Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Elder Nelson...another week in the field

Last P-Day we got our groceries with the office Elders. They had an appointment with some members at 9:30am so we got all our food and were dropped off at the Deseret Building. Well...we had no car and not even our bikes so we were stranded there. Luckily there was a basketball so we weren't bored out of our minds. My companion fell asleep and so I just did a 3-hour basketball workout and worked on every skill pretty much. We were there until about 1pm. We begged the APs to come and pick us up. We went with them to the McKay house (the APs live in a house). That’s where they tried to cut my hair and apparently curly hair is hard to cut so they jacked it up. I was missing Jamie's School. Anyways we had a Zone activity later that day and we went to the golf course and hit at the driving range. I somewhat remembered what uncle Danny taught me about hitting golf balls so I wasn't horrible. We ended the night with a Leadership Meeting and I finally feel like I am on top on the District Leader work. I'm not saying it’s easy but I am getting better at managing my missionaries that I have stewardship over.

Tuesday morning I went straight to Goodfellas Barber Shop to get my ugly hair fixed! I finally looked like a human again so that was a blessing! We were all out of Book of Mormons so we biked over the Mission office and got new ones. Book of Mormons come in boxes that weigh about 50 pounds. Holy crap trying to carry that box while biking is a death wish. I almost fell off three times on our way back to the apartment.  The ride wasn't long, maybe a mile or so, but Carmichael is hilly so I'm using that as an excuse. We had a wide open day and ended up proselyting for 5 hours straight. That made the day very long.

Wednesday was similar to Tuesday! Just a lot of Finding and Tracking. We stopped by an older sisters home and asked if there was anything we could do for her around the house. There wasn't anything to do but while we were talking with her, her neighbor Leyland walked outside and we had a good discussion with him about life and the gospel. It was the best contact we have had in forever! There is more to his story later on in the email. While at dinner with the members I was cracking jokes to my companion. The members we were with were just about deaf so we were yelling at them for us to hear them. So, that means when I talked quietly and said some jokes they couldn't hear me. Anyways I said something and my companion spit his food across the table and it was the funniest thing that happened! It was embarrassing but I was on the floor laughing at him during dinner. I know missionaries should try to act better but I lost it. Straight crying on the floor! I got to end the night performing another baptismal interview for the Sister missionary's investigator named Dave. He is set for his baptism on the 25th. It is still the coolest thing ever to perform those interviews! Seeing the change that people make is just awesome! Indescribable! 

Thursday I had to give another District Meeting. This time I wasn't as nervous but I still on the edge a little bit. I talked about becoming better teachers of repentance. The District loved what I had to share so I guess it went well. The Zone Leaders will always evaluate my meeting and they had nothing to say. I had nothing to improve on and nothing that I missed. So, I did pretty good! That night at dinner we went to the Massey's again. They always throw a huge dinner on Thursdays.  In the middle of dinner, we got a call that I felt like I should take. I knew it was rude to do at the dinner table but it was a call from the Bishopric in the Natomas 2nd ward. They said that they had an investigator move from the Natomas 2nd area to Del Campo Ward. The investigator was Leyland. Leyland is super interested and wants his kids going to scouts. It’s crazy how the Lord works. Apparently, Leyland moved in about a week before when we met him. It was best news investigator-wise since I have been here!! I was so excited! We are praying something good comes from that. 

Friday, we helped the Novak Family in the morning move some things around their house and organize their garage a little bit. There payment back to us was detoxification and some therapy workouts. It was awesome! They explained that I would feel super energized and loose. Which I completely did! Me with more energy is just bad but I was so amped out of my mind that I was flying on the bike and super bubbly with people! Which is always a good thing as a missionary! We helped a random family move into their house for about 2 hours. It was a cool experience because we got rid of that family's rumors about Mormons and what we believe in. The cool thing is that they would love for us to come back and share more. Hopefully they will be receptive to our message! 

Saturday, we had a super busy morning with actual teaching appointments! That was a change! After lunch, we got a call from one of our investigator's wives saying that her husband that we have been teaching got ran over by a car and died! So, they obviously cancelled the appointment with us! It was super crazy news to hear that! I am hoping that the family is ok! The plan of salvation will benefit them more than anything now! The gospel will be perfect for them. Saturday was actually a more laid back day because more people were home so we talked with a lot of people and weren't just riding our bikes around looking for trouble. Saturday I got an email from Grandma Pollmann giving me the best advice ever! It helped a ton with my patience with my companion, the area, and where I am at on my mission. It’s just a learning experience with all of this! I don't need to have 6 baptisms in this ward like that last ward because Del Campo Ward is different than Natomas 1st. I also think I started the mission on such a high note with so much good happening that this is just a low time and it doesn't seem right. I’m just going to work hard and go with the flow I can’t expect things to just happen!! 

Sunday was church and it was super good. We had members from the Stake speak and they did a super good job. We had an 18-year-old move into the Ward with her 21-year-old fiancĂ©. The boyfriend is not a member and came to the investigator class and it was sweet. He is interested in learning more and wants his soon to be family to be together forever. I hoping that he is ready to make the commitment of baptism as he learns more. We ate dinner at the apartment and afterwards my companion fell asleep. He refused to wake up and go out to proselyte.  I normally would be furious out my mind but I'm just learning and going with the flow, no worries. Sunday night I basically read scriptures for 4 hours straight until I did progress calls, checking on my District, and then hitting the bed. 

Elder Nelson

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