Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Working hard but it is hot!

Fam Bam and Friends! 
How are we? What’s new? Well let me tell you! This week was a reminder that the mission is here for me to learn as well! Let’s start with the shenanigans of the week! First and foremost, I ate dinner with Sam Fegan He graduated El Camino high school with Brock and said that they were in the same music class! Brock does that name sound familiar? It was a good dinner too! We played basketball with about 15 priest aged High Schoolers and killed them. It was sick playing with Elder Anderson. We make a good team on the court. This whole week we helped kids with Down syndrome or other mental disabilities learn how to ride a bike! It was a lot harder than I thought. My companionship was with a kid named Carter, everyone said he could have been my kid because we are the same skin color??? Other than that, we had no similarities, it was kind of funny when people said that! By the end of the week(Friday) we got Carter riding his own bike and on two wheels! It was cool to see his face light up when we stopped chasing him and he was crusin by himself!

I ate some of the most bomb ribs this week! Some member spent 6 hours on preparing and making ribs and it was fantastic. We did a District Blitz in Northridge Ward to help find some investigators. District Meeting this week was all about Love/Charity and Baptism. We specifically talked about how our love for God effects our actions and how willing and motivated we are to serve with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. I asked everyone to show more love to their companions, investigators, and members! We talked about the importance of understanding when and investigator is ready and progressing toward baptism. According to the Assistants there is confusion about this topic throughout the mission, which is not good. People need to understand when baptism is the next step for investigators. 

Other than this crazy week I have been doing great. I got a Brand-New Mini Preach My Gospel and I am rereading the whole book and will make new markings in it. A goal I have for the week is to invite 20 people to be baptized. I have no District Meeting this week because of Zone Conferences. President Jardine leaves this Friday. Friday, we will have a new Mission President, President Hymas! It will be a weird week. Love you and miss you all in Idaho. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monday was a blessed day for two reasons! First reason was that it was P-Day so it was a great day to relax and to get things ready for this week. We got to play some basketball. We brought some Priests to come play to try to get a bigger crowd. Second the members we ate dinner with were watching the NBA finals game and refused to turn it off while we were at their house. And in the room, we were in we could not turn away from the TV because it would be awkward and weird! Congrats Warriors, right? Hahaha

Tuesday, we had some cool miracles with some investigators. We truly were led by the spirit because we showed up to investigators house right when they needed us most. Whether that was simple service or Satan was tempting them to make a wrong choice or they had questions about the church. It was cool to see us being led. The Zone Leaders did a team up with us. Elder Kahle and I were with Elder Escoton, and Elder Anderson went with Elder Kenning. The Lord feels like I can help my new District so we will see what I can do, with the Lords guidance of course. 

Thursday was District meeting! I officially think District Meetings are fun! The Assistants were on exchanges so there were the two Zone Leaders from Sacramento Stake! Elder Foley, who was Elder Kahles last companion, and Elder Toki, who thinks that I will be his companion this upcoming transfer.

Friday, we weekly planned! We set some goals for our companionship and ourselves! We went by a member’s house and witnessed some super cool magic tricks. We all learned how to make Jesus Card appear out of thin air! We know black magic now! As a zone, we signed up for a down syndrome bike riding camp! This whole upcoming week we are going to be Training kids with Down syndrome on how to ride a bike! It will be interesting! 

Saturday and Sunday was super slow! We had the Sac Temple call us and tell us not to go by a certain Less Active individuals house anymore, I guess they complained. It makes sense everyone was busy on Father’s Day but it makes our job hard as missionaries. 

I had some members ask me if I was sick or something bad was going on at home because I was looking a lot skinnier. I lost 5 pounds but not in a bad way. I tried to explain that I have put 25 pounds on my mission and I'm just trying to balance out my fat!

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Having too much fun!

(Yes Idaho friends..Elder Anderson is the kid from Madison High School that was on the winning State basketball team in 2016 so Connor knows him well)

This week was fun! Being in a tripanionship is wayyy better than i thought it would be! We have had so much fun! Literally its always a party! Elder Anderson reminds me exactly of Kyle Jones! Same jokes, same body language, talks the same, and is just a funny goof ball! We have become homies! Only the first week together and we want to start setting up plans to see each other in Rexburg and Boise! Looking for better places to hangout around Idaho!

Having the car has made going out and proselyting so much easier. We get away from the heat and tired legs from biking all over. It has been kinda hard adjusting to teaching with three missionaries. Sometimes we contact people and they feel like we are swarming them. We have a District Goal for this whole transfer. By the end of the transfer (July 15) we are trying to invite 300 people to be baptized! At the end of week one we have reached 32! We are behind the mark but we can catch back up! There was a Ward Swim Party this week that we went to. Obviously we didn't swim but it was good to have the ward meet the new missionary around here. Everyone greeted him well. He was trained in the Carmichael ward which shares the same San Juan Building with us so he knows a lot of people when we go to the church building. 6 months in one area is a long time but the Lord needs me here so I'm trying my best to stay determined to find new people.

I feel like i have talked to everyone in this area! Its kinda ridiculous but i like knowing everything about everyone. I know just about every house that would answer and wouldn't, which house we have stopped at before and had good conversations or bad. Its crazy i feel like Google maps out here. 

Highlights of the week! 
We were having lunch one day in the apartment and Elder Kahle was cooking corn dog. I stole the corn dog from out of the microwave and threw it to Elder Anderson. It was a game of keep away! Elder Anderson tried to throw it back but it hit the roof and fell on the ground! It made the best thud noise and left a moist spot on the ground. I haven't laughed that hard in forever! 

Elder Anderson and I had a great late night discussion about our lives Wednesday night. Elder Kahle fell asleep around 10:45 but Elder Anderson and i stayed up talking until about 1:30am! It was sick! We super bonded and our relationship has been amazing since. We definitely have each others backs and that's what matters! 

Elder Nelson