Monday, May 8, 2017

President Russell M. Nelson in the house!

This week was crazy sorry with will probably be a short email! 

The highlights of the week were District Meeting, I talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of using that in every contact. Since District Meeting was on Thursday, “May the Fourth be with you” we took a District picture with those masks you sent! We had a competition in our Zone to see which District could share the Book of Mormon more. Our District won and so the other District will bring us treats on Thursday for District Meeting. It was a fun competition! 

Saturday was the beginning of Stake Conference (President Russell M Nelson was presiding to reorganize the Stake Presidency.) It started at 7pm and we showed up to get good seats at 5:45! And guess what the best seats we got were the front row of the hard chairs. Still not bad but we needed to show up earlier. President Nelson talked about "Two Words....Temple Marriage" and "the importance of member work in missionary work." No need to brag but President Nelson said we have one of the best missions in the World because we have a temple with a temple president, lots of members in a small area as well as lots of nonmembers, lots of diversity and multiple stakes! It’s a blessing to serve in one of the best missions in the world. He gave us (missionaries) a shout out, and invited all of us to stand up so members could see who we are. It was crazy cool. 

Sunday the session started at 10am. So now we got to the Stake Center at 8:30am. Guess what? It was packed full! Almost to the middle of the hard chairs! I was mad. We decided to sit on the back stage with elevated "nose bleed seats", it was good! The theme for that conference was the Book of Mormon and how important it is for people to share it. Coincidence that District Meeting was the same top.... I think NOT! It was cool to see how the two went hand in hand with what I shared with my District. The spirit is real people! Sunday was also my 8 months! Still young though! 

This week we also had interviews with President on Wednesday. I went into the interview praying that somehow, we will talk a little about my Patriarchal Blessing. I just had some questions. The first line President says when I walked in was "I can tell that in your Patriarchal Blessing you have and will obtain great leadership positions and leadership skills" BOOM!!! could not have been any better than that. I love being able to meet with President and listen to his inspired words and motivation that he gives. 

Love Elder Nelson

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