Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Mission President has arrived!

Hey hey from hot California!!! We had a Zone activity Monday. Zone Activities are usually boring but luckily for this one we had some visitors. President and Sister Jardine spent part of their last P-Day with us! It was fun we ate breakfast, played signs and played some basketball knockout! The highlights from the rest of the week was we were able to see some cool miracles with investigators. We were able to see Gods hand working with certain individuals. We have tried really hard to get investigators to open up to the gospel and give the Book of Mormon a shot, but this week investigators realized the contradictions in church and in the Bible and were willing to see what the Book of Mormon has to offer. Hopefully something good comes from these little miracles.
Elder Kahle was sick this week, so Elder Anderson stayed with him for the beginning of the day while I went out and did service with the Zone Leaders. Our Zone Leaders thought it would be best to keep me and Elder Anderson with Elder Kahle while he was sick so I spent the rest of the day reading PMG and the scriptures. It actually was sick and I learned a lot!
We had Zone Conference this week! One of the most spiritually uplifting meetings ever. It was President and Sister Jardines last Zone Conference and they left us with a training on the Living Christ. It was fantastic. At the end of the meeting we sang our Famous Called to Serve song (with the California Sacramento Mission mix in it) and the coolest miracle happened. The eyes of President and Sister Jardine were blazing fire bright! You could see the love they had for us! Coolest thing I have ever seen! My last hug to President Jardine he pulled me aside and told me to "stay focused, you have a lot of work to do here!" So, whatever that means I am looking forward to it! Last highlight of the week! President and Sister Hymas are here in Sacramento- it is official! We have our new Mission President..haven't met him yet but Thursday we will have 2-hour Zone meeting with him to get to know him better.
Other than those specific highlights nothing happened all week! Just kidding…best part- We found a basketball court that has been in our apartment complex this whole time and I have never seen it. It was always hiding on the opposite side of the complex that we never go to. We were taking a night walk around the complex because we were bored and stumbled upon the court! Every morning now best believe I am there!!!!! Booyah I love ballin! We are going to sign a Zone musical number from President and Sister Hymas when we meet them Thursday, we will sing a mashup of Hymn 226 Improve the Shining Moment and 284 If you could Hie to Kolob! Hopefully it goes good- I can’t sing so! Other than that life is the same. Elder Kahle goes home in 12 days so he is bouncing off walls! Life is good! 

Elder Nelson

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