Monday, January 16, 2017

"Best week of the whole entire mission!"

This was the best week of the whole entire mission! I felt amped out of my mind and spiritually was overwhelming with awesomeness. We straight killed it preaching and teaching! Well let me tell you about it, why don't I!?

Last Monday I needed a haircut so bad! I was Nappy Nelly! So of course, there is nothing better than starting off the week looking fly as can be right! When we played basketball, I felt like I was jumping so high!  I also used that gift card to Safeway that the Jones Family sent me. It was such a blessing. Thanks Jones Family.

Tuesday was the wettest day of my life. Elder Ravsten loves to use the car because its quicker than biking and we aren't in the cold. So because he loves the car we were running out of miles and had to save them for P-Day. Which means when the giant rainstorm came we were biking in it. It actually was super fun. The wind was blowing so hard when the rain would hit your face it would hurt!! We went on team ups with North Highland Elders. After team ups we biked back to Natomas. We knocked a ton of doors and a lot of people were home. We found three new investigators that day alone. Knocking doors is super ineffective. I was wet head to toe. My shoes had little ponds inside of them. Once we got back to the apartment and all dried up we had to go help a single lady fix her washer. Her home teachers were out of town and the Bishopric was busy with other meetings that day. But no worries we figured out a way to fix her washer. I’m just hoping we put it back together the right way and it won’t fall apart as she does laundry. Washers are not easy to figure out! 

Wednesday was so bomb because we had interviews with President. Our mission has a new rule where President is required to have interviews with all the missionaries each transfer. It is such a blessing to be able to meet with President more often now. President told me that "there is just a certain drive and light that I have. Not very many missionaries have it. It is not something you can teach missionaries either. I can tell that you have been serving righteously and that makes a mission President proud." Booyah! I was spiritually and physically pumped out of my mind! It gave me a drive to work harder!

We taught the Plan of Salvation to one of our progressing investigators. We asked her how she felt after we taught it, like does it make sense, do you have any questions...? All she said was "this is so true" (ummm another BOOYAH!!!) we are going to ask her to be baptized next time we see her!

Thursday was another great day! The whole week was consistent with blowing my mind away. We had a great District Meeting about desire! If we have no desire to serve, work, and teach where will the miracle happen? It helped me to open my mind and focus on some different Christ-like attributes! We went on team ups with the Foothills Elders and don't worry this time I wasn't with Elder Haywood. We biked into an apartment complex and immediately the manager comes running out and tries to kick us out. We calmly told her we were the missionaries and that we share messages about Jesus Christ. She wasn't having it. She was screaming at us, freaking out that the apartment complex was private property and that we needed to leave or she would call the cops.... well we didn’t leave obviously! We are saving souls!! The cops arrived like 10 minutes later. Guess what happened! The lady got in trouble with the cops because 1. She isn't the owner of the private property so she can't kick us off 2. We did nothing that was harmful or illegal on the property so the cops should not have been called and 3. We got to flash our minister/clergy men badges and feel like complete bosses!!!!! Once the cops left the person we had and appointment with wasn't even home so we left! Haha! oops!!

One of my favorite things on the mission is trying to find people or find information on people. It’s like detective work and it is entertaining. One of our Ward Missionaries parks in a handicapped spot at his apartment complex he stays in and recently someone has been stealing his spot. The rumor was the person stealing the parking spot could walk and didn't need the wider handicapped spot to get in and out of her car. So, we went and knocked doors asking who is the lady parking her Mercedes in my Ward Missionaries spot? The Family told us they tried knocking all the doors and couldn't find the person. The fourth door was knocked on (too bad it was not on the fourth floor...get it?) was the lady who was stealing the spot. We asked her to move the car nicely and she reported us! Well long story short she ended up moving the car and the Family got their spot back!

Friday the 13th ooo sooo wasn't scary. But I can tell you what did happen I was spiritually uplifted out of my mind! We were on a bike path headed to an appointment and we stopped to talk to people on the way. We would bike up the path almost make it to the end and end up turning around walking next to someone about the gospel with them. After that we starting biking up the path again. Another person would walk by so we turned around and talked to them as we walked back down the path. We did this like five times! It was like never ending bike path! It was so cool to talk to so many people! We almost were late to our appointment too! We have this 92-year-old couple we have been seeing that last couple of months and the very first time we went by he said "he doesn't mind if we come over just don't try to convert me." He believes in Christ and reads the Bible so we share Bible messages before we leave. well Friday was like the 15th time we went by and we were just sharing Ephesians 6 about the armor of god! I got the strongest spiritual prompting to bring up the Church and the Restoration. We ended up sharing the Restoration and they thought it made a lot of sense. They still didn’t believe some things but that will change with some scriptures to back it all up! All I remember from that lesson was how strong the spirit was! It was the coolest feeling ever!

This whole week was just incredible! Oh, wait did I forget to share that for dinner on Friday the family we went out with took us to Chevys again! Heck yeah it was sooo good!! The picture with the old man in the smiley pants is when we went to Chevys. 

Ok Saturday was the day where I was spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually blown away. We had a mission conference, just the Sacramento Mission, with Elder Renlund, Elder Ardern, and Elder Dorius. When we were waiting for Elder Renlund to arrive we were standing in the gym in our spots to take a mission picture with Elder Renlund. When that man walked in the door! Oh, my Lanta the whole room was filled with the spirit. It almost hurt! In the actual conference meeting I sat very front row very middle seat!

Elder Renlund had three messages for us as a mission from President Monson and Jesus Christ. 1. Thank you for serving 2. You were called to this mission for a reason if you don't know that reason asked God and write down your answer 3. President and Sister Jardine truly love us and are the exact leaders that this mission needs!

After he gave his three messages he needed to give the rest of the hour was question/answer time. He walked down off the pulpit and stood right in front of me with a white board and marker and answered everyone's questions. Elder Ardern and Dorius gave their input and shared things with us whenever they felt prompted. Elder Renlund 1. Is the funniest leader in the church I have ever met 2. Is sooo smart that it blew me away!

I thought I was picking up the gospel and knew a lot but boy was I wrong! He is so inspired it was incredible. Words can’t describe that meeting with him. He also mentioned to us that he was wearing President Monson's suit that he gave him! The best part of the whole conference was when we got on the subject on priesthood. Elder Ardern stood up and said "the priesthood that Peter, James, and John hold was the true Priesthood and it is the same apostolic priesthood that Elder Renlund has. (Pointing to Elder Renlund) ...standing right there is Peter, James, or John!" It put everything into perspective for me and literally blew my mind! It was SOO AWESOME!

Sunday to end this incredible week nothing was better than church. We sat with Kekoa in primary during second hour so he would actually stay in class. Primary singing and sharing time was painful! How did I survive that as a kid? Anyways we made it fun for Kekoa so that he would stay. Third hour we had a meeting with Bishop. He straight up told us that we were doing a fantastic job and he said that he could tell we were working our butts off. He just wanted to asked if there was anything he could do to help because he could tell we were exhausted. We kindly just said no and told him that he was killing it as a Bishop. It was cool to get recognition for working hard!

Last part of Sunday we spent with John to see how he has been doing since his baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. He is still cutting NBA players hair and he is still making so much money as a 22-year-old. His brother has a Nissan GTR so of course I had to see it. He even let me start it up and man that engine could roar! This week was off the chain! I loved every second of it!

Elder Nelson

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