Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monday was a blessed day for two reasons! First reason was that it was P-Day so it was a great day to relax and to get things ready for this week. We got to play some basketball. We brought some Priests to come play to try to get a bigger crowd. Second the members we ate dinner with were watching the NBA finals game and refused to turn it off while we were at their house. And in the room, we were in we could not turn away from the TV because it would be awkward and weird! Congrats Warriors, right? Hahaha

Tuesday, we had some cool miracles with some investigators. We truly were led by the spirit because we showed up to investigators house right when they needed us most. Whether that was simple service or Satan was tempting them to make a wrong choice or they had questions about the church. It was cool to see us being led. The Zone Leaders did a team up with us. Elder Kahle and I were with Elder Escoton, and Elder Anderson went with Elder Kenning. The Lord feels like I can help my new District so we will see what I can do, with the Lords guidance of course. 

Thursday was District meeting! I officially think District Meetings are fun! The Assistants were on exchanges so there were the two Zone Leaders from Sacramento Stake! Elder Foley, who was Elder Kahles last companion, and Elder Toki, who thinks that I will be his companion this upcoming transfer.

Friday, we weekly planned! We set some goals for our companionship and ourselves! We went by a member’s house and witnessed some super cool magic tricks. We all learned how to make Jesus Card appear out of thin air! We know black magic now! As a zone, we signed up for a down syndrome bike riding camp! This whole upcoming week we are going to be Training kids with Down syndrome on how to ride a bike! It will be interesting! 

Saturday and Sunday was super slow! We had the Sac Temple call us and tell us not to go by a certain Less Active individuals house anymore, I guess they complained. It makes sense everyone was busy on Father’s Day but it makes our job hard as missionaries. 

I had some members ask me if I was sick or something bad was going on at home because I was looking a lot skinnier. I lost 5 pounds but not in a bad way. I tried to explain that I have put 25 pounds on my mission and I'm just trying to balance out my fat!

Elder Nelson

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