Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Last P-day was a normal day. Shop, email, and Ball! We found a place that could actually cut my hair so I'm happy about that! It’s a lot harder than I thought to find a decent haircut out here. Maybe it is just the area I am in right now! Our Zone Leaders decided to make a Zone competition between Districts to see which District can share the Book of Mormon the most during the week! If you know me you know I'm not going to lose even if I have to carry the team on my back to win!!

Wednesday was a boss day! I haven't proselyted that hard in a single day on my whole mission. I think we talked to about 120 people! It was sooo tiring! One thing I am starting to understand on my mission is that I am going to be tired everyday every hour no matter what I do! Socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually drained every night we get to the apartment. It’s fun but I am just accepting this concept! Elder Kahle and I are on this “find as many new investigators as humanly possible” grind. We want to set a new mission record if that’s possible. Just working our straight guts out! The Stake out here put on a Sports-O-Rama. It was a contest between 3 different teams playing all kinds of different sports. It was sick- I wish I could have played! 

Thursday, we did our weekly planning for the upcoming week! We decided that we don't care about our physical bodies (exaggeration) anymore and that the work of the Lord is more important. We set goals to just preach the gospel to the most hardcore ability ever. Even if we stand on people’s roofs and yell the gospel has been restored! We had an investigator pull out this 1-million-page long Pamphlet about the Mormon church and all the "crazy things" we believe in. We sat in that house for maybe 2 hours correcting that Pamphlet with scriptures from literally all 4 of the standard works. It was the craziest deep doctrine discussion I have ever had. It felt good that I knew all of it but at the same time we lost our investigator because he didn't want to stick to the basics of the Restoration. 

Friday I gave wonderful District Meeting again. We talked all about accountability. I read the "Your calling" section out of the white handbook and explained we are accountable to every person on Earth to share the gospel. It was pretty cool! We did some service for one of our old investigators. It was a jungle but it was cool to make it look nice when we were done. We still will have to go back and finish up the small things but it looks 100times nice. After the service, we got dropped off at our member’s house. The member had a family emergency pop up and so we had no ride to get back home...and we had no bikes because they were at the apartment. We made some calls and no one answered so we walked home. It took 30 minutes and we were still in service clothes. I felt like a local and it was the weirdest most awkward feeling ever looking like a normal person. It just felt off! 

Saturday, we worked super hard and it was hot so we were actually sweating like crazy. Being in pants during the summer is going to be an adventure. The best part is hopefully I will lose weight and not be fat anymore! We had a super powerful Plan of Salvation lesson with one of our investigators! She totally felt the spirit and the best part she understood a better part of the role that the Book of Mormon plays in the gospel. We ended the night in the Sisters area doing a blitz. We found 2 new investigators for them! It was a powerful 2 hours! 

Sunday was a great Sabbath. Sadly, I found out during my progress calls with everyone that everyone is trunky! Dang it! I am officially surrounded by old missionaries! It’s funny to see them trunk because they want to work but always think about home so they just "CAN’T EVEN"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I mess with them so much it's hilarious, I still crack myself up and laugh at myself! 

I cannot believe April is over though that month was scary fast! I can’t think of anything I need! Too be honest I feel like this mission is way better than what I expected. I have so many memories that I can’t even fit in an hour email! It’s crazy! Luckily, I have a journal that talks more about the memories and the dumb things that missionaries do out here. Crazy thought but missionaries make mistakes too for some reason I always thought they were close to perfect! Boy, was I wrong my eyes have been opened! 

Elder Nelson

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