Monday, February 6, 2017

This last P-Day was the first P-Day with the new added 2 hours. We were able to start shopping at 8am instead of 10am. We went grocery shopping at Winco, went to Walmart and lunch at Cafe Rio all before 10 am! We played basketball of course and the Carmichael Zone/stake knows how to ball. It was actually fun and competitive.
The Del Campo Ward is so small that we don't have a car and it is super hilly. We bike up and down hills all day its quite the workout. Which I need because I'm still getting fat! It will never end. Sorry if you hate reading about me being fat!
Wednesday, we went around the ward and I was able to meet all the Auxiliaries and the recent converts to the ward. Everyone is super nice and fun to talk.   We found a lot of new people to teach.  It was a blessing. We actually have a few people to meet with regularly. Still slow in this area. We are not nearly as busy as Natomas 1st Ward. We have a lot more time to be on bikes and try to talk to people. In Natomas, it was all appointments and doing investigation work on members or recent move ins/outs. My goal for this Ward is to be as busy as the last ward. That means I have a lot to do and that will keep me busy and work hard. I started preparing for District Meeting. I was stressing so hard about District Meeting that it was just like a burning feeling in me all the time. I prayed that whatever I was able to prepare to the best of my ability, that God will make up for the rest! 
Thursday was a weird day. The mission held the first ever District Leader Council. That is where all the District Leaders in the whole mission meet and discuss our role with President and the APs. It was a big meeting with about 20 Elders there. For me it was a learning experience not a "what can I do better". Literally everything in that meeting was revelation with what I needed to learn to be a good District Leader. It was a huge answer to my prayers.
I had to get a ride with the Office Elders to that meeting. Elder Fudge, one of the Office Elder, is in charge of setting every meeting up and so I helped him out. It was pretty cool seeing all the behind the scenes of meetings. After the meeting, we went and checked on some investigators in the area book who have been borderline baptized.
Three people have said they would be baptized if they could get over one "little" thing. We visited them and it sounds like to me there is more than just one little thing. I’m going to be bold with them and tell them "that it doesn't matter what concerns you have but on the other side of baptism God will bless you and all the concerns will work out" I’m hoping and praying that it is their time and God has prepared them. It would be sick to get three more baptisms. 
Friday was the big day! Studies ended at 10am and District Meeting started at 10:30. I was scared out of my mind. I prepared the best I could and was relying on the Lord. Well long, painful, embarrassing, choppy, and ugly meeting District said I killed it. They said it was one of the best and most spiritual uplifting meetings they have been too. Looking back at it, there was no way I was in the same meeting as the rest of my District!!! Like how was I was able to help the APs and STLs feel uplifted and excited to preach the gospel??? Anyways I know the spirit was there and that I was not the Teacher. I’m happy I wasn't the teacher because it would have sucked but again another answer to my prayers.
Later that day we ate dinner with the ward clerk’s family. The ward clerk he was interrogating me so bad. It was actually tons of fun. I really feel like he got to know me instead of just asking the basic questions. We biked a lot Friday and it was raining really good! I was soaked!
Saturday was a horrible day. My companion and I had an issue (not going to get into it) but we had a talk about the issue and are working on moving forward. I learned a lot from this day and I want to share what I learned. 1. Life sucks and things happen that our out of our control so we have to suck it up and deal with it! 2. Having the ability to trust someone is huge! Not just on my mission but the importance of it in any relationship. 3. When you are tired and don't want to work...JUST DO IT! Push through and work and you will get blessings and lastly 4. People make mistakes! That’s the beauty of the Atonement. Forgive and forget. You don't have to like the person but accept them for who they are. 
Sunday was different. Going to a new ward where I don’t know anyone in an unfamiliar building was exciting. It definitely adds a twist in things! Luckily the gospel is the same everywhere so I still felt the spirit and knew I was making the right choice. The people in the ward are a little older. We had a member feed us dinner and they strategically faced us away from the T.V but just at the right spot where they could see it. The Super Bowl is a pain when you are on a mission. No one wants the annoying missionaries at their door when the game is on. No one wants to miss a play. Hey, I don't blame them I probably would do the same. My view for missionaries has changed since I was on a mission. I used to dread the missionaries coming over and hated they would stay forever. But in reality, it is a blessing for them because we get a real meal. A roof over our heads and people who will actually be nice and talk to us. Props to missionaries everywhere! I will treat them all better when I get home!
Del Campo Ward is a ward for the deaf. They have interpreters at services. Sooo… guess what good ole Elder Nelson is learning… sign language. I can sign the whole alphabet already and can say "Sign Slower!" I’m a stud I know I will be trilingual before I know it! I will speak English, Tagalog, and ASL! 

As a District Leader one of my responsibilities is to do "Progress Calls" with everyone in my District. That means I call them on the phone and make sure that they are alive and have been doing well. I help them with their progression with investigators and them as missionaries. I like being District Leader. It gives me more responsibilities, yes, but I feel way more involved in the work and feel like I actually mean something! 
Thank you all for the Birthday gifts and wishes on Facebook. It made me miss home a little bit.....but then I remembered I’m not a BABY so then I didn't miss home anymore.😉  I'm doing good. A little different struggle than what I'm used to on my mission so far, this week but time and work will fix it all up!!
I'm excited for the future. I just reread my letter and there were a lot of struggles sorry if I feel like I'm complaining! I’m not complaining I promise! I'm giving you my weekly update because if I didn't Mother Nelson would kill me, it’s different! 😊
Elder Nelson! 🏀

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