Monday, March 20, 2017

Another week in the field!

Last P-Day was actually sweet! We mixed it up a little bit! We still shopped at WinCo! We went to the Sunrise Mall and it was actually pretty fun. It’s a small mall but it was the best shopping area I think in the Carmichael area. Yes, I bought new sweat shorts! I had too! We went to the Fair Oaks park and played basketball, botchy ball, and football! It was super-hot but it was a good tan for all of us missionaries. We ate dinner at a member’s house that night. The member makes 3D pictures and frames them! It’s the coolest thing ever I think I might get my picture taken with it! There was a lot of sicknesses and surgeries going on in the ward! 

Wednesday, we did service like we usually do spreading mulch around! It was a different location this week! We went to Phoenix Park instead of Fair Oaks Park. The biggest focus right now is finding new investigators! Elder Kahle is a sweet companion and we are killing it talking with everyone! We probably talk to 50 people at least on the streets every day! It’s so awesome! A lot of good things are going to happen I can tell! We got swarmed but this group of 15 gothic kids! They were super nice and asked crazy questions about the church! They were not interested in the Book of Mormon but thought all of our answers made sense.

Thursday morning Elder Kahle and I spent 3 hours at the church organizing the Area Book on the iPads. There were lots of people who do not live in the ward anymore or investigators that didn't even have street addresses. It was a long task but so worth it in the end! We spent some time with the Recent Converts in the Ward so Elder Kahle could learn more about them and get to know them. We had dinner at a member’s home, who made all homemade Chinese food! It was super good! My fortune cookie said," There are 365 days in a year. May all 365 of your dreams come true" it was pretty cool! I believe that one dream a day keeps Satan away? We have officially started a list of key people to see for Auxiliaries and ward members. The work is coming along nicely! 

Friday was Saint Patrick’s Day. I swear everyone was in the grumpiest mood! Literally every person we talked to got rid of us! No one wanted to talk! It was interesting. We are so straight up with people sometimes too that there is no way they can't misunderstand us. I gave District Meeting on Friday instead of Thursday because of Transfers. Again, another District Meeting in the books. All the missionaries said they enjoyed it and they learned from it. I’m starting to get to the point where I don't believe them or I’m starting to actually believe that am good at conducting these meetings.

The warm weather is sucking the energy out of my I feel like I'm literally exhausted! The members we ate dinner with threw a huge party! People from all over the Stake came and it was crazy! We actually had to leave because people were going to insane even for the missionaries. 

Saturday, we did Team-ups with the Zone Leaders. We taught our progressing investigator the Plan of Salvation. Saturday was a long day! Lots of contacting and lots of NOs! I ran over a squirrel on my bike! I was just biking along minding my own business and it jumped out of the bushes and I ran it over. It was straight dead! Oops! 

Emailing keeps getting harder and harder! I will try my best to keep them interesting! We went to Best Buy today so Elder Kahle could get a new iPad case and we all got trucked out of our minds. We felt Amish going through that store with all the technology stuff! Literally thought I was going to die! 

Elder Nelson

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