Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Another week- day by day action!

Last P-Day the weather was actually nice and we played some soccer, ultimate frisbee, and signs as a whole zone. It has been awhile since I ran that much and I felt so out of shape and fat. Literally side aches were killing me. Our recent convert John is such a stud. He has been coming to lessons with us and he is really helping people progress. People get tired of hearing missionaries testimonies and voices but when a normal person shares their testimony it really rocks the investigators. He has been helping us out a ton. We had a new member move in that we never met before. She is a single lady so she took us out to eat because obviously, we couldn't eat in her house. She took us to Buffalo Wild Wings. I want to apologize now because yes, I was distracted going there for dinner. THE CAVS AND WARRIORS GAME WAS ON! I haven’t seen basketball for four months and I felt like I had never seen or watched a TV before because I was sooo hooked on watching that game. Something was wrong with me. Luckily the member was super cool and didn't mind me so distracted. She actually was laughing at me. 

Tuesday was the slowest longest day ever. So most of you know we have a car and we have bikes. Well with the recent transfer changes (in December) we only had 800 miles to drive around in the car. Well 800 miles for a whole month is just not enough at all. Anyway, we were out biking for about 30 minutes Tuesday morning and Elder Ravsten got a flat tire. No big deal. We fixed the flat and continued on with our day. The next house we knock we come back to the bike and his tire was flat again. Well, since we already used our one patch we had to walk back to the apartment. We got to the apartment around lunch time so we had a lunch 'hour' to fix the bike and eat. Elder Ravsten decided to take his bike axle out which knocked out all of the ball bearings. He found out his axle was broken...not to mention all of the tiny metal balls rolling around the apartment. Anyways, we drove our car to the Bike shop to get a new axle, tube, and ball bearings. It was around 2pm now.   We took that dumb bike out the door of the apartment and his back tire wouldn't even spin. So, we turned right back around and walked into the apartment to fix the bike again. He took the whole thing apart again and reassembled it. Another hour! We eventually decided to drive to our members’ house for dinner and take the bike with us and fix it in his garage with all his tools. We got the tire on again. This time it spun but it would not spin for a very long time. There was some friction in axle somewhere. Anyways now that dinner was over and we still have seen only one person. We biked on to who we had planned that evening. We didn’t make it far.....his tire was flat....again. I gave up. We walked the bikes back to the car at our members’ house and drove home for the night. He spent the rest of the night fixing his bike and spent the rest of the night making phone calls saying I was sorry we missed appointments and tried to setup new ones. God was testing my patience that day.

Wednesday was a different story. After fixing the bikes we set off to see people in the morning. Wednesday was super wet and rainy! But we used a ton of miles on the car so we were stuck biking. We went and got a list of people to see from our Relief Society President. She appreciated us helping her out with seeing people. We had a member confess to us that she has been smoking and wants to quit because it was "killing her!" We had the chance to give her a blessing to help her remember the Lord and help her addiction to go away. We had dinner at our Elders Quorum Presidents house. This is the guy who gets all the different kinds of meats for free. This night we got Sirloins! He is so awesome! The whole night he was roasting Elder Ravsten, it was hilarious! I love my companion to death but he makes it so easy to pick on him! He almost asks for it! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! 

Thursday, we prayed for better weather so that we wouldn't get soaking wet and man- our prayers were answered! It was sunny and it was actually warm. We had a District Meeting on Spiritual gifts. The whole district had a spot light opportunity to be told what gifts they had. My district told me that I was faithful, always upbeat and positive, a hard worker and a consistent worker, and I was always having fun. It was cool to see what they had to say. The rest of the day we spent finding out information about ward members. We did some investigation work! It was pretty fun. On our way home, we decided to take a different route than usual back to the apartment. We passed Interkom?( I think that how you spell it) high school and there were police everywhere and like 3 different groups of about 20 people all fist fighting each other. It looked like a crazy movie scene. Luckily, we didn’t get close enough to where anyone saw us. 

Friday was a great day. It started off a little rough. We biked to the church to Weekly Plan. On our way, back from the church my pants got caught in the gears of my bike. It ripped from my ankle all the way up to my knee. It looked like I was wearing shorts!!

We met with a less active family that night and man does the father have a bad mouth. He was cussing up a storm. He wasn't being rude at all just his vocabulary wasn't very big so those are the words he used. They offered to give a bike! Hallelujah! Elder Ravsten got a new bike that won’t take a whole day to fix anymore. The tires on the bike actually spin too!

Saturday morning for personal study I didn't really feel like reading. So, I went on the gospel library and found featured films and watched Meet the Mormons for studies. And oh, man I hate to admit this but I bawled my eyes out when I watched Anthony Armstrong mission story. It made me look back on my life and see just how blessed I am to have a strong mom and a dad who was able to love me like his own child. I wasn't crying because I missed family but because I felt the spirit tell me I was doing the right thing and that Sacramento is where I need to be!

We had a baptism on Saturday for Addison. She isn't 9 so it wasn't a convert baptism but we still taught her. It was a super baptism and I'm glad I was able to help bring a soul to our Father in Heaven. 

Sunday, we woke up and our power was out. Getting ready for Ward Council and not being able to see yourself in the mirror is hard! We had to get ready pretty fast because Ward Council is at 7:30am. We got in the car and started driving out of the apartment complex but the gate wouldn't open because the power was out. Sooo- we had to ask for a ride to the church. It was a crazy morning. Sunday was so needed though. It was amazing! The Relief Society President, Elders Quorum President, and Bishop all told me today that I was a great missionary and they all were happy with the hard work I have done. They all said that I was one of the best missionaries to be in their ward in a long time. I felt so happy and pumped!!! I love positive feedback and it made me want to work so much harder! I happy I have been able to help this Ward so much and that I have been able to fulfill my purpose as a missionary. 

Everyone keeps asking me what I want for my birthday...hmm a couple things come to mind.  I really like what Tessa did and gave me a grocery store gift card. That really helped! Of course, some gift cards for food places too. Panda express, in n out, taco bell, and chipotle are the popular ones I go to. That’s all I can think I want for my Birthday right now. I’ll continue to think and let you know next week! Oh, maybe some money for some protein powder! 

Elder Nelson

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