Monday, January 2, 2017

Crazy long and slow week because of the holiday but it was fun and we had some time to lay back a little bit! Probably the hardest week so far on the mission as well! 

Tristan passed the interview for baptism this week. His family rescheduled his baptism for Wednesday the fourth so his grandpa can make it. Pday was crazy last week we were able to go to the mall and buy some clothes. I didn't buy any clothes but my companion bought $100 pants. He's going to return them because they are way to small!

We are teaching the new member lessons to Kekoa. We taught him the restoration and reference that with Pokémon. He loved the lesson and is a Pokémon maniac. I didn't feel good on P Day. I had a headache and so I went to bed early. 

We had crazy exchanges this week! We did two exchanges backed to back and they last 48 hours. It was a long time away from my area and was a nice break actually. The first exchange I was with Elder B., from Nazarene Philadelphia, in the Natomas second Ward. He is the new zone leader in our area and he is actually laid back and cool so I really enjoyed the exchange with him.  We taught a lesson with some members from their ward! The members that came were the Goss Family. Sister Goss says that she was in Sean Nelson young single adult group or youth group, I can’t remember, but she knows uncle Sean. It is funny how small of a world it is out here in Sac Town. Elder B. and I laughed our heads off that whole exchange! 

After exchanges with Elder B. and I went straight to exchanges in the Foothills Ward with Elder H! Boy, was he out to get me since our last exchange. So remember when I shoved him into the wall and told him to leave me alone and quit picking on me...well he got revenge. We were biking down the road and out of now where he reached over and shoved me off my bike. Just full on pushed me! I got up off the ground and literally said nothing...I prayed so hard for patience at that moment. I thought I was going to kill a missionary that night but luckily my prayers were answered and I didn't say a word about it or retaliate at all! We are even now sooo who cares! After that exchange I was so happy to be with my companion again. 

We ran out of miles in our car so we biked for about three days. The zone leaders told us that we had about 1200 miles. They told us this month we only had 800 and so we were 300 miles over the limit. Luckily, we haven't gotten trouble, or at least not yet. We were biking around in Natomas and found Bishop Brown's kids outside playing on a trick shot basketball court at a park. It is like an obstacle course but with basketball hoops and it was sick, I straight killed it. It was Tristan's birthday on Thursday and so we went over to his house for dinner and Elder Henderson and his companion was there as well. It was so fun to catch up with him we laughed our heads off the whole night!!! The Franklin family just listen to me and Henderson talk because we wouldn't shut up.  My companion, Elder Hendersons companion just stared at us and thought what the heck is wrong with these two. It was a fun night!!

As my companion and I were headed to the church to sync our iPad schedules with each other, my back tire literally exploded it sounded like a gun shot! I still am not sure what happened to the tire. I didn’t find a nail or anything in the tube it just exploded. It was a long walk back to the apartment. No one wanted to pick us up so we walked!

We had a chance to play "beat ya teach ya" at the park that's just across from our apartment. The zone leaders came with us and we played five on five with some of the kids at the park. They thought they were so good and they thought that they were going to destroy the missionaries. They were taller than us and actually older than us too! Butttttt we straight destroy them!! They literally did not stand a chance the game was over before it started. The missionaries destroyed the Street ballers. Welcome to the true gospel people. They actually invited us back to play and so we're gonna play today. Streetball is the best I wish they played it more in Idaho. I love to hear the OOOs and AWWs by everyone! It adds flavor to the game. 

On New Year's we threw a party. The Spanish elders came over to our apartment and slept over. We got a bottle of Martinelli's from a member! We got a scary baby mask that looks like it straight from a horror movie. We messed around scared each other all night while drinking the Martinelli's. The fireworks outside the apartment were off the chain loud and huge! It was a good New Years!

Church got changed to 9 AM. We still had to wake up at 6 o'clock anyways so it didn't matter that church was early. It felt super weird to have church early, Sunday felt like it was a very long day. The schedule just got thrown off and the day seemed super long. Happy New Years to everyone back home!

-Elder Nelly

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  1. I like the beat ya, teach ya game! That's awesome!! :) Happy new year!!