotting the bikes!   One of the Zone Leaders, was sick and so he asked that I stay with him while my companions went out with his companion...that night I read the whole book of 1 Nephi and made a goal to read the whole Book of Mormon in a week! So, everyone keep me accountable to my goal of reading the whole Book of Mormon in a week! 

Friday the highlight was 5 of our investigators have finally cracked open the Book of Mormon. It all seem to happen at once! A couple of them want us to go by later with week and read with them so we are super excited to see what comes of it! I was told by Jamie that Grandma Pollmann came into Sacramento this day so I made sure to try my best to hide! Sorry Grandma! 

Saturday was our Zone's "Park your Car Day" we walked everywhere! It was hot but we are boycotting our bikes! Walking actually is super productive because talking to people is a lot easier and people aren't intimidated by random stranger pulling up on bikes. We made some hype videos about park your car day and I’ll send those home. We found 2 new investigators that day it was sick! I had the awesome opportunity to do a baptismal interview for the Northridge Ward Sisters Investigator! I love interviews because they are super spiritual and powerful! He did great in the interview and will be baptized July 15th! President Hymas liked our hype park your car day videos so much that he is sending his two sons (who are staying with him for the summer until they go back to college) to come do teamups with us tonight! They both just got back from their missions about a year ago! It will be sick I'm looking forward to it! 

We have transfer this upcoming week so next P-Day will be Tuesday. My prediction is that I will be going to a new area! 

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Mission President has arrived!

Hey hey from hot California!!! We had a Zone activity Monday. Zone Activities are usually boring but luckily for this one we had some visitors. President and Sister Jardine spent part of their last P-Day with us! It was fun we ate breakfast, played signs and played some basketball knockout! The highlights from the rest of the week was we were able to see some cool miracles with investigators. We were able to see Gods hand working with certain individuals. We have tried really hard to get investigators to open up to the gospel and give the Book of Mormon a shot, but this week investigators realized the contradictions in church and in the Bible and were willing to see what the Book of Mormon has to offer. Hopefully something good comes from these little miracles.
Elder Kahle was sick this week, so Elder Anderson stayed with him for the beginning of the day while I went out and did service with the Zone Leaders. Our Zone Leaders thought it would be best to keep me and Elder Anderson with Elder Kahle while he was sick so I spent the rest of the day reading PMG and the scriptures. It actually was sick and I learned a lot!
We had Zone Conference this week! One of the most spiritually uplifting meetings ever. It was President and Sister Jardines last Zone Conference and they left us with a training on the Living Christ. It was fantastic. At the end of the meeting we sang our Famous Called to Serve song (with the California Sacramento Mission mix in it) and the coolest miracle happened. The eyes of President and Sister Jardine were blazing fire bright! You could see the love they had for us! Coolest thing I have ever seen! My last hug to President Jardine he pulled me aside and told me to "stay focused, you have a lot of work to do here!" So, whatever that means I am looking forward to it! Last highlight of the week! President and Sister Hymas are here in Sacramento- it is official! We have our new Mission President..haven't met him yet but Thursday we will have 2-hour Zone meeting with him to get to know him better.
Other than those specific highlights nothing happened all week! Just kidding…best part- We found a basketball court that has been in our apartment complex this whole time and I have never seen it. It was always hiding on the opposite side of the complex that we never go to. We were taking a night walk around the complex because we were bored and stumbled upon the court! Every morning now best believe I am there!!!!! Booyah I love ballin! We are going to sign a Zone musical number from President and Sister Hymas when we meet them Thursday, we will sing a mashup of Hymn 226 Improve the Shining Moment and 284 If you could Hie to Kolob! Hopefully it goes good- I can’t sing so! Other than that life is the same. Elder Kahle goes home in 12 days so he is bouncing off walls! Life is good! 

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Working hard but it is hot!

Fam Bam and Friends! 
How are we? What’s new? Well let me tell you! This week was a reminder that the mission is here for me to learn as well! Let’s start with the shenanigans of the week! First and foremost, I ate dinner with Sam Fegan He graduated El Camino high school with Brock and said that they were in the same music class! Brock does that name sound familiar? It was a good dinner too! We played basketball with about 15 priest aged High Schoolers and killed them. It was sick playing with Elder Anderson. We make a good team on the court. This whole week we helped kids with Down syndrome or other mental disabilities learn how to ride a bike! It was a lot harder than I thought. My companionship was with a kid named Carter, everyone said he could have been my kid because we are the same skin color??? Other than that, we had no similarities, it was kind of funny when people said that! By the end of the week(Friday) we got Carter riding his own bike and on two wheels! It was cool to see his face light up when we stopped chasing him and he was crusin by himself!

I ate some of the most bomb ribs this week! Some member spent 6 hours on preparing and making ribs and it was fantastic. We did a District Blitz in Northridge Ward to help find some investigators. District Meeting this week was all about Love/Charity and Baptism. We specifically talked about how our love for God effects our actions and how willing and motivated we are to serve with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. I asked everyone to show more love to their companions, investigators, and members! We talked about the importance of understanding when and investigator is ready and progressing toward baptism. According to the Assistants there is confusion about this topic throughout the mission, which is not good. People need to understand when baptism is the next step for investigators. 

Other than this crazy week I have been doing great. I got a Brand-New Mini Preach My Gospel and I am rereading the whole book and will make new markings in it. A goal I have for the week is to invite 20 people to be baptized. I have no District Meeting this week because of Zone Conferences. President Jardine leaves this Friday. Friday, we will have a new Mission President, President Hymas! It will be a weird week. Love you and miss you all in Idaho.