Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It's getting hot!

Last P-Day, because of all this "beef" with our Zone Leaders, we rode around to our Shopping Shenanigans with the Office Elders. We don't really get along. Only because they look at Elder Kahle and I as jocks and they are not...so it was a funky start to the day! Anyways you could tell that all four of us sucked up the fact we don't like each other and shopped and then went to the church and parted ways never talking to each other the rest of the day! It was funny to see how all of us were on the same page! We had the Assistants pick us up and they were actually going to play basketball with some ex missionaries who were visiting the mission for the day. We played with old Elder Butters and Jaramillo. It was fun. We had a good lesson with our investigator Gwen about the importance of church during her course of finding out if the church is true. 

Tuesday was the hottest day on the mission. According to my weather app on the iPad it said it was 100 degrees outside but felt like 106!! I wanted to die. My pants were like glued to my legs from sweat and my shirt was 100000% see through. It was a little funny talking to people because they looked at us like we were freaks. Weird kids on bikes, talking about Jesus, and are soaking wet from how hot it was. It probably would make a good comedy show! Regardless of the weather we made sure to work hard and to stay hydrated. We had the deepest doctrine dinner conversation with our members. Most of it was about the Plan of Salvation...you know the classic "doctrine" that is not stated anywhere in any of our books. It was fun to guess though. I got complimented on my knowledge for only being an 8-month missionary. 

Wednesday, we did our routine mulch in the park. I’m kind of sick of that service but it will never change. We had a really good lesson with a man named John about the Church compared to his church. It was cool to see differences as well as just how true our Church is. Meeting people who "follow" the Bible in their church but when you pull out a scripture on them from the Bible and they don't follow it. It’s hilarious! I love being a missionary. That is a huge testimony builder on how true and real the Holy Ghost is in learning the gospel. I love it- it’s so fun! We did splits with our new Elders Quorum Presidency. I was with the new President and he is hilarious.  A little racist and very liberal views and dead funny! 

Thursday there was no District Meeting but there was a Zone Conference. El Dorado, Folsom, North Sacramento, and Carmichael Stakes all meet together. Elder Henderson (trainer), Ravsten (2nd companion), Young-Yen (hilarious elder), Pastor, Scott (basketball player from Emmett) and Newton (MTC group) were all there. It was so fun to catch up with them. We had dinner at the Recent Converts of the Ward. It was a roast session on me apparently. Apparently, my teeth are too white and their 5-year-old daughter has the hots for me. It was great...NOT! Whatever! 

Friday, we had a lesson in the morning about Repentance, Temptations and the Devil. I wanted to share a little something I learned a couple of months ago about the Devil. In the BD under Satan...it means the slanderer and a slanderer is "the act or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation." It’s cool to see that our reputation is literal children of God who have the potential to obtain everything the Father has. Satan is trying his best to damage our chance of obtaining Exaltation. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share. Highlight of the day was we got challenged to play basketball by Conner Pope and his friends. Last time we killed them and this time he brought some of the Del Campo High School Basketball players. Well same result happened. We won. I love basketball! Wasn't even a competition either!

Saturday, we did a deep clean in our apartment because we live in a pig pen! Not anymore though because its clean! Actually, none of the apartments I have lived in ever get too dirty because my mom always comes out and is like reborn through me because I clean everything and freak out if a sock is left in the wrong spot! No offense to my mom I still love her but I act like her and it’s a little weird!  Transfers are next week and I so hope for a new companion that is well seasoned but far away from going home! 

Elder Nelson

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