Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Another busy but successful week!

Dear Fam and Friends

This week was now the fastest week on the mission! It’s because we did three exchanges this week! We had a Companionship of elders stay at our apartment all week because their A/C in their apartment blew up! We had six elders in the same apartment for a week straight so you know we got zero sleep!! It was a blast.  Every day we were up at 1am! Tuesday, we had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) where all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders meet with President and the Assistants! It was a cool experience, we have those the first of every month! We talked all about Good, Better, and Best and how the mission wants to focus on just the Best. Specifically making every activity the Best!

That MLC was the last time I will see Elder Henderson before he goes home! I am going to miss him! Tuesday night we went to Chevys! Heck Yeah! We went to the OG one on Laguna! It brought back good memories! After dinner, we went to the Assistants house for exchanges! This is the 4th transfer in a row doing exchanges with them because I was their District Leader last transfer! This time we stayed at the McKay House and we worked in their area (La Sierra Ward)! It was a great exchange nothing to fancy happened but I was able to learn a lot from the Assistants and I am excited to bring that back to the Sacramento Zone!

Elder Toki served in the Del Campo Ward before I served there and so on our way home we stopped by some families we wanted to say hi too! It seems like forever since I served in Del Campo! Thursday was the only day Elder Toki and I were together! We had District Meetings, Leadership Meeting, Weekly Planning and updated the Stake Progress numbers so we had zero proselyting time when we were together but we had one lesson!   The one lesson was super powerful! It was with our new Fijian Investigator Litia! She speaks Fijian and so we had a translator with us! This had to be one of the coolest miracle stories on the mission! We started teaching the Plan of Salvation and as we got about 2 principles in and shared one scripture and the spirit was super strong in the lesson! Once that strong spirit was in Litia, our investigator, who only speaks Fijian 100% understood us and 100% started speaking English to us! It was super cool! There was no need for an interpreter after that! Super cool! She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying about a baptismal date! She also accepted this upcoming Saturday to go on a Temple Tour. Lots of miracles!! 

When we got home that night from Thursday night to Friday night! Elder Anderson and I were together for that! He is from Guam! We biked around and found some interesting people on the streets! We helped a member names Grant with his Eagle Project! Apparently his mom knows like our whole family! So that was super cool! During the Eagle Project, I met David Latapus little sister! We both made the connection that we were in the Vineyard Ward together for a little bit but I didn't realize that it was David’s little sister! We painted the curbs red at Laguna Creek High School! I got paint all over myself, I was such a mess! 

Friday night to Saturday night we had our next exchange this time I was with Elder Chen from New York! This exchange was a super weird one! We started it with a 3-hour mulch service! I swear that mulch is following me around the mission! I just can’t seem to get away from it! Also, a lot of administrative stuff came up in the Zone and Elder Toki and I had to be together to fix some things! In the middle of the exchange Elder Toki and I had to sit at a computer for a couple of an hours to get some number stuff done! It was a giant pause on the exchange and our other missionaries just had to sit around and wait! Finally, Sunday Elder Toki and I were back together! We went to church and fasted! We got numbers done that night and rocked out to Mormon Music on the way home! It felt like a friendship reunion when we got together so we couldn't stop laughing! We sang super loud and it honestly reminded me of home! Late night drives just singing/screaming my guts out!

Monday (today) when I woke up I was dead tired! I couldn't open my eyes! All the hard work from that last week finally caught up to me! I feel sore and exhausted so nothing has changed which means I am happy and still working hard! I love the work!

Ok to answer some questions because I keep on forgetting to answer them! First, I live off South Land Park and Green Haven in the Ashford Apartments! The best part about being a Zone Leader! I get to serve more missionaries and help them stay focus and happy on the mission! Our Zone is straight on fire though! Everyone is getting along and motivated to work! There are 11 people on date so far for the month on August and our Zone has 7 of them!!! We are representing big time! Also as a whole mission we had the lowest numbers this last week but..the Sacramento Zone had the highest numbers for the Zone of the whole year. Funny how that works! The mission is at an all-time low but Sacramento Zone is at an all-time high! I love it! Elder Toki and I are still brothers! We feel like we are best friends and homies not just companions! It makes everything fun and wayyy more enjoyable! He has 2 months left so I am doing my best to keep him busy and focused!

I am doing awesome! Tired like always but happy and ready to work! Miss you all! Oh, also today is my 11-month mark! I am starting to forget about which day is which and when my "anniversaries" are! So yes 11 months but not really keep track anymore like I used to at the beginning of my mission! I have read the Book of Mormon 5 times, New Testament 3 and D&C twice in those 11 months! My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon is Alma chapter 19!   Because Ammon is a beast and great missionary and verse 22 he has so much faith in the Lord and doing the will of the Lord which such exactness that his enemies die right before him! What a gangster he is! I wanna be Ammon! Oh, and I also want to ripped like him too one day! I’m doing awesome!

Love the Idahoan missionary

Elder Nelson

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