Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Transfer week!

Last P-Day we had Zone activities and played volleyball and human fuse-ball! I called the office Monday morning and I WILL be getting a new bike sometime this week! It just has to come in the mail! We had a Leadership Meeting. We set a goal as a Zone to find 16 new investigators for that week!

Tuesday, we had some good connections with some of our investigators. Two of our investigators has offered to have us over for dinner and want to be on our dinner calendar rotation. It was super sweet! We ate dinner at this member’s house and they have a 19-year-old daughter (who my companion is fond of) she brought four of her friends over and it was the weirdest dinner I have ever had!  The parents talked about marriage the whole time. They weren't suggesting anything with us and the girls at the table but the topic of marriage was everywhere! It felt like a YSA lecture! We ended the night having Ward Correlation Meeting with all the Auxiliaries. It was a super bomb meeting and all the Auxiliaries were willing and excited to work on missionary work! The ward is starting to bloom, I'm so excited!! After the meeting the High Priest Group Leader told me that "a wave of missionary work has spread through the ward and everyone is noticing the difference you are making Elder Nelson" Heck Yeah! I live for those little praises! I was more motivated to work harder than ever!

Wednesday morning, we got the LDS media app approved for missionaries on our iPads. That app is so cool! It has way better videos than the gospel library! Some of those videos literally teach our whole lessons in about 1 minute! That app is stealing missionaries thunder! My replacement bike got a flat tire while we were out and about! We walked back to our apartment because we were unable to get a hold of a member to pick us up! We walked maybe 3 miles home. One member gave us a call back so we got a ride to our appointment from our apartment. The rest of the day we tried to hitch rides around with people because we had no bikes with us! It was a weird day! 

Thursday I gave another District Meeting! Everyone said it was a great meeting. I talked about us becoming like Jesus Christ by teaching the same way he does and did! We used actual phrases and questions that Jesus Christ himself used in the meeting! It was super cool! We ate dinner at the Massey home. We had the senior couple missionaries, service missionaries, ward missionaries, and then us as full-time missionaries over for dinner! That was cool to see how everyone can serve the Lord is different ways but all have the same goal! 

Friday, we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. We went into their area in Carmichael Ward! We had all positive contacts and passed out maybe 10 Book of Mormons that day! It was Bomb!! We had a lesson with a guy named Larry. He was not all the way there. He said he took all the pills he had in his house. He literally was lost in the sauce! We were laughing during that lesson because he wouldn't listen and then change the subject! At the end of the day the Zone Leader said it was an awesome exchange and they wish I could be in their area to help find more investigators! 

Saturday was one of the busiest days of the whole mission! We went and cleaned the church building at 8:30-11! And then moved a lady move furniture out of her mansion house from 11:30-1! Helped an investigator move into our ward from Fair Oaks 3rd Ward from 1:30-4! Ate dinner at 5-6! And the rest of the day Proselyted! It was crazy! I was exhausted!

Sunday was great! It was all about the women in our lives and the great role they play! It was super awesome topic and makes me happy for an amazing mom, grandma, aunts, cousins, etc.! I’m hoping one day my wife will be on that list as well! There was lots of good tips/pointers for a healthy relationship with husbands and wives! It was a great service! Sunday night we watched the President Eyring and Elder Holland face2face with the youth in our ward! It was super good! 

Now Monday was the best day of them all! My new companion is Elder Kahle from American Fork Utah! He was previously a Zone Leader with Elder Henderson, my trainer! The first thing we did together was sing to the new missionaries who came through the mission office and helped them pack their cars to their new areas. All the sisters that came in this transfer are going home the same time I do! I can remember my first day of the mission! Does not seem like it was 6 months ago! The first night Elder Kahle and I had together, we got a lot done! I’m so amped out of my mind for this transfer! 

Elder Nelson

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