Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Call!

Tuesday, we did the classic mulch service at Miller Park! We had a Leadership Meeting in the middle of the day at the Stake Center. We discussed how the Zone was doing with different rules and how the proselyting was going! Tuesday was one of the hottest days I have been in for a long time. We ate dinner at Round Table and I had 10 pieces of pizza, salad, and cinnamon sticks...biking hurt all night! 

Wednesday I made my companion lead while we biked and start the conversations with people. I straight enforced those rules and made good things happen. We actually talked to a lot of people and it got him involved so it was worth it! The Longmire Family let us stay at their house for lunch. They gave us Hamburgers and told us to go cook them. We made some bomb burgers! It was a good lunch. We had a companion inventory in the middle of the day because of various reasons. I put on some glasses and got a pen/paper and treated the inventory like a counseling session. I thought it was funny!! Wednesday night we went on splits with the Elder Quorum Presidency and did our best to clean records up. Most of the people we saw already had updates in our "Area Book." 

Thursday I gave District Meeting. Everyone was having questions with how to bring members into their work. It was a simple answer but everyone wanted creative and crazy ideas. As missionaries, we teach the Doctrine of Christ. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. That’s how missionaries will get members involved, teaching them more about the Doctrine of Christ. We helped move boxes of books into the Fair Oaks Library for their book fair. It was a fun project. Book are crazy heavy. They told us we could take a free book but sadly on the mission we aren't allowed to read other material besides gospel related. For dinner, we went with the Zone Leaders to Chilis. The Spurs vs. Rockets game was on so we got to watch James Harden choke. To end the night Elder Kahle and I Weekly Planned and prepared for this upcoming week. 

Friday was exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Worthen. We had fun the whole day. We were serious when we needed to be but for the most part we were dying laughing. The first contact of the day accidentally was in the La Sierra Ward which is the Assistants Ward. Anyways we contacted this lady and offered to help her with service. She wanted help painting the inside of her house with her husband. Well it ends up that the husband is a member and the wife, who we saw on the street, was the nonmember. The Assistants were already planning on going by that day to teach a lesson, just so happens they also helped paint too. It was a cool and weird visit.

We learned about the new mutual app, which is gross!!! We didn’t know that some of the college kids were back from school and stopped by this house that had a huge "first summer party" it was nuts. I think all the people there didn't think we were actually missionaries. There was about 50-60 people there. We ended up passing out a couple Book of Mormons and they gave us some cake and cupcakes on the way out. It was a weird and awesome night. The Idaho Boys straight killed the work of Salvation in California that night. 

Saturday, we did service at the Fair Oaks park for their annual "It’s My Park Day." Lots of people come out and offer service and help around the park. Most of the projects was basic yard work. It looked really good once everything was done. We met some new investigators Saturday night we caught in their garage. The husband of the family told us to "enhance their understanding of Christ" and that's exactly what we did. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the role that it plays and how it came to be. The family was super excited to start reading their own copy of the Book. They were open minded and ended up loving what we shared. Hopefully this upcoming week we can meet with them and help them progress more! 

Sunday was great the only important part of Sunday was skyping the family of course. Sunday night we ate dinner at the Morgan’s house who had their whole family over. We played lots of games and had a fun time laughing and messing around. It was a good relaxing night that I haven't had in a long time! 

Elder Nelly! 

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