Thursday, February 16, 2017

5 months out!

Last P-Day was wet and rained super hard! We got all of our shopping done super fast. We were done before 10am. Typical P-Day! I’ll be honest P-Days aren't fun to talk about! It’s our day off and all I do is basketball sooo I played some basketball! Surprising I know! I was thinking about what the Lord wants with my life and I was reflecting my struggles through my 14 years of playing basketball. I was really torn with just giving up or should I spend my time and continue? My all-time favorite sport and passion has been one of my all-time biggest struggles. 

Tuesday I woke up and had a fabulous dream about me playing basketball in college. It was like another answer to my prayers. Because of that I woke up more determined than ever to work out and getting stronger! I know 30 minutes of workout in the morning will not keep me in shape but I’ll give it the best I can! We did service that morning at Fair Oaks Park spreading wood mulch throughout planter boxes. It was raining so hard we were soaked! It made it fun though. Elder Schenk, one of the assistants to president, invited me to a lesson with their investigator who is on date for baptism on the 18th. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had on my mission! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and when the topic of repentance came around, Dan, the investigator, broke down into tears of joy. He knew that he could be forgiven and that the Lord would lift the burdens off his shoulders. Huge testimony builder!! Another wet day! A member actually bought me rain pants because that’s how hard it is raining here. What a blessing though because I needed them! Great missionary work is happening! It’s cool to see it from a District Leader perspective! 

Wednesday, we were looking for some new investigators and knocked some doors. Knocked maybe three doors when we came across a Jehovah’s witness and talked for about 7 years. They tried to scientifically and historically prove that the Book of Mormon was wrong and I left them with Mosiah 4:9 and then I straight walked away! Spirit of contention gets nowhere when talking to people! We had interviews with President Jardine! I’m pretty sure I told you that mission presidents meet with every mission once a transfer now! Anyways I went first because I'm District Leader. It was short and powerful. Nothing really stuck out that I feel like I should share. After my interview, I gave a Safeguard Training with Sister Jardine to the rest of my District while missionaries where going in and out of interviews. That night we went and taught the youth about missionary work for mutual! We had them do some scenarios and try to contact people. It was super funny! Afterwards we played a little basketball with them. I went easy, I didn't crush anyone’s dreams. 

Thursday was officially the wettest day of my live. I felt like I jumped into a pool with proselyting clothes on. It actually was coming down so hard that biking was difficult. The roads had water rushing down them like rivers and there were some bad flooding spots! At lunch, we came home and completely changed outfits and went back out for team ups with the APs! I went with Elder Watts from Saratoga Springs Utah. He is a stud. We had some good contacts and he is hilarious so we were all smiles for the whole 2 hours we were together! Again, we got soaked so we changed outfits again before dinner so we weren't dripping wet. We ate dinner with the Massey Family. I wonder if Grandma Pollmann knows them. They sell houses, and own their own Realtor business. Anyways they are rich and so they had a huge dinner and invited like 10 members from the ward over as well. We went to an investigators house and she was on the phone fighting her daughter's stalker. This investigator is super into the Bible and loves to refer to it! In her fight with this guy on the phone she was trying to quote scripture saying that this man was not following Christ example. Anyways we were pulling up scriptures on our iPads and then marking them for her to read to the guy on the phone. 90% of the scriptures we shared were from the Book of Mormon and D&C! The coolest part was she had no idea! It was so hard to not just start laughing. She 100% believed all the scriptures we shared with her! Just picture that! A little Russian lady yelling D&C scriptures into the phone at some random dude! Hilarious! 

Friday was a painful, irristrating (frustrating and irritating together) day! I got 3 flat tires. All the junk from the road and rain was on the bike paths and it was destroying my tires! I hardly got to go proselyte because I had to get tools from the apartment. It was finally not raining too, it was sunny!! I was mad that I was missing the warm weather! Anyways the last flat tire I got was at about 7:00 pm at night. We were not close to the apartment at all either. I was so mad that I grabbed a Bible and Book of Mormon. I threw my bike behind some bushes and hid it in the guessed it I ran the rest of the night next to my companion. It actually was nice because I was getting exercise but we were also able to actually see people because I had no bike to fix! I made sure I didn't go back to my bike until I passed out the Book of Mormon and Bible! We ended the night with me walking about a mile with my bike to the apartment. I just threw it on my shoulders and we ran home. 

Saturday was another day of craziness. I was so fed up with flat tires I went to the bike shop and bought new tires. I bought some super durable, fast and grippy road tire that is supposed to be guaranteed no flats for like a year or something dumb like that! It was like $70 too it wasn't that bad. After I fixed my bike up, Area Book was being fixed by Salt Lake and so we had no plans what so ever. We don't have our investigators addresses memorized so we couldn't make it to some of the appointments because we literally had zero information. No phone numbers not even street names! This day had a positive though. I saved the best for last. I had the chance to do Dan's baptismal interview. That is a responsibility I have as a District Leader. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. The spirit was so strong during that whole interview I almost wanted to start crying! I was so confused? Inside I was like “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! THIS MAN WONT GET BAPTIZED IF GETS SCARED BECAUSE SOME RANDOM KID STARTS CRYING FOR NO REASON!!” I honestly was spiritually uplifted after the interview! 

Sunday, we had Ward Council and Church. I gave the opening prayer in sacrament meeting so that was pretty cool! No investigators came to church or recent converts so we went to Gospel Doctrine. The lesson was basically on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Which is a lesson we teach all the time as missionaries. We were like scholars in that lesson! After church we ate lunch with a Tongan family. They feed us every Sunday after church. It was super good! Tongan/poly culture is great, they are always such happy and hilarious people I just love being around them! I decided that someday I want to go to Tonga or Samoa! That would be a sweet vacation!

We ate dinner with Sugar Novak and Ted Novak! I don't know if anyone knows who they are but I guess they are pretty famous trainers/bodybuilders and work for the NFL and major athletes. They worked with many athletes like Joe Montana with the 49ers team and many wrestlers who won gold medals! They have helped tons of missionaries make it to college sports too. They have a super cool workout and equipment that they created that builds muscle and works cardio. NASA has adopted for it astronauts actually. They are like filthy rich. They explained their whole back story about becoming body builders and trainers for people and shared a cool experience about how they felt like everywhere they could have moved in California it was Del Campo ward. Not the nicest area or houses but they came anyways. I’m going to be trying their workouts and they will be giving me some free healthy foods tricks. After dinner I was amped out of my mind so I went around and talked to like 400 people! I passed out 3 Books of Mormon and found a new investigator! Great Sabbath Day and great week! 

Thanks to everyone that sent me birthday gifts and cards I loved them all! I literally don't know what more I could ask for! I have no reason to complain still on the mission! I am having a blast! This week was officially 5 months out of the mission! Almost a quarter of the way done which blows my mind!!!!! 

Elder Nelson

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