Monday, April 17, 2017

Next week are transfers...

Last Monday Elder Kahle had the chance to go to Coloma with the departing missionaries which means I got a new companion for most of the day. I was with my Zone Leader, Elder Worthen, from Kuna Idaho. There was lots of mixed emotions that made Monday crazy. I was able to play some basketball and if anyone knows me that is the best therapy for me! I literally didn't miss one shot, it felt like I made 99/100 shots. We went to Chilis for dinner because Elder Kahle and I were craving some normal restaurant food! We walked in the same time as other members and they offered to feed us and for us to sit with them. It was super nice of them!  We ended the night at a Leadership Meeting...which really almost the whole Zone showed up so it was more of a Zone council!

Tuesday, we did service at the Fair Oaks Park. We finally upgraded from spreading mulch to weeding different areas of the park. Some upgrade I guess! Anyways we focused on the 3 foot weeds next to Madison Ave. (North side) of the park. The only tools they gave us were hoes. Well hoes are not useful at all for weeding 3 foot tall weeds, it was the dumbest thing ever. So, frustrating but whatever! Smile and wave! The really only big highlight of Tuesday was we had Ward Correlation Meetings with the Auxiliaries. There is always great information shared in those and it really helps us as missionaries with our work! We caught the Zone Leaders in the FHC room after the Ward Meeting! We had a fun time just cracking jokes and just being laid back making fun of different things on the mission! It was about 8:30pm and we had nothing better to do! 

Wednesday, we started the day off doing service in the Sisters area by helping their investigators move some furniture. We moved a dinosaur TV that weighted more than me! It was a back breaker for sure! The weather was actually nice for once and we caught some people play basketball at the park! It was perfect time for "beat ya teach ya!" Of course, we won!!! So, we taught them and gave them a Book of Mormon and invited them to church. After the game an older man came up to me and said I chose the wrong profession. He told me I should play ball instead of being a response was "thanks but Jesus Christ could get me farther in this life than basketball would." For dinner, we had a nonmember feed us! It was interesting! His ex-wife was a member and he always enjoyed when missionaries were in his house! I forgot to write in my journal this day so I can’t remember what really happened the rest of the day! 

Thursday, we had Zone Conference. The focus of the Conference was the 4 pillars of obedience, knowledge, attitude, and work ethic. It was a good refresher on the basics of missionary work! Thursday night was mayhem. Elder Kahle had a Recent Convert going to the temple so he was headed up there with the East Sacramento Zone Leaders...which happens to be Elder Henderson! I stayed with our Zone Leaders in Carmichael.

Friday, it was cold outside! We were in jackets riding bikes! The Novak's were nice enough to let us inside their house and feed us lunch. In return we helped them clean out their garage. It took about an hour for us to clean up the garage and in the garage, was a pool table! We had nothing set for Friday afternoon sooo we played some pool! The last time I played pool was at Grandma and Grandpa Hindleys house in Utah! Anyways it was super fun to play and actually super relaxing! I am a lot better than I thought I was! We went back out in the cold and no one was outside to talk to and maybe 1/15 doors actually opened! It was a very slow day! We ended the night weekly planning! We sat in the church building and set goals and made plans for this upcoming week! Crazy to think that the 22nd is transfer calls day! 

Saturday, we ate breakfast at McDonalds and planned for our day there! Saturday, it seemed like everyone was either "too busy" to talk to us because of Easter plans or out of town for Easter! It was annoying that us as missionaries could not talk about Jesus as much as we wanted to before Easter. Everyone we met we invited to church and gave them the time and address regardless if they were interested or not! It almost seems like missionary work is slowing down everywhere! Just not a whole lot has been going on since the New Year came around! It’s weird! 

Elder Nelson

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