Wednesday, July 26, 2017

1st full week as a Zone Leader

Bula! E vakacava tiko na veika kece? (hello! how’s it going?!?!) that’s the only Fijian I was able to pick up this week! This was by far the busiest week on the mission! Elder Toki and I had to go to so many meetings! Let me explain! We had a New Leadership Meeting for me, meeting both the new bishops, we had a Food Bank Service, we had to Weekly Plan, we had to setup interview times for the missionaries and President, we had to setup a zone activity, we setup a progress report for the stake in Stake council, and to finish it off we had number for the whole zone! We proselyted maybe 5 hours this week! I just want to work and share the gospel not sit behind a computer!! Anyways I have loved being a Zone Leader I have been humbled even more! I have learned a lot about being an example and setting the bar even higher! Highlights of the week was definitely Sunday and meeting the new wards! We went to Sac 1st at 11am and that is an awesome ward! I will love my time here! Now if you remember the beginning of my mission I mentioned how much I love Polynesian people and culture! Well obviously, the Fijian islands are a part of that Polynesian culture AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! To be honest I can’t understand them when they speak Fijian but I'm picking up a little bit! Most of the people who speak Fijian are Methodist and Hindi! I pass out more Hindi Book of Mormons now than I do English! It’s crazy! We went to the Fijian Ward at 1pm! That Fijian ward is the only Fijian ward outside of Fiji!

Elder Toki and I had the awesome opportunity to bless the sacrament! Elder Toki almost tricked me, making me think that we had to bless it in Fijian but luckily, we did it in English! This week was awesome!

I look forward to being an instrument in the Lords hands and getting some baptisms, this transfer because Sacramento Zone is hot with baptisms right now! I’m praying I can be a worthy vessel to bring souls to Christ!

Elder Nelson

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