Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Another week...life is good!


This week was great! Another super busy one and literally this was the fastest week on my mission! Elder Toki and I still have a blast! We got a brand new 2017 Corolla, which actually is pretty nice just its 0-60 mph in 9 years! We had a Fijian family super close to the Vintage Park building so of course I had to stop by! It was super weird! I stopped by our house on Chantal and Beitzel Elementary! The church building is the same as I remembered it! It was the best flashback in my life! We were walking around and walked passed the bishops offices to see Grandpa Pollmanns old office and Richard Landry was in his office! We had a good conversation just talking about life and how much life has changed! It was cool to catch up with him! I love serving in Elk Grove! It’s the best! We did a zone service project getting this whole backyard ready for a giant gazebo! Lots of missionaries came back and visited the mission! Some of them came running into our apartment which was kinda annoying! They messed with the whole zone and made everyone unfocused so that was super annoying!

We played “beat ya teach ya” at the park the other day and it was my first time we lost to some street scrubs!! I was mad but I still passed out 2 Book of Mormons though so it wasn't a complete loss! The work here is awesome! President Hymas and his wife spoke in the Fijian Ward and talked about how big missionary work will be in a few years! He promised great things to happen in the Fijian ward! That night we found a new Fijian investigator who wants to be BAPTIZED!! We are excited! Hopefully we can catch some momentum! I can’t remember to much of this week! It really was the fastest of my mission. I am doing well! The Fijian food is actually super good! My Fijian still sucks but I can say words here and there! I say them so much I will probably say them for the rest of my life I love it! Anyways I wish I was Poly but I'm not! So anyways life is good!  

Elder Nelson

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