Wednesday, April 26, 2017

No transfer this week and no pictures to share!

Last P-Day was awesome! We played some dodgeball in the gym and played best of 7 game series! I wonder where I got that idea from (Playoffs that I can’t watch)! Our Zone activity for the day was eating pizza and just relaxing! Well I don't relax so that lasted maybe 10 minutes for me and I am off to basketball! We played basketball for 5 hours straight! 5 hours! I am way out of shape and it was killer but so so fun! We ate dinner at an older couples’ home who had a little dog that loved our ankles! I probably got bit by the little guy 5 times! Luckily the dog was tiny and it never hurt it was just annoying! Even on the mission everyone talks about the NBA playoffs it is hard to not hear about it and not miss basketball! 

Tuesday I was so sore from playing basketball laughing hurt! It actually made me laugh that it hurt so bad, that it created this vicious cycle that made me laugh and cry at the same time..if that even makes sense. Elder Kahle and the Zone Leaders did Family History at the church and I'm not the best at Family History so I cleaned our Area Book and spent time looking for some focus people to try and contact. The Zone Leaders took us to Mongolian BBQ for lunch and it was super good! I ate so much food I thought I was going to explode. To make things better our dinner called and asked if they could serve us dinner early. I was not hungry! The dinner was straight dessert so I was suffering from food! That night we had a Ward Correlation Meeting. The main focus is this family that we are teaching and how they are progressing. They are reading the Book of Mormon everyday so things are looking good! I’m super hoping for a baptism this transfer!! 

Wednesday Elder Kahle was feeling super trunky and didn't want to learning from the Last Transfer with my old companion, I called the Zone Leaders and did a team up with them. Elder Worthen and I went out to work and we actually find some new people to teach so that was awesome! It was productive and I felt good about my decision to do that team up! Wednesday was pretty slow day. For dinner, we went to Black Bear Diner with some members and it was really good! Elder Kahle got a flat tire after dinner and that pretty much took up the rest of the night walking to the apartment and fixing the flat! 

Thursday I gave District Meeting and talked about Accountability. It was setup like a chastisement meeting but I promised them that if it felt like that then it was the spirit's fault! After the meeting, Elder Hafen and Kahle (the trunky bunch) wanted to pull some pranks at the other missionaries so Elder Worthen and I did another team up and let them go be dumb! Elder Worthen and I taught a lesson about the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and the Sabbath Day. It was a powerful lesson and their investigator absorbed the commandments. We had another huge dinner at the traditional Thursday dinner at the Masseys home! After the dinner, I could not get my companion out to Proselyte! Dang! Transfer week is always a slow and lazy week for every missionary! It’s weird but it’s a mission fact!

Friday I tricked the Zone Leaders into thinking I was training a new missionary for transfers. I got dressed up in my suit and everything! They drove us to the Deseret Building and when we pulled in the parking lot I told them I lied, I mean tricked them. They thought it was hilarious! They could not wrap their brains around the fact I tricked them! We helped the Zone Leaders with service that morning (yes, I changed out of the suit for service). We moved some bamboo around this older man’s backyard. Once the service was over we weekly planned and both Elder Kahle and I decided that when the new transfer comes around and if we are still together we are going to work hard and kill it! Friday afternoon and evening we worked the whole time and made some good things happen!  Friday in the parking lot of McDonalds, some lady walked up to Us (Elder Kahle, Hafen, Worthen and I) and told us that we are the most correct church on Earth except the fact we have "golden statues on our temples" and that we "shouldn’t worship statues like the gold calf!" She came at us with some heat and was mad and expected us to take the Angel Moroni Statue down like at that exact moment! I bounced back and said 1. Exodus 20:4-5 says if we bow down and serve the "statue" then we are in the wrong 2. The King James Bible (most correct translation of the bible) says engraven images and the NIV version says statues so I told her to be careful which what book she was reading and 3. That we are called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because we worship Jesus Christ and not anything on the outside of our temples! The lady called me a BLASPHEMER!! and walked away! I felt like a boss! She wouldn’t take a Book of Mormon after that but everyone was dying laughing because I have "no chill"

Saturday was the big day! Transfer calls day!! Spoiler alert Elder Kahle and I stayed together! Nothing changed. I’m still District Leader.

The Zone Leaders slept over at our apartment to help us with service early in the morning at one of our investigators house. The yard was a legit jungle. It reminded me of the houses grandpa and I used to do for property management. After the service, I showered and got ready for a baptismal interview with an investigator of the Assistants. Shar, the investigator, passed the interview and I love doing interviews because the spirit is powerful in them! That night we had dinner with the Palu Family and they took us to Buffalo Wild Wings! You know what that means! The Playoff games were on the 4 million tvs in that place! I couldn't help but watch I felt so bad but I didn’t have a choice! Basketball is too fun to watch! We watched the overtime thriller of Game 4 Grizzlies vs. Spurs and it was sick! It filled the missing basketball hole in my heart so I felt better! 

Sunday was church and a huge announcement with someone that is coming to our Carmichael Stake but I can’t give any names! I’ll just let you know I'm absolutely going to get a picture with him or sneak a picture whatever it takes!! It will be in a couple of weeks though! I had some crazy cool Patriarchal Blessings revelations at church. It blew my mind actually! I was in awe! I got a journal today to write down all the things I learned on my mission about my Patriarchal Blessing! 

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