Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It's getting hot!

Last P-Day, because of all this "beef" with our Zone Leaders, we rode around to our Shopping Shenanigans with the Office Elders. We don't really get along. Only because they look at Elder Kahle and I as jocks and they are not...so it was a funky start to the day! Anyways you could tell that all four of us sucked up the fact we don't like each other and shopped and then went to the church and parted ways never talking to each other the rest of the day! It was funny to see how all of us were on the same page! We had the Assistants pick us up and they were actually going to play basketball with some ex missionaries who were visiting the mission for the day. We played with old Elder Butters and Jaramillo. It was fun. We had a good lesson with our investigator Gwen about the importance of church during her course of finding out if the church is true. 

Tuesday was the hottest day on the mission. According to my weather app on the iPad it said it was 100 degrees outside but felt like 106!! I wanted to die. My pants were like glued to my legs from sweat and my shirt was 100000% see through. It was a little funny talking to people because they looked at us like we were freaks. Weird kids on bikes, talking about Jesus, and are soaking wet from how hot it was. It probably would make a good comedy show! Regardless of the weather we made sure to work hard and to stay hydrated. We had the deepest doctrine dinner conversation with our members. Most of it was about the Plan of Salvation...you know the classic "doctrine" that is not stated anywhere in any of our books. It was fun to guess though. I got complimented on my knowledge for only being an 8-month missionary. 

Wednesday, we did our routine mulch in the park. I’m kind of sick of that service but it will never change. We had a really good lesson with a man named John about the Church compared to his church. It was cool to see differences as well as just how true our Church is. Meeting people who "follow" the Bible in their church but when you pull out a scripture on them from the Bible and they don't follow it. It’s hilarious! I love being a missionary. That is a huge testimony builder on how true and real the Holy Ghost is in learning the gospel. I love it- it’s so fun! We did splits with our new Elders Quorum Presidency. I was with the new President and he is hilarious.  A little racist and very liberal views and dead funny! 

Thursday there was no District Meeting but there was a Zone Conference. El Dorado, Folsom, North Sacramento, and Carmichael Stakes all meet together. Elder Henderson (trainer), Ravsten (2nd companion), Young-Yen (hilarious elder), Pastor, Scott (basketball player from Emmett) and Newton (MTC group) were all there. It was so fun to catch up with them. We had dinner at the Recent Converts of the Ward. It was a roast session on me apparently. Apparently, my teeth are too white and their 5-year-old daughter has the hots for me. It was great...NOT! Whatever! 

Friday, we had a lesson in the morning about Repentance, Temptations and the Devil. I wanted to share a little something I learned a couple of months ago about the Devil. In the BD under Satan...it means the slanderer and a slanderer is "the act or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation." It’s cool to see that our reputation is literal children of God who have the potential to obtain everything the Father has. Satan is trying his best to damage our chance of obtaining Exaltation. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share. Highlight of the day was we got challenged to play basketball by Conner Pope and his friends. Last time we killed them and this time he brought some of the Del Campo High School Basketball players. Well same result happened. We won. I love basketball! Wasn't even a competition either!

Saturday, we did a deep clean in our apartment because we live in a pig pen! Not anymore though because its clean! Actually, none of the apartments I have lived in ever get too dirty because my mom always comes out and is like reborn through me because I clean everything and freak out if a sock is left in the wrong spot! No offense to my mom I still love her but I act like her and it’s a little weird!  Transfers are next week and I so hope for a new companion that is well seasoned but far away from going home! 

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Call!

Tuesday, we did the classic mulch service at Miller Park! We had a Leadership Meeting in the middle of the day at the Stake Center. We discussed how the Zone was doing with different rules and how the proselyting was going! Tuesday was one of the hottest days I have been in for a long time. We ate dinner at Round Table and I had 10 pieces of pizza, salad, and cinnamon sticks...biking hurt all night! 

Wednesday I made my companion lead while we biked and start the conversations with people. I straight enforced those rules and made good things happen. We actually talked to a lot of people and it got him involved so it was worth it! The Longmire Family let us stay at their house for lunch. They gave us Hamburgers and told us to go cook them. We made some bomb burgers! It was a good lunch. We had a companion inventory in the middle of the day because of various reasons. I put on some glasses and got a pen/paper and treated the inventory like a counseling session. I thought it was funny!! Wednesday night we went on splits with the Elder Quorum Presidency and did our best to clean records up. Most of the people we saw already had updates in our "Area Book." 

Thursday I gave District Meeting. Everyone was having questions with how to bring members into their work. It was a simple answer but everyone wanted creative and crazy ideas. As missionaries, we teach the Doctrine of Christ. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. That’s how missionaries will get members involved, teaching them more about the Doctrine of Christ. We helped move boxes of books into the Fair Oaks Library for their book fair. It was a fun project. Book are crazy heavy. They told us we could take a free book but sadly on the mission we aren't allowed to read other material besides gospel related. For dinner, we went with the Zone Leaders to Chilis. The Spurs vs. Rockets game was on so we got to watch James Harden choke. To end the night Elder Kahle and I Weekly Planned and prepared for this upcoming week. 

Friday was exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Worthen. We had fun the whole day. We were serious when we needed to be but for the most part we were dying laughing. The first contact of the day accidentally was in the La Sierra Ward which is the Assistants Ward. Anyways we contacted this lady and offered to help her with service. She wanted help painting the inside of her house with her husband. Well it ends up that the husband is a member and the wife, who we saw on the street, was the nonmember. The Assistants were already planning on going by that day to teach a lesson, just so happens they also helped paint too. It was a cool and weird visit.

We learned about the new mutual app, which is gross!!! We didn’t know that some of the college kids were back from school and stopped by this house that had a huge "first summer party" it was nuts. I think all the people there didn't think we were actually missionaries. There was about 50-60 people there. We ended up passing out a couple Book of Mormons and they gave us some cake and cupcakes on the way out. It was a weird and awesome night. The Idaho Boys straight killed the work of Salvation in California that night. 

Saturday, we did service at the Fair Oaks park for their annual "It’s My Park Day." Lots of people come out and offer service and help around the park. Most of the projects was basic yard work. It looked really good once everything was done. We met some new investigators Saturday night we caught in their garage. The husband of the family told us to "enhance their understanding of Christ" and that's exactly what we did. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the role that it plays and how it came to be. The family was super excited to start reading their own copy of the Book. They were open minded and ended up loving what we shared. Hopefully this upcoming week we can meet with them and help them progress more! 

Sunday was great the only important part of Sunday was skyping the family of course. Sunday night we ate dinner at the Morgan’s house who had their whole family over. We played lots of games and had a fun time laughing and messing around. It was a good relaxing night that I haven't had in a long time! 

Elder Nelly! 

Monday, May 8, 2017

President Russell M. Nelson in the house!

This week was crazy sorry with will probably be a short email! 

The highlights of the week were District Meeting, I talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of using that in every contact. Since District Meeting was on Thursday, “May the Fourth be with you” we took a District picture with those masks you sent! We had a competition in our Zone to see which District could share the Book of Mormon more. Our District won and so the other District will bring us treats on Thursday for District Meeting. It was a fun competition! 

Saturday was the beginning of Stake Conference (President Russell M Nelson was presiding to reorganize the Stake Presidency.) It started at 7pm and we showed up to get good seats at 5:45! And guess what the best seats we got were the front row of the hard chairs. Still not bad but we needed to show up earlier. President Nelson talked about "Two Words....Temple Marriage" and "the importance of member work in missionary work." No need to brag but President Nelson said we have one of the best missions in the World because we have a temple with a temple president, lots of members in a small area as well as lots of nonmembers, lots of diversity and multiple stakes! It’s a blessing to serve in one of the best missions in the world. He gave us (missionaries) a shout out, and invited all of us to stand up so members could see who we are. It was crazy cool. 

Sunday the session started at 10am. So now we got to the Stake Center at 8:30am. Guess what? It was packed full! Almost to the middle of the hard chairs! I was mad. We decided to sit on the back stage with elevated "nose bleed seats", it was good! The theme for that conference was the Book of Mormon and how important it is for people to share it. Coincidence that District Meeting was the same top.... I think NOT! It was cool to see how the two went hand in hand with what I shared with my District. The spirit is real people! Sunday was also my 8 months! Still young though! 

This week we also had interviews with President on Wednesday. I went into the interview praying that somehow, we will talk a little about my Patriarchal Blessing. I just had some questions. The first line President says when I walked in was "I can tell that in your Patriarchal Blessing you have and will obtain great leadership positions and leadership skills" BOOM!!! could not have been any better than that. I love being able to meet with President and listen to his inspired words and motivation that he gives. 

Love Elder Nelson

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Last P-day was a normal day. Shop, email, and Ball! We found a place that could actually cut my hair so I'm happy about that! It’s a lot harder than I thought to find a decent haircut out here. Maybe it is just the area I am in right now! Our Zone Leaders decided to make a Zone competition between Districts to see which District can share the Book of Mormon the most during the week! If you know me you know I'm not going to lose even if I have to carry the team on my back to win!!

Wednesday was a boss day! I haven't proselyted that hard in a single day on my whole mission. I think we talked to about 120 people! It was sooo tiring! One thing I am starting to understand on my mission is that I am going to be tired everyday every hour no matter what I do! Socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually drained every night we get to the apartment. It’s fun but I am just accepting this concept! Elder Kahle and I are on this “find as many new investigators as humanly possible” grind. We want to set a new mission record if that’s possible. Just working our straight guts out! The Stake out here put on a Sports-O-Rama. It was a contest between 3 different teams playing all kinds of different sports. It was sick- I wish I could have played! 

Thursday, we did our weekly planning for the upcoming week! We decided that we don't care about our physical bodies (exaggeration) anymore and that the work of the Lord is more important. We set goals to just preach the gospel to the most hardcore ability ever. Even if we stand on people’s roofs and yell the gospel has been restored! We had an investigator pull out this 1-million-page long Pamphlet about the Mormon church and all the "crazy things" we believe in. We sat in that house for maybe 2 hours correcting that Pamphlet with scriptures from literally all 4 of the standard works. It was the craziest deep doctrine discussion I have ever had. It felt good that I knew all of it but at the same time we lost our investigator because he didn't want to stick to the basics of the Restoration. 

Friday I gave wonderful District Meeting again. We talked all about accountability. I read the "Your calling" section out of the white handbook and explained we are accountable to every person on Earth to share the gospel. It was pretty cool! We did some service for one of our old investigators. It was a jungle but it was cool to make it look nice when we were done. We still will have to go back and finish up the small things but it looks 100times nice. After the service, we got dropped off at our member’s house. The member had a family emergency pop up and so we had no ride to get back home...and we had no bikes because they were at the apartment. We made some calls and no one answered so we walked home. It took 30 minutes and we were still in service clothes. I felt like a local and it was the weirdest most awkward feeling ever looking like a normal person. It just felt off! 

Saturday, we worked super hard and it was hot so we were actually sweating like crazy. Being in pants during the summer is going to be an adventure. The best part is hopefully I will lose weight and not be fat anymore! We had a super powerful Plan of Salvation lesson with one of our investigators! She totally felt the spirit and the best part she understood a better part of the role that the Book of Mormon plays in the gospel. We ended the night in the Sisters area doing a blitz. We found 2 new investigators for them! It was a powerful 2 hours! 

Sunday was a great Sabbath. Sadly, I found out during my progress calls with everyone that everyone is trunky! Dang it! I am officially surrounded by old missionaries! It’s funny to see them trunk because they want to work but always think about home so they just "CAN’T EVEN"😂😂 I mess with them so much it's hilarious, I still crack myself up and laugh at myself! 

I cannot believe April is over though that month was scary fast! I can’t think of anything I need! Too be honest I feel like this mission is way better than what I expected. I have so many memories that I can’t even fit in an hour email! It’s crazy! Luckily, I have a journal that talks more about the memories and the dumb things that missionaries do out here. Crazy thought but missionaries make mistakes too for some reason I always thought they were close to perfect! Boy, was I wrong my eyes have been opened! 

Elder Nelson