Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The work carries on!

Another week in the books out here in the life of serving the Lord. Monday/P-Day was the same. Shop, email, and balling!

Tuesday was different! We did service in the morning at Fair Oaks park spreading mulch all over. It wasn't hard labor just a little boring...so of course we made it fun by making caves in the side of the giant mulch piles. The caves were huge I could crawl all the way inside! After that service project, we jumped over to another service project at an older couple’s house. We helped them out by moving and organizing all of their junk. Putting garbage in a giant trailer and putting items they were keeping in the garage. It was a huge mess! Some of the movers there were not members so we had a chance after the move to share the Restoration with them and passed out three Book of Mormons to them. They don't live anywhere close to California so we aren't sure if anything came of the lesson but I'm sure seeds were planted! We had Ward Correlation that night at the church building. It actually was a super good meeting and missionary work is slowly picking up in this ward! Progress is progress so I'm not going to complain! 

Wednesday, we started the day off having Companionship inventory. Basically, a time we spend talking about what can be improved in our companionship. We didn't get out the door until 11:15! *major eye roll* I was not a happy camper. The whole day was kinda shot. Since my companion woke up late we had no plans set for that day because we didn't plan together and I'm pretty sure the Lord made the day hard on us because we were not out in the world preaching repentance. The only good part of the day was we were able to teach the Youth in our Ward about missionary work again. We focused on Alma 6:6 and D&C 14:8! Taught about praying for opportunities to share the gospel and then capitalizing on the chances that the Lord gives us! 

Thursday was a wonderful and much needed! I did not give a District Meeting because there was Zone Conferences. That’s were 4 zones meet together and we all learn from President! It was super long but super powerful. It went from 9am-4pm! The topic of the conference was 'Master Students Master Teachers'. If we want to become Master Teachers of repentance than we must be Master Students and learn at the Master's level. President focused on us having more engaged and meaningful studies in the mornings! It was spirit driven and an amazing Conference. This is not to sound cocky at all but somehow my name is getting around the mission. Lots of missionaries come up to me that I have never seen before and said they have heard lots of awesome things about how I am a good missionary, funny, laid back and fun, good ball player, but very obedient and a hard worker! I was amazed but happy that there is a good word going around about me I guess! I made lots of new missionary friends! We were supposed to go into the Zone Leaders area and do exchanges but apparently, they forgot about the day they set with us and had to cancel. Nice!

Friday was a pretty slow day. In the morning, no one was home! It was super slow! We went to disgusting McDonalds for lunch! There was a member from Folsom Stake who was there and paid for our meal which was super nice of him. He totally reminded me to Uncle Jake. The way he talked and cracked jokes was 100% Jake. He even kept on saying "c’mon bro, you mad bro" which is a Jake phrase so it made it that more hilarious. We ended up talking to a lot of people Friday night but no one was interested and we got a lot of rejection! Rough day but it’s all part of the work so nothing to be surprised about! Our member took us to Taco Bell for dinner. Between McNasty and Taco Smell I was feeling so sick I thought I was going to die!

Saturday, we went to a sister’s house to help her move and three people showed up to help! It was the slowest move ever. The sister did not have a moving truck, nothing in her house was actually in boxes yet, and we used two tiny Nissan frontier trucks to carry furniture. The trucks beds were maybe 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. It barely fit anything in it. We spent 3 hours helping and then we left because it was painful! We went out proselyting and we tracked for once. It was the first time my whole mission we truly tracked. It was 2 small courts so nothing big or special. We got one potential investigator out of about 10 houses. Super inefficient and slow way to find people but it was an interesting experience. Saturday night was the Youth Fundraiser and spaghetti dinner. They were selling desserts for most of the auction items. There was a 40-pound cake there that sold for $200! It was insane! Super fun night and was able to bond with the ward as well! Some members even gave their cakes they bought/won to us...I don't even know what to do with those cakes! 

Sunday was super good. It was our Ward Conference and the Stake President and the Stake 1st counselor were both sick so the 2nd counselor was running the show! He did a great job and Sacrament meeting was great. We sat in Gospel Principles and learned about prayer and Elders Quorum we studied Elder Uchtdorf talk 'Forth floor Last Door'! I have studied that talk like 5 times since it was given last General conference. It’s a good one. Maybe God is trying to tell me something I keep missing in that talk! We had our weekly lunch at the Palu family's home again. This time they had a big feast and invited family over. When Tonga families get together you know it’s going to be a big party! I just love spending time with these people. I know I have said that before but their culture and way of life is so upbeat and they are all hilarious!

On our bikes, Sunday, we were headed to see some investigators and we caught our Recent Convert Haley walking on the side of the road. We had about 2-hour discussion on the side of the road about a lot of her concerns and doubts she was having. Luckily with guidance of the spirit we were able to help her out and bring more peace to her heart. She was happy she went on the walk and came across us because she was saying she felt like something was just feeling wrong. It sounds like we filled that hole! Bonus points for us missionaries! 

Love Elder Nelson

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  1. I used to take Josh and Megan (when they were younger to that Fair Oaks Park (with the chickens of course). Cool that he did a service project there. Hard when you have companion inventory and it takes a while (meaning your companion has issues with you). I hope he keeps his positive self!! Gooo Elder Nelson!!