Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This week was a little harder...!

Last P-Day was boring. We didn't do anything excited. We sat at the church building and just laid around bored! I played basketball for maybe 3 hours and then took a nap on the stage. I found a nice Relief Society lady to sow my pants together for me. I have two pants left (besides my suit pants) from when I can out on my mission. I'm getting so fat that I am exploding seams and ripping holes. Monday night I was able to perform another baptismal interview for an investigator of the Assistants. Later on, that week the investigator backed out of the baptism last second. It was sad. President says that lots of investigators get put on date for baptism and then for some reason they back out! 

Tuesday I got invited to sit in MLC (Mission Leadership Council). That council originally is just for the Zone Leaders and they meet with President and the APs to talk about the needs of the mission. It was great to be able to see how the mission truly works. Of course, my favorite part was being able to see Elder Henderson. During lunch in the intermission of the MLC Elder Henderson and I were catching up and straight dying laughing about everything going on in life. We have become true friends and it’s awesome! After the MLC I got back in the Del Campo area and we received four referrals from Salt Lake. Two of them was in a part member family, and the other two got lost in space apparently. All of them are super interested and were actually happy to see us! We are trying to make the best of the opportunity we have. We got hooked up for dinner with a 'on the spot' meal to Panda Express! Tuesday night I made a video for Zone Training at request of the Zone Leaders, about how to NOT properly perform Progress Calls. Progress calls is when I call my District to see how there week went and how I can help them. I made it hilarious of course! The whole video was me playing basketball and "looking at pictures of my girlfriend" during the phone call. I win the funny contest.... if there was one! 

Wednesday, we had the opportunity to do exchanges with the Assistants. I was with Elder Watts. Our goal was to share to Easter initiative as many times as possible and find 2 new investigators. We started the day off with Service at Kim and Haley's house(RC) cutting bamboo. Bamboo is some strong stuff I had no idea it was that rough. After we got done with that service project we were on our way home to eat lunch and we saw an old couple working on their yard and offered to help them. They agreed and we did some yard work and put together some barrels for compost. It was good service and they were willingly to listen to a quick message. They have been interested in learning more and wanted us to come back another day. After lunch, Elder Watts finally got comfortable with me and cracked jokes the entire rest of the day. Everyone we met, whether they were members or not, he told them he was from Scotland and that I was training him. It was super hard not to just die laughing when he would say that because everyone believed. At the end of the day we shared the initiative 6 times and found 1 investigator and a half.... half because we don't have a return date to teach them again. Elder Watts had no improvements for me he told me to just keep improving in anyway and I will become a great missionary. It was a fun and good exchange. 

Thursday, it rained all day! I didn't have to give District Meeting because of Zone Training on Friday. I found out one of the Elders that came out with me from the MTC went home. He was one of my friends. We had 4 missionaries go home this week. From my original group that came out with me which was 8 total, only 3 are still out. It’s sad when I found out my friend went home. I seriously started balling my eyes out! It was sad. A lot of missionary work has dropped off, just people aren't interested and people won’t stay committed to baptism. All the missionaries are talking like the work for us is over😂😂 who knows lots of rumors as missionaries about second coming prophecies. We lose 23 missionaries next transfer (May 23ish?) and we only get one sister coming in that day! This is getting crazy out here!

I am sorry but I am not going to have time to write out the rest of this email. The highlights of the weekend were we found a new family to teach. They came to church Sunday and loved it. They want to get baptized but also want to know everything about the church before they do. My companion is trucky and its hilarious! I can mess with him whenever I want!

Elder Nelson

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