Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Last P-Day we got in touch with one of our members in Natomas and they let us use their gym. It was like the neighborhood gym but it was super nice. It was huge with just about every machine we could need. Normal average long crazy P-Day. 

Tuesday, we had exchanges with the North Highlands Elders. With the new exchange rules (I don’t know if I already told you but) both missionaries come into the Leaderships area and works in one area for 24 hours. So, it is four missionaries in one area. It was crazy hard to plan that many people into the schedule. We planned a lot of finding activities and tried to find a ton of new investigators. I was with Elder Chen from New York and his bike got a flat tire and a broke an axle just like Elder Ravstens did exactly one week ago. So, we spent a ton of time getting parts and fixing the bike instead of proselyting. 

Wednesday was the big day! We had a World Wide Missionary Training. It literally was a recording of the missionary committee in the Church Headquarters House. It was so cool to see how some of the Quorum of the 12 act in those meetings. Well if you haven't heard already they made a huge of change to our schedules as missionaries. The focus on the Training was agency and that we are free to choose for ourselves. We now have the freedom to plan activities throughout the day however we like. There is no longer a set schedule for missionaries. We have to get personal study(60minutes), planning (30 minutes), and exercise (30 minutes) in from 6:30-10:00am. We have an extra hour and a half in the morning to do whatever we want. I use it to work out a little longer and I can sleep in a little longer as well. I no longer have to rush out of bed and be half asleep eating breakfast anymore. Planning for our day is now in the morning instead of in the evening. This helps our planning because in the mornings we are refreshed and ready to the evenings we just want to go to bed.

Well since the 30 minutes we had originally for planning at nights is now in the morning we can go to bed earlier if we want to. We can go to bed as early as 9:30, still no later than 10:30. The First Presidency wants us to have more time to unwind, write in our journals, and sleep. It is super cool! We got told by our Zone Leaders that since the New Year the only baptisms in the whole Mission have happened in North Sac. President Jardine said that literally the whole mission is on our backs! Straight killing it!

Thursday, we met this guy named Tyler! This dude was a genius! He has read every religious book on the Earth! Seriously! He mentioned religious books to me that I didn't even knew existed. We asked him about the Book of Mormon and he knew everything. It was scary awesome. We are hopefully going to be able to work with him more and help him get his answer from God that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on earth. We were biking to another appointment and I swerved so hard almost falling off my bike because this guy had a Ferrari 430 and a brand-new Corvette Stingray in his garage. We knocked on his door and talked a little bit about cars! He gave us "life advice" on how to make it and "be rich." It was almost identical to what we share as missionaries. It’s an eternal truth. You set goals work hard for it..Christ makes up for the rest. We focus on what is important and forget the distractions that happen around us and 100% believe that the goal we have set will happen. It’s so true. The gospel is so true! I can’t believe that people just can’t see it!

We were sitting at dinner Thursday night and President calls our phone. Elder Ravsten hands it to me to answer. I answer the phone and President asks me to hand it right back to Elder Ravsten. Elder Ravsten got called to train. He will have a new missionary. That means I'm getting transferred! Sweetness! It will be cool to see where I go!

Friday Elder Ravsten went to a “Train the Trainers Meeting” so I was with the Zone Leaders for the beginning of the day. Elder Escoton, the missionary from the Philippines, found a Pilipino family. Instantly Tagalog was flying in the air. I was so lost but it was so cool to see Elder Escoton share the Gospel in another language. Ever since that event I have been learning Tagalog! I know Magaling, which is "very good," Ojo which is "yes,".  I’m going to be bilingual before I know it! Friday night we had a member pay for us to eat at Sizzler and then he had to leave to go to a family emergency. It was pretty good but kinda weird to not have the member stay with us.

Another basketball game was on the TV! It was the Rockets vs the 76ers. Nothing special. I think I'm having basketball withdrawals. I miss not being able to watch the games or play all the time. 

Saturday is the big day everyone finds out where they get transferred too. In the morning, we ate a Vegan meal with a less active member. It wasn't bad food just not the best breakfast I have ever had. It was super nice, about 60 degrees, all day and so I had to play someone in a "beat ya teach ya" game! There was no one old enough to play against. I didn't want to play a bunch of little kids. I was bummed. We saw and talked to a lot of people. Everyone was outside enjoying the nice weather. It was great to bike around in short sleeve shirt for once too!

We were taken to Five Guys for dinner and our member talked our heads off. Finally, after dinner it was night time so we knew the Zone Leaders were going to call me soon to tell me where I was being transferred too. We were sitting in car driving to church and the APs call me.... not the Zone Leaders!          "Elder Nelson after much fasting and prayer the Lord has called you to be a District Leader in the Carmichael Zone. You will be serving in the Del Campo Ward. Will you accept this call?"      Oh my lanta!!!!! Of course, I said yes, I will accept. I now am responsible for 6 other missionaries. Two of those missionaries in my district are the APs. And now every Thursday I will give District Meetings at the Mission office (because that is where my district holds them). So most likely President could show up to my District Meetings not to mention the APs are already there! I'm a four month old missionary! I don’t know what the heck to do! I’m going to die! I'm called as a District Leader. That is super rare for a missionary as new as me! Whatever I'm doing I must be doing something right.

Sunday was a great/sad day. I went around the ward having to say Goodbye to everyone. It was just full of packing. The day went super fast. We didn't do a lot really.

Monday was officially transfer day and I made it to my new area just fine. Unpacking sucks bad! We have two investigators here to teach not a whole lot going on in the Del Campo Ward. I'm determined to make this place blow up and have a lot of people to teach. The Ward boundaries are super small compared to Natomas 1st area. Del Campo Ward is an all bike area, no car. So, we have to rely on the Zone Leaders to get us everywhere for shopping and getting food. It will be a learning experience area for sure. No doubt this will be hard. My new companion is from Texas. He lives like 10 minutes away from Elder Ravsten. Elder Pastor is 20 months out on his mission so he is almost done.

I’m doing good! It is weird being transferred but I will get used to the change. My new apartment is so much nicer than the last apartment. Its only my companion and I though. There aren’t 4 missionaries in one apartment. 

Elder Nelson

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  1. That is super fun - his letters are just so uplifting! Love it!