Tuesday, January 10, 2017

4 months anniversary!

Last P-Day we ran around doing errands like chickens with our heads cut off. That’s how the average P-Day is. My companion returned his $100 pants he bought at Banana Republic. We played some basketball - you know the same thing every week. We were supposed to have dinner with a family that cancelled on us twice already and again on Monday they cancelled. They wanted to reschedule and we told them no. We met two Jehovah’s Witnesses Monday night and oh my goodness... They used scripture versus to basically call us "Satan’s children" and the whole time they were just smiling and trying to act as nice as possible. They don’t even know when their church was established or if they hold the priesthood authority!

This last week it was raining to hard. I know Idaho has had some insane snow and storms so I can’t really complain too much. We were on bikes getting blown off of them by the wind and soaking wet from the rain.

All day Tuesday 'it was help people with technology day'. We had 3 families call us to have us help them install or setup something for them. I’m not smart enough to work all this new technology. We had dinner with an awesome family.  They are a very young couple and we felt like we could relate to them a lot more than the other families in the Ward. We had some cool conversations and it made the night super fun. 

I had this cool spiritual prompting to go and knock on this one door that we were passing. We walked up to the door and rang the doorbell twice and knocked once. No one answered. I was so confused on why that happened. But remembering that sometimes we are meant to meet people to get in contact with their friend or neighbor who are prepared for the gospel. So, we marched over to the neighbor’s house next door and boom! We talked to a girl named Vicky who took a Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more about what we share. It was so cool. Diligence paid off. I easily could have jumped on my bike and left but I'm happy I keep on trying by knocking the neighbors’ door. 

Tristan was baptized Wednesday night. It was supposed to be Thursday the 29th but his family could not make in town that day so we postponed the event. The service was awesome and hopefully the baptism will have a big impact on some of his family who is less active. His uncle Chris is super awesome and hilarious guy but just doesn't see a need for a relationship with God. We have become really close with Tristan's family and they almost treat us as their own kids- it’s so cool. 

Thursday, we had some bomb lessons planned and some super awesome service activities planned. Literally all the lessons fell through. We saw zero people that we had planned on. It was like improv, just talking to random people for about three hours because we had no set plans. We were able to do our service though. We helped this less active family with some yard work. The front yard was fine and took 20 minutes but the back yard was literally the Amazon Rain forest. We were climbing over branches and trees just to get to the "back lawn." I was hoping we were going to get machetes and just start cutting our way to the back fence. We spent about two hours just cutting things down and then we had to leave.  This yard was 10x worse than the initials yard service grandpa and I used to do. I wish grandpa was there to help because then we probably could have got some actual work done. 

We went by the basketball courts to see if there was anyone we taught from the last 'beat ya teach ya' but they weren't there. There were some other kids who recognized us and knew that we were good but we still didn't play. We figured Proselyting would be the better choice. We had a Zone Training and something that I am going to do more often is inviting people to be baptized. I usually only ask people if I know they are ready. I need to start throwing that baptism question out there more so people will understand the importance of it. Getting the idea of baptism in the investigators head will help them also want to become prepared for it so I am working on that. 

Saturday was my official 4 months out on the mission! Saturday, we ran into a ton of different churches and they all wanted to try to prove us wrong. The common topic was the Trinity. They shared all these scriptures about how God and Jesus are one and blah blah blah blah blah!!! I grabbed their Bible out of their own hand and flipped to John 3:16 and Matthew 3:16-17! I told them right there that those are separate beings! That if God and Jesus weren't separate beings then the Bible just contradicts itself. If the Bible contradicts itself then it's not true. I shared the fact that God and Jesus have same purpose not that they are the same person. They looked at me like they knew I was right. They still didn't want a Book of Mormon or ever say I was right but they knew inside that I was.  My knowledge of the scriptures is incredible to what it used to be when I was home. I have so many memorized and know what chapters talk about what. I feel like a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

We presented our Ward Mission Plan to the Ward council on Sunday and they all loved it. Bishop Brown said that it was one of the best Plans he has seen in a long time. We will know next week if the Bishopric wants to add or take away anything before it is finalized. Sunday the rain was so bad they there was flood warnings and lots of places actually flooded. Some of the cars wheels in the church parking lot were covered in water. It was crazy. California needs to rain to help them get out of their drought.

This last week I have been watching what I eat because I literally am getting fat. 30 minutes of working out in the morning is not long enough to burn all the calories we get. I have been able to maintain 175 and hopefully I will be able to get up to 180 hopefully with muscle weight and not fat from all the pie we eat! I’m not on a dumb diet or eating spinach and water, I'm just limiting the amount of food I eat. 

Elder Nelly is loving the mission still! Still not missing home! I just work my butt off every day..lay down in bed and turn on the scriptures on my iPad and go to sleep! I am having a blast and the memories I am making are incredible. Wouldn't change it at all. Not even for a basketball scholarship to a D1 University. 

·         Elder Nelson

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