Monday, March 6, 2017

Stolen bike!!

This week was insane, ridiculous, and magnificent!

Last Monday was wonderful! Got to play some ball like normal! The new thing around the mission is missionaries buying Silver coins. Its super weird but lot of missionaries have spent over $100 on silver. It’s an abomination to God to seek for riches before the kingdom of God! We actually had some extra time and took a nap on P-Day too, it was great! Elder Pastor and I had a first super good lesson together. The investigators, Karissa and Mike, actually soaked in the Plan of Salvation and want to learn more! It was awesome! We had a Leadership Meeting and the other district leader in the zone didn't show up so that was weird! He wouldn’t answer his phone or anything! 

Tuesday, we spread more mulch around at the Fair Oaks Park. That service activity is getting old. We spend 2 hours in the morning doing nothing but spreading wood chips around. We were able to meet with a couple Less active families in the ward Tuesday evening and they all committed to come back to church. It was cool to see their perspective change and them want to come back to church.

Wednesday was super warm it was about 70 degrees all day! I didn't use a sweater I just had my white shirt on and was getting a nice tan! I’m so ready for warm weather and no more rain! We had a lesson with a family about the temple and eternal marriage. The wife 100% agrees and knows it is true but the husband is iffy about it the whole concept. The worst part is the husband refuses to pray and find out if what we are sharing is true! That family will get baptized if the husband can agree with something!!! I watched the Meet the Mormons movie again and just the part about Anthony and his mom! Funny, I bawled my eyes out again! I don't know why I decided to watch that again- just did!

Thursday, we did exchanges with the Assistants. They are in my District and so as a District leader it is my responsibility to go on exchanges with them. All four missionaries spent 24 hours in the Del Campo area and it was super fun! I was with Elder Schenk and that man is awesome! I actually enjoyed going out and working because he would make a conscious effort to talk to people and work hard! We planned in about 5 people to see the whole day. Our goal was to talk to literally every soul we saw even if they were in their house through a window or a person way down the street the complete opposite way of our direction. We estimated that we talked to 85 people that day on the streets! The funniest part about that is not a single person was interested in learning more! We got rejected 85 times! Oh man! It honestly was a blast! We were so straight forward with people and did not beat around the bush at all and people still refused! Crazy! After the exchanges, we always do an evaluation afterwards. Elder Schenk said that I am an awesome District Leader and an even better missionary! Hard work is paying off I guess because some people are seeing it! 

Friday, we had Zone Training from the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders! President and Sister Jardine came to the meeting as well! I think the Zone Leaders were scared/nervous! They focused on Commitments we leave with investigators and companionships still having daily goals! After the meeting, I saw I had a package from the fam. It was the “6 month out package” and it was so awesome! Best package I have gotten on the mission so far! Very clever mother Nelson! Between the exchange and the package, I felt so rejuvenated and ready to work harder than ever! I let my companion know that I was going to become his worst enemy because I'm going to be doing everything right and I'm not letting him hold me back. Friday night as we were biking back home on Madison and San Juan, we heard this truck drive by and yell something at us and then we heard a huge gunshot noise! We weren't 100% sure if they just tried to drive by shoot us and just missed or if it was just a noise the truck made?? The truck was fairly new maybe a 2010 so I don't think it was a backfire or anything like that! It was scary! 

Saturday morning I woke up my companion at 6:30am by turning on every light in the apartment and banging pots and pans together like that vine of the mom who does it to her kids! "I DONT GET SLEEP CAUSE OF YALL, YALL DONT GET SLEEP CAUSE OF ME!" He hated it but I didn't care! I grabbed his clothes and threw them to him and we were able to go to the gym in the apartment complex! I finally got a good workout! I decided that I would try to eat better and exercise harder! That will help me not feel so bad! We did service in the morning cleaning some garbage around someone house and taking down an old shed! That reminded me of the house grandpa and I would do! It was fun! After that we did service at this lady's house. We did her back lawn because it was a forest! This lady had the biggest dog I have ever seen! She had a Bull Mastiff. It was the size of a mastiff and had a body like a bull dog! It was literally more ripped and bigger than me! Coolest dog to play fetch with though! It looked like a small bear running around! 

Sunday was an awesome day! We had that family we talked about temples and eternal marriage with show up to church! It was fast and testimony meeting and I know that they felt the spirit and I know that the husband had to feel something that hopefully inspired him to read and pray! They even stayed for 2nd hour and listened to the gospel principles lesson on prophets. What a perfect topic because the husband isn't sure about Joseph Smith! We went home with about 7 million treats from members after church! We literally are loaded I don't know what else we need! We went to Karl's house and investigator who is getting married to a member and he straight forward said he wanted to get baptized. We taught the first lesson and put him on date for baptism!!! Heck Yeah! They get married March 25th and his baptism will be April 8th a week after general conference. We have another lesson with him Wednesday! I always joke with Elder Pastor because I have been telling him that I want a baptism in the Del Campo ward super bad! Well I finally got an answer to my many prayers it just came at a cost.....yeahh after the lesson we walked outside and MY BIKE WAS STOLEN! Hahaha! My bike was on the porch next to the door and Elder Pastors bike was on the driveway! But my bike still got stolen and his didn't get touched! I wasn’t even mad because Karl wants to be baptized. We put a report to the sheriff’s office and today I will talk to the office about getting a new one! The fact that my bike was stolen and someone actually wanted to get baptized felt so awesome and strange at the same time that I became so hyper! I straight was dancing everywhere like the freak I am! I officially am having a blast out here on the mission again! I feel like I learned how to balance out hard things with things that make me happy!

Elder Nelson down n out!

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