Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The work carries on!

Another week in the books out here in the life of serving the Lord. Monday/P-Day was the same. Shop, email, and balling!

Tuesday was different! We did service in the morning at Fair Oaks park spreading mulch all over. It wasn't hard labor just a little boring...so of course we made it fun by making caves in the side of the giant mulch piles. The caves were huge I could crawl all the way inside! After that service project, we jumped over to another service project at an older couple’s house. We helped them out by moving and organizing all of their junk. Putting garbage in a giant trailer and putting items they were keeping in the garage. It was a huge mess! Some of the movers there were not members so we had a chance after the move to share the Restoration with them and passed out three Book of Mormons to them. They don't live anywhere close to California so we aren't sure if anything came of the lesson but I'm sure seeds were planted! We had Ward Correlation that night at the church building. It actually was a super good meeting and missionary work is slowly picking up in this ward! Progress is progress so I'm not going to complain! 

Wednesday, we started the day off having Companionship inventory. Basically, a time we spend talking about what can be improved in our companionship. We didn't get out the door until 11:15! *major eye roll* I was not a happy camper. The whole day was kinda shot. Since my companion woke up late we had no plans set for that day because we didn't plan together and I'm pretty sure the Lord made the day hard on us because we were not out in the world preaching repentance. The only good part of the day was we were able to teach the Youth in our Ward about missionary work again. We focused on Alma 6:6 and D&C 14:8! Taught about praying for opportunities to share the gospel and then capitalizing on the chances that the Lord gives us! 

Thursday was a wonderful and much needed! I did not give a District Meeting because there was Zone Conferences. That’s were 4 zones meet together and we all learn from President! It was super long but super powerful. It went from 9am-4pm! The topic of the conference was 'Master Students Master Teachers'. If we want to become Master Teachers of repentance than we must be Master Students and learn at the Master's level. President focused on us having more engaged and meaningful studies in the mornings! It was spirit driven and an amazing Conference. This is not to sound cocky at all but somehow my name is getting around the mission. Lots of missionaries come up to me that I have never seen before and said they have heard lots of awesome things about how I am a good missionary, funny, laid back and fun, good ball player, but very obedient and a hard worker! I was amazed but happy that there is a good word going around about me I guess! I made lots of new missionary friends! We were supposed to go into the Zone Leaders area and do exchanges but apparently, they forgot about the day they set with us and had to cancel. Nice!

Friday was a pretty slow day. In the morning, no one was home! It was super slow! We went to disgusting McDonalds for lunch! There was a member from Folsom Stake who was there and paid for our meal which was super nice of him. He totally reminded me to Uncle Jake. The way he talked and cracked jokes was 100% Jake. He even kept on saying "c’mon bro, you mad bro" which is a Jake phrase so it made it that more hilarious. We ended up talking to a lot of people Friday night but no one was interested and we got a lot of rejection! Rough day but it’s all part of the work so nothing to be surprised about! Our member took us to Taco Bell for dinner. Between McNasty and Taco Smell I was feeling so sick I thought I was going to die!

Saturday, we went to a sister’s house to help her move and three people showed up to help! It was the slowest move ever. The sister did not have a moving truck, nothing in her house was actually in boxes yet, and we used two tiny Nissan frontier trucks to carry furniture. The trucks beds were maybe 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. It barely fit anything in it. We spent 3 hours helping and then we left because it was painful! We went out proselyting and we tracked for once. It was the first time my whole mission we truly tracked. It was 2 small courts so nothing big or special. We got one potential investigator out of about 10 houses. Super inefficient and slow way to find people but it was an interesting experience. Saturday night was the Youth Fundraiser and spaghetti dinner. They were selling desserts for most of the auction items. There was a 40-pound cake there that sold for $200! It was insane! Super fun night and was able to bond with the ward as well! Some members even gave their cakes they bought/won to us...I don't even know what to do with those cakes! 

Sunday was super good. It was our Ward Conference and the Stake President and the Stake 1st counselor were both sick so the 2nd counselor was running the show! He did a great job and Sacrament meeting was great. We sat in Gospel Principles and learned about prayer and Elders Quorum we studied Elder Uchtdorf talk 'Forth floor Last Door'! I have studied that talk like 5 times since it was given last General conference. It’s a good one. Maybe God is trying to tell me something I keep missing in that talk! We had our weekly lunch at the Palu family's home again. This time they had a big feast and invited family over. When Tonga families get together you know it’s going to be a big party! I just love spending time with these people. I know I have said that before but their culture and way of life is so upbeat and they are all hilarious!

On our bikes, Sunday, we were headed to see some investigators and we caught our Recent Convert Haley walking on the side of the road. We had about 2-hour discussion on the side of the road about a lot of her concerns and doubts she was having. Luckily with guidance of the spirit we were able to help her out and bring more peace to her heart. She was happy she went on the walk and came across us because she was saying she felt like something was just feeling wrong. It sounds like we filled that hole! Bonus points for us missionaries! 

Love Elder Nelson

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Elder Nelson...another week in the field

Last P-Day we got our groceries with the office Elders. They had an appointment with some members at 9:30am so we got all our food and were dropped off at the Deseret Building. Well...we had no car and not even our bikes so we were stranded there. Luckily there was a basketball so we weren't bored out of our minds. My companion fell asleep and so I just did a 3-hour basketball workout and worked on every skill pretty much. We were there until about 1pm. We begged the APs to come and pick us up. We went with them to the McKay house (the APs live in a house). That’s where they tried to cut my hair and apparently curly hair is hard to cut so they jacked it up. I was missing Jamie's School. Anyways we had a Zone activity later that day and we went to the golf course and hit at the driving range. I somewhat remembered what uncle Danny taught me about hitting golf balls so I wasn't horrible. We ended the night with a Leadership Meeting and I finally feel like I am on top on the District Leader work. I'm not saying it’s easy but I am getting better at managing my missionaries that I have stewardship over.

Tuesday morning I went straight to Goodfellas Barber Shop to get my ugly hair fixed! I finally looked like a human again so that was a blessing! We were all out of Book of Mormons so we biked over the Mission office and got new ones. Book of Mormons come in boxes that weigh about 50 pounds. Holy crap trying to carry that box while biking is a death wish. I almost fell off three times on our way back to the apartment.  The ride wasn't long, maybe a mile or so, but Carmichael is hilly so I'm using that as an excuse. We had a wide open day and ended up proselyting for 5 hours straight. That made the day very long.

Wednesday was similar to Tuesday! Just a lot of Finding and Tracking. We stopped by an older sisters home and asked if there was anything we could do for her around the house. There wasn't anything to do but while we were talking with her, her neighbor Leyland walked outside and we had a good discussion with him about life and the gospel. It was the best contact we have had in forever! There is more to his story later on in the email. While at dinner with the members I was cracking jokes to my companion. The members we were with were just about deaf so we were yelling at them for us to hear them. So, that means when I talked quietly and said some jokes they couldn't hear me. Anyways I said something and my companion spit his food across the table and it was the funniest thing that happened! It was embarrassing but I was on the floor laughing at him during dinner. I know missionaries should try to act better but I lost it. Straight crying on the floor! I got to end the night performing another baptismal interview for the Sister missionary's investigator named Dave. He is set for his baptism on the 25th. It is still the coolest thing ever to perform those interviews! Seeing the change that people make is just awesome! Indescribable! 

Thursday I had to give another District Meeting. This time I wasn't as nervous but I still on the edge a little bit. I talked about becoming better teachers of repentance. The District loved what I had to share so I guess it went well. The Zone Leaders will always evaluate my meeting and they had nothing to say. I had nothing to improve on and nothing that I missed. So, I did pretty good! That night at dinner we went to the Massey's again. They always throw a huge dinner on Thursdays.  In the middle of dinner, we got a call that I felt like I should take. I knew it was rude to do at the dinner table but it was a call from the Bishopric in the Natomas 2nd ward. They said that they had an investigator move from the Natomas 2nd area to Del Campo Ward. The investigator was Leyland. Leyland is super interested and wants his kids going to scouts. It’s crazy how the Lord works. Apparently, Leyland moved in about a week before when we met him. It was best news investigator-wise since I have been here!! I was so excited! We are praying something good comes from that. 

Friday, we helped the Novak Family in the morning move some things around their house and organize their garage a little bit. There payment back to us was detoxification and some therapy workouts. It was awesome! They explained that I would feel super energized and loose. Which I completely did! Me with more energy is just bad but I was so amped out of my mind that I was flying on the bike and super bubbly with people! Which is always a good thing as a missionary! We helped a random family move into their house for about 2 hours. It was a cool experience because we got rid of that family's rumors about Mormons and what we believe in. The cool thing is that they would love for us to come back and share more. Hopefully they will be receptive to our message! 

Saturday, we had a super busy morning with actual teaching appointments! That was a change! After lunch, we got a call from one of our investigator's wives saying that her husband that we have been teaching got ran over by a car and died! So, they obviously cancelled the appointment with us! It was super crazy news to hear that! I am hoping that the family is ok! The plan of salvation will benefit them more than anything now! The gospel will be perfect for them. Saturday was actually a more laid back day because more people were home so we talked with a lot of people and weren't just riding our bikes around looking for trouble. Saturday I got an email from Grandma Pollmann giving me the best advice ever! It helped a ton with my patience with my companion, the area, and where I am at on my mission. It’s just a learning experience with all of this! I don't need to have 6 baptisms in this ward like that last ward because Del Campo Ward is different than Natomas 1st. I also think I started the mission on such a high note with so much good happening that this is just a low time and it doesn't seem right. I’m just going to work hard and go with the flow I can’t expect things to just happen!! 

Sunday was church and it was super good. We had members from the Stake speak and they did a super good job. We had an 18-year-old move into the Ward with her 21-year-old fiancรฉ. The boyfriend is not a member and came to the investigator class and it was sweet. He is interested in learning more and wants his soon to be family to be together forever. I hoping that he is ready to make the commitment of baptism as he learns more. We ate dinner at the apartment and afterwards my companion fell asleep. He refused to wake up and go out to proselyte.  I normally would be furious out my mind but I'm just learning and going with the flow, no worries. Sunday night I basically read scriptures for 4 hours straight until I did progress calls, checking on my District, and then hitting the bed. 

Elder Nelson

Thursday, February 16, 2017

When a Missionary TRIES to dunk!

5 months out!

Last P-Day was wet and rained super hard! We got all of our shopping done super fast. We were done before 10am. Typical P-Day! I’ll be honest P-Days aren't fun to talk about! It’s our day off and all I do is basketball sooo I played some basketball! Surprising I know! I was thinking about what the Lord wants with my life and I was reflecting my struggles through my 14 years of playing basketball. I was really torn with just giving up or should I spend my time and continue? My all-time favorite sport and passion has been one of my all-time biggest struggles. 

Tuesday I woke up and had a fabulous dream about me playing basketball in college. It was like another answer to my prayers. Because of that I woke up more determined than ever to work out and getting stronger! I know 30 minutes of workout in the morning will not keep me in shape but I’ll give it the best I can! We did service that morning at Fair Oaks Park spreading wood mulch throughout planter boxes. It was raining so hard we were soaked! It made it fun though. Elder Schenk, one of the assistants to president, invited me to a lesson with their investigator who is on date for baptism on the 18th. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had on my mission! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and when the topic of repentance came around, Dan, the investigator, broke down into tears of joy. He knew that he could be forgiven and that the Lord would lift the burdens off his shoulders. Huge testimony builder!! Another wet day! A member actually bought me rain pants because that’s how hard it is raining here. What a blessing though because I needed them! Great missionary work is happening! It’s cool to see it from a District Leader perspective! 

Wednesday, we were looking for some new investigators and knocked some doors. Knocked maybe three doors when we came across a Jehovah’s witness and talked for about 7 years. They tried to scientifically and historically prove that the Book of Mormon was wrong and I left them with Mosiah 4:9 and then I straight walked away! Spirit of contention gets nowhere when talking to people! We had interviews with President Jardine! I’m pretty sure I told you that mission presidents meet with every mission once a transfer now! Anyways I went first because I'm District Leader. It was short and powerful. Nothing really stuck out that I feel like I should share. After my interview, I gave a Safeguard Training with Sister Jardine to the rest of my District while missionaries where going in and out of interviews. That night we went and taught the youth about missionary work for mutual! We had them do some scenarios and try to contact people. It was super funny! Afterwards we played a little basketball with them. I went easy, I didn't crush anyone’s dreams. 

Thursday was officially the wettest day of my live. I felt like I jumped into a pool with proselyting clothes on. It actually was coming down so hard that biking was difficult. The roads had water rushing down them like rivers and there were some bad flooding spots! At lunch, we came home and completely changed outfits and went back out for team ups with the APs! I went with Elder Watts from Saratoga Springs Utah. He is a stud. We had some good contacts and he is hilarious so we were all smiles for the whole 2 hours we were together! Again, we got soaked so we changed outfits again before dinner so we weren't dripping wet. We ate dinner with the Massey Family. I wonder if Grandma Pollmann knows them. They sell houses, and own their own Realtor business. Anyways they are rich and so they had a huge dinner and invited like 10 members from the ward over as well. We went to an investigators house and she was on the phone fighting her daughter's stalker. This investigator is super into the Bible and loves to refer to it! In her fight with this guy on the phone she was trying to quote scripture saying that this man was not following Christ example. Anyways we were pulling up scriptures on our iPads and then marking them for her to read to the guy on the phone. 90% of the scriptures we shared were from the Book of Mormon and D&C! The coolest part was she had no idea! It was so hard to not just start laughing. She 100% believed all the scriptures we shared with her! Just picture that! A little Russian lady yelling D&C scriptures into the phone at some random dude! Hilarious! 

Friday was a painful, irristrating (frustrating and irritating together) day! I got 3 flat tires. All the junk from the road and rain was on the bike paths and it was destroying my tires! I hardly got to go proselyte because I had to get tools from the apartment. It was finally not raining too, it was sunny!! I was mad that I was missing the warm weather! Anyways the last flat tire I got was at about 7:00 pm at night. We were not close to the apartment at all either. I was so mad that I grabbed a Bible and Book of Mormon. I threw my bike behind some bushes and hid it in the dark.....you guessed it I ran the rest of the night next to my companion. It actually was nice because I was getting exercise but we were also able to actually see people because I had no bike to fix! I made sure I didn't go back to my bike until I passed out the Book of Mormon and Bible! We ended the night with me walking about a mile with my bike to the apartment. I just threw it on my shoulders and we ran home. 

Saturday was another day of craziness. I was so fed up with flat tires I went to the bike shop and bought new tires. I bought some super durable, fast and grippy road tire that is supposed to be guaranteed no flats for like a year or something dumb like that! It was like $70 too it wasn't that bad. After I fixed my bike up, Area Book was being fixed by Salt Lake and so we had no plans what so ever. We don't have our investigators addresses memorized so we couldn't make it to some of the appointments because we literally had zero information. No phone numbers not even street names! This day had a positive though. I saved the best for last. I had the chance to do Dan's baptismal interview. That is a responsibility I have as a District Leader. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. The spirit was so strong during that whole interview I almost wanted to start crying! I was so confused? Inside I was like “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! THIS MAN WONT GET BAPTIZED IF GETS SCARED BECAUSE SOME RANDOM KID STARTS CRYING FOR NO REASON!!” I honestly was spiritually uplifted after the interview! 

Sunday, we had Ward Council and Church. I gave the opening prayer in sacrament meeting so that was pretty cool! No investigators came to church or recent converts so we went to Gospel Doctrine. The lesson was basically on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Which is a lesson we teach all the time as missionaries. We were like scholars in that lesson! After church we ate lunch with a Tongan family. They feed us every Sunday after church. It was super good! Tongan/poly culture is great, they are always such happy and hilarious people I just love being around them! I decided that someday I want to go to Tonga or Samoa! That would be a sweet vacation!

We ate dinner with Sugar Novak and Ted Novak! I don't know if anyone knows who they are but I guess they are pretty famous trainers/bodybuilders and work for the NFL and major athletes. They worked with many athletes like Joe Montana with the 49ers team and many wrestlers who won gold medals! They have helped tons of missionaries make it to college sports too. They have a super cool workout and equipment that they created that builds muscle and works cardio. NASA has adopted for it astronauts actually. They are like filthy rich. They explained their whole back story about becoming body builders and trainers for people and shared a cool experience about how they felt like everywhere they could have moved in California it was Del Campo ward. Not the nicest area or houses but they came anyways. I’m going to be trying their workouts and they will be giving me some free healthy foods tricks. After dinner I was amped out of my mind so I went around and talked to like 400 people! I passed out 3 Books of Mormon and found a new investigator! Great Sabbath Day and great week! 

Thanks to everyone that sent me birthday gifts and cards I loved them all! I literally don't know what more I could ask for! I have no reason to complain still on the mission! I am having a blast! This week was officially 5 months out of the mission! Almost a quarter of the way done which blows my mind!!!!! 

Elder Nelson

Monday, February 6, 2017

This last P-Day was the first P-Day with the new added 2 hours. We were able to start shopping at 8am instead of 10am. We went grocery shopping at Winco, went to Walmart and lunch at Cafe Rio all before 10 am! We played basketball of course and the Carmichael Zone/stake knows how to ball. It was actually fun and competitive.
The Del Campo Ward is so small that we don't have a car and it is super hilly. We bike up and down hills all day its quite the workout. Which I need because I'm still getting fat! It will never end. Sorry if you hate reading about me being fat!
Wednesday, we went around the ward and I was able to meet all the Auxiliaries and the recent converts to the ward. Everyone is super nice and fun to talk.   We found a lot of new people to teach.  It was a blessing. We actually have a few people to meet with regularly. Still slow in this area. We are not nearly as busy as Natomas 1st Ward. We have a lot more time to be on bikes and try to talk to people. In Natomas, it was all appointments and doing investigation work on members or recent move ins/outs. My goal for this Ward is to be as busy as the last ward. That means I have a lot to do and that will keep me busy and work hard. I started preparing for District Meeting. I was stressing so hard about District Meeting that it was just like a burning feeling in me all the time. I prayed that whatever I was able to prepare to the best of my ability, that God will make up for the rest! 
Thursday was a weird day. The mission held the first ever District Leader Council. That is where all the District Leaders in the whole mission meet and discuss our role with President and the APs. It was a big meeting with about 20 Elders there. For me it was a learning experience not a "what can I do better". Literally everything in that meeting was revelation with what I needed to learn to be a good District Leader. It was a huge answer to my prayers.
I had to get a ride with the Office Elders to that meeting. Elder Fudge, one of the Office Elder, is in charge of setting every meeting up and so I helped him out. It was pretty cool seeing all the behind the scenes of meetings. After the meeting, we went and checked on some investigators in the area book who have been borderline baptized.
Three people have said they would be baptized if they could get over one "little" thing. We visited them and it sounds like to me there is more than just one little thing. I’m going to be bold with them and tell them "that it doesn't matter what concerns you have but on the other side of baptism God will bless you and all the concerns will work out" I’m hoping and praying that it is their time and God has prepared them. It would be sick to get three more baptisms. 
Friday was the big day! Studies ended at 10am and District Meeting started at 10:30. I was scared out of my mind. I prepared the best I could and was relying on the Lord. Well long, painful, embarrassing, choppy, and ugly meeting later...my District said I killed it. They said it was one of the best and most spiritual uplifting meetings they have been too. Looking back at it, there was no way I was in the same meeting as the rest of my District!!! Like how was I was able to help the APs and STLs feel uplifted and excited to preach the gospel??? Anyways I know the spirit was there and that I was not the Teacher. I’m happy I wasn't the teacher because it would have sucked but again another answer to my prayers.
Later that day we ate dinner with the ward clerk’s family. The ward clerk he was interrogating me so bad. It was actually tons of fun. I really feel like he got to know me instead of just asking the basic questions. We biked a lot Friday and it was raining really good! I was soaked!
Saturday was a horrible day. My companion and I had an issue (not going to get into it) but we had a talk about the issue and are working on moving forward. I learned a lot from this day and I want to share what I learned. 1. Life sucks and things happen that our out of our control so we have to suck it up and deal with it! 2. Having the ability to trust someone is huge! Not just on my mission but the importance of it in any relationship. 3. When you are tired and don't want to work...JUST DO IT! Push through and work and you will get blessings and lastly 4. People make mistakes! That’s the beauty of the Atonement. Forgive and forget. You don't have to like the person but accept them for who they are. 
Sunday was different. Going to a new ward where I don’t know anyone in an unfamiliar building was exciting. It definitely adds a twist in things! Luckily the gospel is the same everywhere so I still felt the spirit and knew I was making the right choice. The people in the ward are a little older. We had a member feed us dinner and they strategically faced us away from the T.V but just at the right spot where they could see it. The Super Bowl is a pain when you are on a mission. No one wants the annoying missionaries at their door when the game is on. No one wants to miss a play. Hey, I don't blame them I probably would do the same. My view for missionaries has changed since I was on a mission. I used to dread the missionaries coming over and hated they would stay forever. But in reality, it is a blessing for them because we get a real meal. A roof over our heads and people who will actually be nice and talk to us. Props to missionaries everywhere! I will treat them all better when I get home!
Del Campo Ward is a ward for the deaf. They have interpreters at services. Sooo… guess what good ole Elder Nelson is learning… sign language. I can sign the whole alphabet already and can say "Sign Slower!" I’m a stud I know I will be trilingual before I know it! I will speak English, Tagalog, and ASL! 

As a District Leader one of my responsibilities is to do "Progress Calls" with everyone in my District. That means I call them on the phone and make sure that they are alive and have been doing well. I help them with their progression with investigators and them as missionaries. I like being District Leader. It gives me more responsibilities, yes, but I feel way more involved in the work and feel like I actually mean something! 
Thank you all for the Birthday gifts and wishes on Facebook. It made me miss home a little bit.....but then I remembered I’m not a BABY so then I didn't miss home anymore.๐Ÿ˜‰  I'm doing good. A little different struggle than what I'm used to on my mission so far, this week but time and work will fix it all up!!
I'm excited for the future. I just reread my letter and there were a lot of struggles sorry if I feel like I'm complaining! I’m not complaining I promise! I'm giving you my weekly update because if I didn't Mother Nelson would kill me, it’s different! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Elder Nelson! ๐Ÿ€

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Last P-Day we got in touch with one of our members in Natomas and they let us use their gym. It was like the neighborhood gym but it was super nice. It was huge with just about every machine we could need. Normal average long crazy P-Day. 

Tuesday, we had exchanges with the North Highlands Elders. With the new exchange rules (I don’t know if I already told you but) both missionaries come into the Leaderships area and works in one area for 24 hours. So, it is four missionaries in one area. It was crazy hard to plan that many people into the schedule. We planned a lot of finding activities and tried to find a ton of new investigators. I was with Elder Chen from New York and his bike got a flat tire and a broke an axle just like Elder Ravstens did exactly one week ago. So, we spent a ton of time getting parts and fixing the bike instead of proselyting. 

Wednesday was the big day! We had a World Wide Missionary Training. It literally was a recording of the missionary committee in the Church Headquarters House. It was so cool to see how some of the Quorum of the 12 act in those meetings. Well if you haven't heard already they made a huge of change to our schedules as missionaries. The focus on the Training was agency and that we are free to choose for ourselves. We now have the freedom to plan activities throughout the day however we like. There is no longer a set schedule for missionaries. We have to get personal study(60minutes), planning (30 minutes), and exercise (30 minutes) in from 6:30-10:00am. We have an extra hour and a half in the morning to do whatever we want. I use it to work out a little longer and I can sleep in a little longer as well. I no longer have to rush out of bed and be half asleep eating breakfast anymore. Planning for our day is now in the morning instead of in the evening. This helps our planning because in the mornings we are refreshed and ready to go...in the evenings we just want to go to bed.

Well since the 30 minutes we had originally for planning at nights is now in the morning we can go to bed earlier if we want to. We can go to bed as early as 9:30, still no later than 10:30. The First Presidency wants us to have more time to unwind, write in our journals, and sleep. It is super cool! We got told by our Zone Leaders that since the New Year the only baptisms in the whole Mission have happened in North Sac. President Jardine said that literally the whole mission is on our backs! Straight killing it!

Thursday, we met this guy named Tyler! This dude was a genius! He has read every religious book on the Earth! Seriously! He mentioned religious books to me that I didn't even knew existed. We asked him about the Book of Mormon and he knew everything. It was scary awesome. We are hopefully going to be able to work with him more and help him get his answer from God that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on earth. We were biking to another appointment and I swerved so hard almost falling off my bike because this guy had a Ferrari 430 and a brand-new Corvette Stingray in his garage. We knocked on his door and talked a little bit about cars! He gave us "life advice" on how to make it and "be rich." It was almost identical to what we share as missionaries. It’s an eternal truth. You set goals work hard for it..Christ makes up for the rest. We focus on what is important and forget the distractions that happen around us and 100% believe that the goal we have set will happen. It’s so true. The gospel is so true! I can’t believe that people just can’t see it!

We were sitting at dinner Thursday night and President calls our phone. Elder Ravsten hands it to me to answer. I answer the phone and President asks me to hand it right back to Elder Ravsten. Elder Ravsten got called to train. He will have a new missionary. That means I'm getting transferred! Sweetness! It will be cool to see where I go!

Friday Elder Ravsten went to a “Train the Trainers Meeting” so I was with the Zone Leaders for the beginning of the day. Elder Escoton, the missionary from the Philippines, found a Pilipino family. Instantly Tagalog was flying in the air. I was so lost but it was so cool to see Elder Escoton share the Gospel in another language. Ever since that event I have been learning Tagalog! I know Magaling, which is "very good," Ojo which is "yes,".  I’m going to be bilingual before I know it! Friday night we had a member pay for us to eat at Sizzler and then he had to leave to go to a family emergency. It was pretty good but kinda weird to not have the member stay with us.

Another basketball game was on the TV! It was the Rockets vs the 76ers. Nothing special. I think I'm having basketball withdrawals. I miss not being able to watch the games or play all the time. 

Saturday is the big day everyone finds out where they get transferred too. In the morning, we ate a Vegan meal with a less active member. It wasn't bad food just not the best breakfast I have ever had. It was super nice, about 60 degrees, all day and so I had to play someone in a "beat ya teach ya" game! There was no one old enough to play against. I didn't want to play a bunch of little kids. I was bummed. We saw and talked to a lot of people. Everyone was outside enjoying the nice weather. It was great to bike around in short sleeve shirt for once too!

We were taken to Five Guys for dinner and our member talked our heads off. Finally, after dinner it was night time so we knew the Zone Leaders were going to call me soon to tell me where I was being transferred too. We were sitting in car driving to church and the APs call me.... not the Zone Leaders!          "Elder Nelson after much fasting and prayer the Lord has called you to be a District Leader in the Carmichael Zone. You will be serving in the Del Campo Ward. Will you accept this call?"      Oh my lanta!!!!! Of course, I said yes, I will accept. I now am responsible for 6 other missionaries. Two of those missionaries in my district are the APs. And now every Thursday I will give District Meetings at the Mission office (because that is where my district holds them). So most likely President could show up to my District Meetings not to mention the APs are already there! I'm a four month old missionary! I don’t know what the heck to do! I’m going to die! I'm called as a District Leader. That is super rare for a missionary as new as me! Whatever I'm doing I must be doing something right.

Sunday was a great/sad day. I went around the ward having to say Goodbye to everyone. It was just full of packing. The day went super fast. We didn't do a lot really.

Monday was officially transfer day and I made it to my new area just fine. Unpacking sucks bad! We have two investigators here to teach not a whole lot going on in the Del Campo Ward. I'm determined to make this place blow up and have a lot of people to teach. The Ward boundaries are super small compared to Natomas 1st area. Del Campo Ward is an all bike area, no car. So, we have to rely on the Zone Leaders to get us everywhere for shopping and getting food. It will be a learning experience area for sure. No doubt this will be hard. My new companion is from Texas. He lives like 10 minutes away from Elder Ravsten. Elder Pastor is 20 months out on his mission so he is almost done.

I’m doing good! It is weird being transferred but I will get used to the change. My new apartment is so much nicer than the last apartment. Its only my companion and I though. There aren’t 4 missionaries in one apartment. 

Elder Nelson